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Knitting Alignment

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It’s that time again:


If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know that I dread this every year.  Stacking wood.  B.O.R.I.N.G.  Most of the time while I am doing it, I’m thinking that perfectly good hours/weeks/days (seemingly) are being wasted and some perfectly good knitting could be getting done.  But then Paul says something like, “But this is good quality time we get to spend together.”  Like he did this past Saturday afternoon, after seeing me for about an hour a night during the week because it was a crazy busy week for me babysitting, working at the yarn shop late and teaching a class late, and not seeing me Saturday morning and early afternoon, because I had another knitting class to teach.  How could I not continue to stack wood until there was no more daylight?

And speaking of knitting that could be getting done, mine isn’t.  My knitting has been all over the place lately. I start working on one thing, decide I should really be working on another thing, then decide I should really start a few more things, then decide I need to make a list of things to knit for Christmas gifts and start some more things.  So, essentially, not much has gotten done.

The Spinning Room is having a knit-a-long to knit hats to put on their tree for the Victorian Holidays village tree decorating contest,  and which will then be donated to Halos of Hope.  So, I started one:IMG_4103

I also put a few rounds on a travelling sock (for The Spinning Room travelling sock group) but I can’t show it to you because I think the person whose sock it is reads this blog.

I worked a little bit on the edging of my Duane Park Triangle:


But I got distracted when I stumbled upon this very cute teapot cozy pattern:


I was so happy that it had two sizes.  Most of the patterns I have seen were one size, and too big for my little 2-serving teapot.  So. Excited.  I wanted to start it immediately.

Then the next day:


I broke my teapot. (Let’s not talk about the fact that I just went and rummaged through the garbage so you could see the broken teapot….)

And also, I’m totally obsessed with this knitted ottoman! (click there!  I can’t put a picture on the blog because of copyright rules.) The only deterrent so far is the need to purchase three standard size bed pillows and a twin sized comforter to stuff it.  I just don’t have extras lying around the house.

Meanwhile during my busy week…. I tried to get a picture of myself wearing my Wheaten wrap:


It was really aggravating (five tries later…) and next time, I will ask someone to help me.  But you get the idea.  I still really love it.

So what could possibly be a cure for all-over-the-place-knitting?  Something to calm the mind?  Something mindless that will make all the knitting thoughts align?….


Or…….stacking wood.

The Knitting and The Cooking

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Pretty much nothing but knitting and cooking this weekend.   Not a bad way to spend the weekend!

The Knitting:

I finished my Kaweah hat and I. Just. Love. It.  It is cute and fun and cable-y and comfy.


I had to make a pom-pom, which I always forget how to do, so I looked it up on the line. [Anyone see The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson?  Funny movie.  He says in the movie, “Let’s look it up on the line”  because he is sooooooo not tech savvy but he’s trying to be, and it’s just funny.]   Anyway, mine turned out pretty well I think:

IMG_3601 IMG_3602

The hat (and pom pom) will be an upcoming class at The Spinning Room, after the new year.

Then, I finished my toes for my sock circle:


Remember my Travelling Socks?

travelling sokcs

They got sent all around the country (and to Canada) to be knit – I knit the toes- while I knit on everyone else’s socks as they got sent to me.  The Spinning Room is doing the same thing, just within the shop.  There are 8 people in a group (group #3 is almost full!) and as we finish each part of each sock, we bring it back to the shop to by picked up by the next person.  FUN!  This weekend The Spinning Room was full of sock knitter’s learning how to start their socks at the toe.

I also blocked some items for some Spinning Room customers:


Note to self:  If you want to put a picture of things blocking on the blog, use the white towels.

And I’m making progress on my Black Cherry Lambic scarf, but no pictures since it would look pretty much the same, just longer.  Scarves are like that.  I’ll show it to you when it’s done.

Oh and I fell into the black hole of Ravelry this weekend, looking for something new to start knitting.  Has that ever happened to you?  Get on the computer to look up one thing and the next thing you know it’s tomorrow and you never found the one thing you were looking up.  BUT, you found a great new knitting pattern!  I started Terra but there are only a few rows on it, so not much to show you.  Next post.

The Cooking:

I went bananas on Sunday trying to cook all the things, so I could use up/save/freeze our veggies.  But first there was pick-your-own:


It weighed 35 pounds. We knew this because….


I made 7 pints of sauce:




A whole lot of salsa – fresh, not canned:


Then I cooked some Mashed Potato Kale Cakes:


Mashed white and sweet potato, kale, bacon.  Pretty tasty although they look kind of sad.

And I made Spiced Squash Pancakes:


Spaghetti squash, egg, flour, ginger, jalapeno, cumin, scallion.  A little mushy, but pretty tasty and they will be better today when I get some plain yogurt and cilantro to put on top.

Despite all that, these are still waiting for me to do something with when they ripen a little more:


And a whole whack of jalapenos since I had this great idea to make my own poppers.  And a whole whack of okra because I’ve never had it and wanted to try it – fried or pickled.  And a whole whack of beets that I may try to pickle.  Ask me when I’m going to do all that.

This Week

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This week was….

Snowy and freezing:


But then, it was pretty:


And I found the most wonderfully sweet, perfectly ripe strawberries, watermelon and kiwi:


…which was a nice taste of summer amidst the frozen (but pretty) tundra.

This week was also home cooking-ish:


Delicious  Lemon Chicken from Shutterbean.  Really easy – olive oil, butter, onion, lemon juice, Italian seasoning.  Mix them together and pour over chicken thighs, then nestle in some lemon slices.  We had it with noodles.  Next time, I’ll try dredging the chicken in flour to make a thicker sauce.  AND I might try adding artichoke hearts – and idea I got from the comments section of this recipe.

