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Halloween and Knitting (but not Halloween Knitting)

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It was Halloween recently… did you know?  Have I talked about how I never really liked Halloween all that much?  Mostly because I always had a hard time deciding what my costume would be.  We usually created our own costumes, so I didn’t feel terribly creative.  I liked the candy, though, so I usually rallied.  These days, I’m so annoyed when I see teenagers coming around with no costumes “trick-or-treating” — get a little creative for your candy (says the pot).

However, I have loved seeing the doodlebugs get excited about Halloween and we’ve had some creative fun.  They were Marshall and Everest, pups from the Paw Patrol, and they got to wear their costumes to 4 other Halloween-y events aside from trick-or-treating.  That’s getting mileage from your costume!  One day, during the week before Halloween, we made a monster for their door.  Lots of taping and gluing and practice with scissors to create:

IMG_6381 IMG_6382 IMG_6387

The focus was on goofy and silly, not scary and it turned out great!  It was agreed that we should text their mommy and daddy a picture of the door so that they would not think they were at the wrong house when they came home.

AND, score of all scores, Paul and I got some Halloween treats (from the doodlebugs) without dressing up OR going trick-or-treating!


In knitting news, I’m on a queueing spree again and now have 415 projects on Ravelry that I’d like to knit. Ha!  But I totally love this Baa-ble Hat most of all and might have to do that first. (I think I showed that one to you already.  But I really want to make it.  SOON. However, it involves purchasing yarn because I absolutely do not have the right yarn in my ridiculous stash, so I’m waiting for the right day that I’m at the shop and the yarn jumps onto the counter, pays for itself and hops into my bag.)

But, I did finish something recently!  My second Simple Chevron Stripe scarf, which I gave to my mom for her birthday:


They are her colors and she loves it.

And I am sort of almost finished with the Miami Beach Shawl:


It kind of feels finished because the “hard” part is done – keeping track of the lace pattern (which you will see much better once it is blocked).  Now it’s the “easy” back and forth garter stitch, short-row body.  Stay tuned for the finished pictures!

An Afternoon Tea

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On Sunday, there was an afternoon tea at The Spinning Room yarn shop.


We had tea and goodies. And we knit, of course.

It was the second annual tea, being held to celebrate the new season of Downton Abbey, which we all LOVE.  Matt, from the Short and Stout tea house came to let us sample some tea and talk about making tea.


It was fun and interesting.  And I learned that I liked green tea.  I didn’t used to, and Matt said it was likely because I brewed it too hot, making it too bitter.  You are supposed to heat the water in the kettle until it makes the simmering sound, before it boils.  That means the water is about 180 degrees and the temp at which you are supposed to brew green tea.  Green tea is sooooooooo good for you, and now I will drink it more.  Especially the kind he brought, which was Japanese Something Something (note to self: find out what it’s really called).

I thought that it would be a good idea to bring a treat to share at the tea.  You know, something that would be easy to cut into two-bite pieces and put on a plate next to a teacup.  So I made Apple Crisp Bars (this is actually a rhubarb crisp bar recipe for which I substituted granny smith apples).

A shortbread crust:


Granny smith apples peeled and cut:

IMG_4689 IMG_4692

Then tossed with sugar and cornstarch and spread on top of the unbaked shortbread crust:


Then a buttery-oatmeal-y topping:


Bake for an hour until nice and browned:


If you went to the tea and are reading this, you may wonder why you didn’t see them there. They came out of the oven an hour before I had to leave for the tea.   Which apparently was not enough time to cool, because they were still warm and when I went to cut them, they just crumbled apart.  Not good.  Definitely not a good option for a nice afternoon tea and taking an elegant bite of a treat while sipping tea.  After I got home from the tea, they cut into pieces perfectly. So, they are now in the freezer and I will bring them to the knit-in on Wednesday.

A fun Sunday afternoon!  But before that was Saturday, and a busy day of teaching knitting classes for me.

