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Catching Up

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Whew.  Almost three weeks since my last post.  That’s crazy.  And now it’s September.  That’s even crazier.  Where did the summer go?  As I’ve told you, things have been crazy around here for a few months and now that things are sort of, kind of, a little bit not as crazy, I’m trying this:


Here’s what’s been going on….

I made some more pickles:


I worked on my Rhombus Feather Shawl:


It’s coming along nicely, however I keep wanting it to be the color of the pattern picture on Ravelry (click up there to see it).  I love this color green, and I love, Love, LOVE this Quince & Co. Chickadee yarn, but I want it to be that purple color.

I’ve also been obsessed with these two things, which also happen to be relaxing:

IMG_6171 IMG_6172

And I got this, so now I’m making all kinds of plans for fall baking:


Then, to really get into the relaxing theme, we went on a little weekend jaunt to Cape Cod.  On the way, we drove through my alma mater:


So much has changed since I went there frffrmphr years ago.  What’s that? You didn’t hear how long ago that was? Sorry you missed it. (Twenty-four.)  Many more buildings and amenities and restaurants and cafes and stores.  I kept telling Paul, “When I went here there was Domino’s and a Wawa.  That’s it.”

Now?  Price Chopper, Moe’s, Jamba Juice, Mooyah burgers, Geno Auriemma’s restaurant and this:


THIS!!!  I would have LOVED to have this when I went here.

We, of course, couldn’t skip this:


So. Good.  This picture makes those cups look kind of small.  We got “two scoops”.   I think their scoopers are half-gallon sized.  But So. Good.

On the way to the Cape, I worked on my One-Way Tee, which has been in time out since the ripping-out-two-times-because-I’m-an-idiot-knitter-sometimes incident:


While we were there, I finished the back, finally!


We did a lot of looking at this:


Then, at low tide, walked waaaaaaay out on the flats at Rock Harbor:


(We walked from waaaaay back there.)  And watched some people harvesting oysters:


Later, at a restaurant, we heard someone ask where the oysters were from and they were from here!

We ate our favorite fried foods.  Twice.

IMG_6131 IMG_6133

The second picture is from Arnold’s.  Hands down the best onion rings, fish fry and fried clam strips.  (And salad.  We had to have some sort of vegetables eventually.)

And of course, this:


We had a nice morning view from our motel room:


Then we did some more of this:


So we would remember this:



Blog Silence

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There have been no blog posts from here in quite a while.  Want to know why?  WE WERE ON VACATION!!  …. to YELLOWSTONE!!!!!

It was so great.  But I’ll have to tell you about it later, since I need to organize the 400 or so pictures and figure out how to tell you about it without boring you.   In the mean time, here’s what you missed leading up to our vacation because I was too busy trying to figure out what knitting to bring and could not blog.

Apple crisp and acorn squash made from our CSA shares:

IMG_3853 IMG_3851

The apple crisp was great.  The acorn squash was not our favorite (made with brown sugar and butter).  It was just ok.

Pretty sun-setting sky:

IMG_3856 IMG_3855

Cruising along on my High Plains poncho… binding off one side and running out of yarn on the last inch and a half:


….totally annoying.

Then, after we got home, we got our veggie share and I made Apple-Butternut/Acorn Squash soup:

IMG_4002 IMG_4008

Forgot to get a pretty picture while it was still in the pot.  I combined a couple of recipes I found, but generally used this one, and added apples. Yummy, spicy, sweet, savory and a much better way to eat acorn squash.

And Ratatouille.  Chopped everything up:


Cooked it on the stove for a bit:


Then into the oven for 1 1/2-2 hours:


So yummy.  My mom made this for family gatherings and my Uncle Jon used to call it “Hatchoo-ey” and pretend like he was sneezing.  It was funny.

Opened up a jar of bread and butter pickles, made in August, after waiting the 8 weeks it said to:


They are the best pickles I have ever had.  Hands down.  I’m not a big pickle fan, especially not dill pickles, so sweet are the ones I usually go for.  I could eat these until the cows come home.  I hope I can make them they same way next time.

Pretty leaf pics in the yard after a week of being away:


And a quick drive to Thacher Park to see the view:

IMG_3997 IMG_3995

Speaking of views, these are nothing compared to what we saw in Wyoming.  Wait ’til you see.  Next time…