This week was also knitting-ish:


I finished my friend Lisa’s travelling socks since we had a blip in our group and someone dropped out. I didn’t want her to have to finish her own socks so I finished them for her (I did the top 2 sections).  They look great and she loves them.

And check this out!:


A knitted cozy for my tennis ball parking guide.  (Thanks to a high school chum, Elaine, for the idea!)  It’s definitely too big even though I shortened it, and I messed up the pattern somewhere along the way because I was busy talking, and then made up my own color striping thing because I was running out of yarn but who cares?  It’s cute.  (And no, it’s not wool, so I can’t felt it to fit the ball… in case you were going to suggest that.)  And it’s ok.  It’s my very own unique parking guide and I like it.

Paul hasn’t requested one yet:


And did you know?:


Pffffft!  Why pay $2.87 when you could buy a pack of 3 tennis balls for less than that, use your own string and then knit your own cozy?

The Olympics Make Me Cry

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I love, Love, LOVE watching the Olympics.  I look forward to them and love rooting for the U.S.  And also for anyone else who is winning.  And also for anyone who is losing.  But the Olympics make me cry.

I cry when someone wins and their dreams are realized.  They are so happy and their struggle to get to the Olympics is validated.  I cry when someone gets hurt and their dreams are crushed.  They are so sad and their struggle to get to the Olympics is all the much harder to justify.  I cry when they do those little vignettes about certain athletes and their struggles to get to the Olympics.  I cry when they show those touching commercials.  It’s exhausting really.  But I love it.

I also cry when, while watching the Olympics I realize I made a mistake in my Ravellenics knitting project several rows back and have to un-knit a gazillion stitches.


I saw the mistake and my stomach lurched.  It was on the left side and where there was supposed to be a cable, there wasn’t.  I couldn’t drop the stitches down several rows because of the lace around the cables, and I couldn’t just rip out my work (take everything off the needles and unravel it – a much faster method) for the same reason.  Too hard to pick up and re-create the stitches.   Plus, I have a million markers in there and it would be tedious to figure out where they go.  So, un-knit, stitch by stitch is what I did.

Poor Paul, sitting next to me, trying to watch the Olympics, having to listen to my heavy sighs and my comments: “I’m wasting so much time having to do this!”  “I can’t believe I didn’t notice it sooner!” “It’s going so slowly!”  “Do you know how much further I could have gotten by now?”

I made it through, though, and I’m back on track now.  The picture above is my progress.  I settled on knitting the Charleston Tea  hooded cardigan.  It was not on my original list but it is the same designer as the Dark & Stormy which was on my list.  I didn’t have, and couldn’t find, the right yarn for the Dark & Stormy but had plenty for the Charleston Tea.  It has been in my queue for some time and I think it is very cute.  Don’t you?

Ooh!  AND I finally got my completed Travelling Socks back!


I love them.

Glitz at the Ritz

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love. Love. LOVE my Glitz at the Ritz shawl!

dec 2013 beaded shawl (3)

All my mess-ups and tear-outs were totally worth the final product:

dec 2013 beaded shawl (4)

Even the really, really, really long beaded picot bind-off that took 80 hours.  Not really 80 hours.  It took three quarters of a Lifetime Christmas movie.

dec 2013 beaded shawl (1)

Made with Periwinkle Sheep Watercolors  sock yarn.  75% merino wool, 25% nylon. 460 yards/100 grams.

And also, I finished a Loved knitted crown:


Now I have two, ready to give at Christmas.

And finished my Sweet Tomato Heel socks:



And worked on and sent off my next Travelling Socks:


One more set to go, then I’ll get mine!

And started and finished a Super Basic Hat to donate to The Spinning Room’s tree for the Festival of Trees in town:


Super basic and super quick to knit.  It was hard on my hands, though, and I found out later it was because I was using a smaller needle than the pattern called for.  Duh.  But, it resulted in a very dense and therefore very warm hat!  After the festival is over, the hats and mittens will be donated to a local shelter. Bonus!

Lots of finishing.  Now on to lots of starting,,,,

My Latest Obsessions

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I have been totally obsessed with Lollipop Yarns on Etsy, and getting one of these balls of sock yarn.  Here is a picture from the website:

lollipop yarn

Go to the website to see pictures of how these knit up.  So cool.  But, they are so popular, that when she puts more in her shop, they sell out immediately.  The next update to her shop is… wait. I’m not going to make it easy for you, since then I’ll have more competition.  Find out for yourself.  Suffice it to say, I put it on my calendar will be at my computer, trying to get one!  Because I need more yarn.  Especially sock yarn. [Insert sarcasm font here.]

Second obsession?  Christmas movies that are playing around the clock on the Lifetime and Hallmark channels.  Paul and I have been watching them any time there is nothing else on tv.  It’s been going on for about two weeks now, and (so far) we have not gotten sick of them yet.  However, we have gotten to the point of, “Oh, we’ve seen that one already” and then check the other channel.

Third Obsession?  Candy Crush Saga.  Those of you who play, know.  I even broke my don’t-pay-for-any-games-because-then-you’ll-pay-for-all-the-games rule. I paid 99 cents to continue playing. Otherwise I would have had to wait 3 days.  [Have we talked about my problem with impaitience?]

Oh! And I finally remembered to take a picture of the next travelling sock I did:


Two more sets of socks coming my way and then I’ll get my finished socks in the mail.  I can’t wait!