First was the Two Socks on One Circular Needle class:


I know it doesn’t look like much got done, but everyone was well on their way to knowing the magic loop technique!  They went home to practice and do their homework, and we will meet up again in two weeks to work on the gusset.

Then was another session of the popular Oatmeal Stout cowl class:


Yet again, unique and interesting color combinations.  A busy but fun Saturday!

Then, last night I finished my Simple Chevron Stripe Scarf ! :


A great pattern – really simple and relaxing to knit since it is only two, very easily memorized, rows.  It took me about a week and I used all but about 3 yards of a 437 ball of yarn.  I love it. And I’m tempted to knit another with a new yarn that came in to The Spinning Room this week called Indulgence Cashmere.  A really soft yarn with wonderful striping colors.  I don’t usually knit two of the same pattern unless I’m knitting gifts, but I would knit this again, with that yarn.  It’s a perfect in-front-of-the-tv pattern.

Next post: Soup! and Bread!  And probably more Knitting!

The G-word We Must Stop Talking About

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When we last spoke, it was a week before Christmas.  Now it is almost a week past New Year’s.  So, how to tell you about the last three weeks?  Probably a list.

Top of the list is that we are yet again emerging from a germ fest in this house, and hoping it is the last of the season.  That is all I will say about the total annoying-ness of crappy germs that keep coming around and bothering us and messing with holidays and vacations.

2)  Leading up to Christmas (and the germ fest) was some finishing-of-knitting, including felting my nephew’s slippers…

Before (13″-ish long):


After (10″-ish long):


He put them on immediately and wore them all night. I think that means he loves them and they are the best present he ever got.  Hooray!

I also got the infamous hat-that-took-three-tries-to-make done and promptly forgot to take a picture of it.  But my brother-in-law seemed to like it.  And it fit!  He did not wear it around all day but that’s ok.

I had been working on these mittens leading up to my sister-in-law’s birthday and sent them off:


….forgetting to take a picture of them, so thank you to Anita for taking one for me!

3) In more pre-Christmas crafts-with-the-doodlebugs news, we made Santa’s and reindeer:


And a gingerbread house!…

IMG_4589 IMG_4594 IMG_4608

(No, I didn’t bake it.  It was a kit from Jo-Ann’s, and wonderfully easy!)

4) I baked exactly one batch of cookies this season:


Cowboy Cookies, made with my homemade granola, which I thought were really, really  yummuy.

5) Christmas Eve was spent with my family in Connecticut and then Christmas Day was spent with Paul’s family in Albany.  Busy, busy days with lots of fun.

6) Post-Christmas/Pre-Germ Fest involved the task of removing the body of my car from the frame:

IMG_4639 IMG_4641 IMG_4645

Anyone remember this crazy contraption for installing the heater?:


This project felt kind of like that.  At any moment I was expecting the car to fall off the jacks.  It didn’t.  Paul usually knows what he’s doing.  I usually doubt it all, the whole way through, and then wonder what I was worried/nail-biting/screaming about.

7) During the germ fest, I made 1/2 a pair of these Trillium Mitts:


Soon to be a class scheduled at The Spinning Room.

And I finished this Zipper Scarf:

IMG_4672 IMG_4668

Also a soon-to-be-scheduled class.

Then last night I started this Simple Chevron Stripe Scarf:


Also for an upcoming class.

8) So, now that it is the new year, and to help ensure that it is germ free, I’m making these Anti-Flu Super Smoothies:

IMG_4659 IMG_4661

Kale, frozen berries, pomegranate juice and flax seed (this one is without flax seed because I don’t have any yet.  I’m getting some today.).  It sounds gross, but it is really very yummy and you cannot taste the kale at all.  Didn’t I say at the beginning of this post that I wasn’t going to talk about germs any more?

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I’m hoping to have more blog posts this year and more knitting designing to show you!