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Recovery Mode

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We finished off our vacation with ice cream for dinner:


I’ll tell you what….There is nothing better than eating ice cream when you are hungry and not after dinner when you are already full.

Then, it was time to get into vacation recovery mode.  It was great to be away and all, but I’m sure you can relate to the fact that it is so hard to get back into the swing of things when you come home.  I get so discombobulated.  Trying to figure out what day it is becomes an impossible feat.  Getting up at the usual time seems like the most unreasonable hour.  At the end of the day it seems like it’s been a year since morning happened.  After eating out for several days in a row, I had no idea what that room in our house with the refrigerator and stove was for.  And I almost forgot how to babysit.  My first day back with the doodlebugs, I kept feeling like I was forgetting to do something.  Thank goodness I remembered to give them lunch.  And I did manage to help them with a craft project:


Now that it’s Friday, here’s to hoping I’ll be back on track soon….

The only thing that didn’t get discombobulated was my knitting.  Thank goodness for my knitting.  Even if it gives me trouble, at least I’m still knitting.  I’ve been whizzing along on my Wheaten wrap:


This is one of the patterns and yarn I got at the Bare Naked Wools Boutique on our trip.  I just love the pattern and the yarn (Kent DK).  I can’t wait to see what it will look like when it is blocked and the lacey parts open up.

And, once we got home and I had my scale, I finished up my What if….? scarf:




I pretty much like it.  I’m not thrilled with how ragged the lighter sections look, because of the short rows that are knit into them.  And the color changes are still very subtle.  But from afar, it looks nice.

Ok, so wish me luck…. I’m bringing my items to enter into the Altamont Fair today.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: Part 1

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This weekend was our yearly trip to the Buick Performace Group (BPG) drag racing event in Hebron, Ohio. I will start off by saying that Paul’s car lost before we even left the house.  After several very, very, very long days, the car just couldn’t be fixed in time.  And Paul resisted the slight urge to bring the car to Ohio to work on it there.  Once he decided the car wasn’t coming, it was all about supporting our friend Rob while he raced. But first we had to get there.

We got up early and met Rob and his dad, Ray……


….at the usual rest stop, where Rob tried to convince Paul to go back home and get the car.  We didn’t.

We got on the road and I knitted my What if…? scarf:


….until I got to the point where I had to stop since I was supposed to knit until I had 15% of my yarn left and forgot to bring my yarn scale.  Yes, it was actually on my list of things to bring but I forgot to pack it.

We drove for a very long time, with a couple of short stops, until we got to Canton, Ohio.  I have been following designer Anne Hanson’s blog Knitspot for a long time.  She lives in Canton.  I love her patterns.  Her mom actually lives near us and I always get a kick out of reading about when she is in the area.  She recently started selling her own line of yarn, Barenaked Wools, and more recently, as in a week and a half ago, opened up a  little boutique, to sell those yarns and her patterns.  Knowing we were passing right by, and being the only woman in a gaggle of men going to a drag racing weekend,  I told them this was the one thing that HAD to do all weekend and I was dragging [ha!] them with me.  The boutique closed at 4pm that day and we were cutting it very close as we drove into Canton.  I was frantically refreshing the GPS to check for traffic that would slow us down as we got closer, hoping we would not get there when it was closed.   We got there at 3:55pm.  Since it is new, and they are waiting for more signage, I had a hard time finding it at first.


We parked in front of a familiar-looking house, which I soon realized was Anne’s house.  I recognized it, and the house across the street, from her blog!  Since it was so close to closing time, I called the boutique and asked for help.  Erica or Emily (they are twins and I’m not sure which one!) came from behind the house to find me.  It turns out the boutique is in a building just behind the house.

IMG_3254 IMG_3253 IMG_3252

I apologized for being there right at closing time and they assured me it was fine, I could take my time as they would be working there anyway.  They were getting ready for a show where they would have a booth to sell the yarns.   The yarns were just beautiful!  All in natural colors, as their name would imply, and different blends.

I knew exactly what I wanted, since when I thought we were going to be late, I looked up the pattern I wanted to knit and the yarn it recommended.  I purchased my Sugarfrost infinity scarf pattern and a skein of the Chebris Lace, a wool/mohair blend:


Running out the door, not being able to help apologizing again, I was so happy to have visited.  I went to the trucks, where the guys were deep in car discussion:


….and showed them my stuff.  They said, “That’s it?” “Just one.” “We came all this way and that’s all you got?” “We don’t mind waiting!” “Go back in there!”  No kidding. They are so awesome.

So, off I went, back around the house.  The door wasn’t locked and I yoo-hoo-ed my way back inside and promptly bought some Kent DK, a merino/Romney wool blend, for another pattern, Wheaten:


Then I was really done, and happily hopped back in the truck, ready for the rest of the trip and wondering if I had the right needles to start one of these projects.  Oh, and that show they said they were getting ready for? It was the Mid Ohio Fiber Fair, and wouldn’t you know it, it was in the town right next to where we were going!  BONUS!

