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Ok, this is just the cutest thing I have knit in a long time:

IMG_2060 IMG_2061 IMG_2063

Snug cardigan, made with Cascade Ecological Wool.  Love it. Perfectly named since it is snuggly.  So cute and cozy.  Comes in a worsted weight version too!

And here is a blurry picture of the progress from my two socks on one circular needle class (the magic loop method) this weekend (with stress-reducing peanut butter cookies contributed by Vicki):


The knitting looks like a big mess, as it is supposed to at this stage, but everyone was well on their way to “getting it”!

And just in case my last post was just terribly negative about the weather, here is what’s good after an ice storm: Pretty, shiny things….


Enough Already

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I’m tired of the winter.  I’m tired of the cold.  I’m tired of being stuck inside.  I’m tired of complaining about the winter.  I’m sure you are tired of reading about my complaints of winter.  But ENOUGH ALREADY!  Yesterday, it was freezing rain/ice/snow….

IMG_2030 IMG_2033 IMG_2034 IMG_2035

I’m just sick of it.  That is all.

Except for this!:

I finished my Hitchhiker scarf/shawl….

IMG_2039 IMG_2043 IMG_2041

I love the colors.  It was easy and quick to knit.  Mine took me 5 days.  The pattern was easy to memorize which made it great tv knitting.

Then I started the Snug:


This is a weirdo picture since it is in-progress.  You are looking at the front and the beginning of the hood.  No arms yet.  Go to that link up there and see the project page picture.  It’s very cute.  I’m making the newborn-6mos size, simply because it will be the quickest to knit and I want to teach a class with it.  After the class, I’ll find a baby to give it to.   There is a 3 years size, which I might or might not make for doodlebug Michaela since it might fit her.  But I’m not sure.  I’d have to do a little measuring and I am under no delusion that she will let me measure her – she’s 2 1/2.  I can hear it now : “No fank you, Auntie Wiz” as she runs from the tape measure.  This is made with bulky yarn, which also makes it quicker to knit, and I am using Cascade Ecological Wool.  That purple bit is a provisional cast on, which I will take out to finish the hood.  Then I’ll do the arms which shouldn’t take long since newborns are little.  So, almost done already!

Then I may be on to a lace scarf.  Or the baby sweater on two needles which will be for a summer class.  Or be done with class knitting for now and work on my sock knit-a-longs and my Charleston Tea.  One thing I will never say about knitting:  ENOUGH ALREADY!