Then, we were really on our way, passing by the Football Hall of Fame:


And 13 and a half hours after we left the house, we got to our hotel.  Whew.  Long day.

Our first day at the race track was HOT.  Paul, Ray and I were Rob’s pit crew:


We all had jobs.  Paul towed Rob’s car back to the pits after he raced, and was the general advisor-of-car-stuff.  Ray sometimes towed, took pictures, and gave dad-type advice.  I was the gopher-of-various-things and lunch cook and cookie-provider.

In between jobs, I knit of course, working on my Urban Lace Infinity Scarf:


With a fan:


Until it got too hot, and that’s when I read:


Excellent book!

And in between all that, Ray and I would sit and talk and solve the problems of the world.

Meanwhile, Rob went through qualifying runs:


And another friend, Denny, had car problems:


(that’s him under the car)

…which he later fixed and was ecstatic about it. Like, jumping-up-and-down-so-excited ecstatic.

Then we ate dinner at our usual spot:


(It was Ray’s birthday so he ate ice cream for dinner and felt really sick.)

…and took a selfie of our team at Walgreen’s:


By then it was 10pm and we were ready to hit the hay since the next day was the big race day.  More in the next post!

How was that for a cliff-hanger?


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I know you’ve been dying to know the updates for a few of the things that have been going on around here lately… broken motors and messed up knitting can weigh on a blog reader’s mind.

Broken Motor Update:

Well, it looks as if the broken motor can be fixed!  It was brought to a machine shop this week and they did something to make it all better.  Now Paul is lost somewhere in the garage putting all the pieces back where they go.  I haven’t seen him for a while.

On a side note, a conversation we had:

Me: “Ugh. What if he [the guy at the machine shop] can’t fix it?”

Paul: “Well, I have a motor that is 90% done – it just needs to go to the machine shop for one thing- so I’ll just use that one.”

Me: Silence.

Me again: “What???? You already have one practically ready to use?”

Paul: “Yes.”

Me: “How many motors do you have?”

Paul: “Total?”

Me: “Um…. I guess.”

Paul: “Four.”

Me: “Where are they?”

Paul: “In the shed.” [NOT the new garage we built to hold all his car stuff.  He has so much stuff, he apparently still has to store it in the shed with the lawn mower.]

Me: “Do you mean I spent all this time feeling badly for you because your most favorite-est hobby was squashed and you weren’t going to be able to race for the rest of the season, and you already had all the things you were going to need to fix the situation?????”

Paul: “But, it was going to be a pain in the neck to get that motor going if this one couldn’t be fixed.  That’s what was so upsetting.”

Me: Silence.  For a long time.

Messed Up Cocktails for Two Socks Update:

They were not messed up.  I had one of them turned in the wrong direction.  Duh.  Here they are, both ready to move onto the heel:


Wendy Knits Summer Shawl 2014 KAL Update:

Part #2 is done.  A fun, easy to follow pattern:


What if….? Scarf Yarn-That-Hurt-My-Hands Update:

I got new yarn.  Painted Sky in a pretty blue/purple colorway:


The color changes in the lighter color are more subtle in this Painted Sky colorway.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get a better picture when I’ve got more done.

New Project Update:

I’m about to start the Urban Lace Infinity Scarf, also with Painted Sky. (It’s a really nice yarn!):


It might or might not be a present for someone who may or may not read this blog.

Doodlebug Craft Update:

We made these last week, and after a week of drying they were finally done! Glass Gem Sun Catchers:


On a side note, they are going to be three in a few days and I just can’t believe it. They are growing up so fast.  A couple snippets from this past week:

Running around with big girl and big boy underpants on their heads and giggling uncontrollably.

Splashing around in a kiddie pool, and using the hose to pretend to be firefighters.

“I’m really tired.  I might fall asleep during lunch at Grandma’s.”

“Auntie Liz, I want to tell you something.  That moose crashed through the wall.” [telling me about a part of a book we read earlier in the day]

And my favorite: “I love you, Auntie Liz….I will miss you when you go home.”

Now that you have been updated, I’m sure you feel much better and can get on with your day.

Ice Cream and Veggies (but not at the same time)

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On Saturday, there was a post on Facebook stating that it was National Ice Cream Day.  And since I believe everything I read on Facebook, I told Paul and we quickly adjusted our errand date night to include a stop at an ice cream place.  After all, ice cream aficionados like us HAVE to have ice cream on National Ice Cream Day.  Back home, after a very yummy PB Mallow (vanilla soft serve with peanut butter and marshmallow topping) for me and a milkshake for Paul from Kurver Kreme, we were watching the news and they reported, “Tomorrow is National Ice Cream Day.”  Hooray!  Two days of ice cream.

In the meantime, I made a trip to The Spinning Room yarn shop to knit for a while and start all my things that needed to be started.  The Sea Glass Cowl, made with Autumn Wind, just flew off my needles and is already done:

IMG_3108 IMG_3107

A really simple pattern – this would definitely make a quick and easy holiday gift.

I also started the What if….? scarf……


…..and very quickly discovered that I cannot use the Tangier yarn in this one.  It is took thick to use with size 7 needles which made it very difficult to knit.  So much so, that my hands were hurting.  And no, my hands weren’t hurting because I was knitting too much.  It was the yarn.  It also has a fair amount of silk and cotton in it, which means it is not very stretchy and therefore harder to knit with.  So, now I have to wait until tomorrow, and stop at the yarn shop on the way home from babysitting to grab a new yarn.  And no, I’m not waiting until Wednesday afternoon when I will be working there anyway.

But, let me tell you, here is a nice way to knit and then find out you can’t knit something:


So relaxing and peaceful out on the deck.  Even when you are realizing you are going to have to start over.

And finally, I started the second section of my Wendy Knits Summer Mystery Shawl 2014 Knit-a-long scarf.  Looks pretty much like it did before (but now we are adding short rows) so you are not getting a picture of that yet.  Picture to come when I’m done with the second section.

Ok, but really, the greatest thing about this weekend?  We got to dig into our very first ever CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) delivery from Patroon Land Farm!:


There are some collards there that I don’t think we are too keen on, but the CSA gave us a recipe for collard slaw that we will try.

We had some yummy salad with lettuce, frisee and broccoli (some from the CSA and some from my garden)….


I also made these totally yummy Corn Cake Stacks with Arugula and Cheddar:


So delicious!  Especially with fresh, sweet corn. These are from the The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Vegetable Cookbook: 100 Delicious Heritage Recipes from the Farm and Garden.  (click there to get it on Amazon)  And here is my learned-from-watching-cooking-shows-fancy-pants way of getting the corn off the cob:


We ate the corn cakes with grilled pork chops and grilled zucchini, scallions and broccoli.


(Yes, my food styling skills are seriously lacking.  Except for the corn cakes.  They pretty much look like the recipe picture.)

So good to eat fresh veggies and so good to know we are supporting a local farm and food bank.


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I’ve got finishitis. I said recently that I wanted to finish one of my languishing not-done projects before I started another project, but now that I have finished one, I’m on a roll and getting some other things done too. Now, I want to finish ALL the things.  Sometimes you just get that spring cleaning thing in your mind… even though it’s the middle of July.  Plus, I did start a knit-a-long project and have two more projects to start this Saturday, as you will see, so getting more things done to balance those out is not a bad thing.

So, first up are the finished Through the Loops Mystery Sock 2014:


In my last post, I think I told you I started them in “March-ish”.  Well, I was right if you consider January 15  “March-ish”. Love them.

Then I finished my Hidden Gusset Mitts:


I only have a picture of one since one is in the yarn shop as a class sample, so, yet again you will have to trust me that they are both done!  A really fun knit, with some lifted increases to make that diagonal pattern.  Fairly quick too – they would make a great gift.  There are still spots left in the class I’m teaching for these, which starts next Wednesday so if you are local, call The Spinning Room to sign up!

And now I’m finishing my Knitter’s Brewing Company Mystery Sock VI: Cocktails for Two socks that I started January 31:


I’m pretty sure these are supposed to be mirror images.  Hmmmm.  Notice anything?  I have no idea what’s going on or what went wrong.  And I’m pretty sure my friend Lisa’s – who also knit these socks and finished them a long time ago – do not look like this.  I’m pretty sure that cable-y looking part on the left sock is supposed to be slanting toward the left alongside that ribbed part.  I started the sock with the orange marker first and got to the point you see now, then started the one with the green marker and put it down after about two inches.  Just picked it back up after many months, and started knitting from where I left off.  I swear I’m following the instructions.  And I can tell you this:  I’m not starting over.  I just can’t stand the thought, and I’m so determined to get them done that I’m going to continue telling myself that if I’m following the instructions correctly, then it will all work out in the end and that this probably actually does look the way it is supposed to.  I’m such a weirdo. [And really, maybe I should consult with Lisa.  Who will probably tell me it’s wrong and that I should probably start the one sock over which I will probably think about and then probably do.]

Ok, but now on to the good stuff.  The STARTING of things!

I started the Wendy Knits Summer Mystery Shawl 2014 KAL last Saturday and had to first clue done on Monday:


So far so good.  I love the colors in my Periwinkle Sheep Single & Looking yarn.  The colorway is called “Summer Garden”.  The second of three clues comes out tomorrow.

Also, The Spinning Room is having a Christmas-in-July-and-August knit-a-long, which starts tomorrow, to help us get a jump on Christmas knitting.  All I had to do was tell the shop what I was planning to knit and, if I finish, I get entered into a prize drawing.  Fun!  So I am going to knit the Sea Glass Cowl with this:


(Autumn Wind Hand-Dyed in the “Lily Gardens” colorway)  And, since that is a very small project, will knit the What if….? scarf with this:


(The navy blue yarn is Cascade 220)  I can’t start these until tomorrow.  I read that to mean I have to start both of them tomorrow.  Even though I have quite some time to finish them, and another knit-a-long to work on which I will need to finish a part of before next Saturday. But really, I’m just too excited, so I will have to.  If you are a knitter, you totally understand.  If you are not a knitter, it’s just another example of what a weirdo I am.