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Gaining Days

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Ok, so I was going to be completely dramatic today and tell you that this past weekend I did NO KNITTING AT ALL on my fair shawl which means I lost TWO WHOLE DAYS of the very precious few I have to finish it.  The last time I counted, about a week ago, I had 53 days left before submission day.  I counted today to give you an update and now I have 60 days left.  My complaining seems pretty pointless seeing as how I’ve apparently gained some days.  (Guess I needed that math in high school after all.)

It was a busy weekend all around.  Friday, we sadly had to attend a wake in Connecticut for Paul’s uncle.  Despite the sad occasion, it was a time for the family to happily remember his uncle, whom I never got to meet, and I did get to meet and re-meet several of Paul’s other relatives.  It was a beautiful drive to Stamford and I think we went by Martha’s house in Bedford.  We only saw the gates but I’m pretty sure it was her place.  And on the way home we did dinner and ice cream:

IMG_2701 IMG_2703 IMG_2706

One of the things keeping me busy over the weekend was finishing up the Maluka shawl class.  Here are almost everyone’s borders when they got to class:


They learned how to pick up along the border and then work short rows to create the body of the shawl.  A fun class!

Then I had a nice day with my spinning peeps sitting outside in the shade, spinning and having lunch.

I finished half the wool I’m working on:


Now I just have to spin the second half on another bobbin, then ply them together and I’ll have yarn!  Which, if I get done in time for the fair, I can submit it to be judged.  After I finish my shawl.  But apparently I have more time now so…..


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Sometimes I forget.  Seems like lately it happens more — must be the upcoming 45 year birthday.  And the doodlebugs think it’s hilarious.  I often have to come back inside, after going to my car at the end of the day, for my phone or my water bottle or to put my outside shoes on.  M or B says, “Auntie Liz, what you did freegot?”   Then I say something like, “I forgot my outside shoes.” And they say, “Mommy! Auntie Liz freegot her outside shoes!!!!!”  I have inside shoes and outside shoes at the doodlebugs house and they are at the age now where they notice everything and usually tell me that I forgot to put one or the other on.  To be fair, getting two toddlers ready to go for a walk to the park is a feat in and of itself: putting on sunscreen, socks, shoes and hats; getting the diaper bag and water.  You might know the drill.  So when they are finally ready, they are ready and want to go immediately.  I often get caught up in that, running around to get what I need and often forget to change my shoes.  No worries, though, since before we are even out the door…..  “Auntie Liz you freegot your outside shoes!”.   Or they will just point at my feet and gasp, wide-eyed, with a smile on their face.  Hey, who needs a memory when I’ve got my own reminder service, right?

I also forgot to post a picture of my stealth knitting project that is now finished and gifted!  Remember this?

IMG_2197 IMG_2308 IMG_2487

Well, that turned into the Top-Down Lace Summer Cardigan which I gave to my sister-in-law for her birthday:


Sorry that picture is blurry.  Here is one of the button and lace detail:


She loved it and it fits her perfectly!  Like it was made for her! (Wait….)

I also forgot I wanted to pin out my lace shawl for the fair (EZ’s 100 Anniversary Pi Shawl – Camping) to show you some details before it got to big and now it’s too big so I can only show you a little bit:


It’s coming along nicely.  I am on row 14 of 48 on these 576 stitches.  Then it will bump up to 895 stitches for 7 rows.  I also forgot something else:  Either I forgot to read the finishing (ie blocking) instructions or I read them and I forgot what they said.  Which is: “The…edging requires a bit more blocking work than usual.  There are 64 “waves” and I used 5 pins per wave (320 pins).”  Three. Hundred. Twenty. Pins.  I can’t talk about it any more. (First of all, I don’t have that many pins.  And second of all, I don’t want to buy that many pins And third of all I don’t want to pin that many pins.) I’ll let you know about it when I get to it.  And for those of you in the know about blocking, no, blocking wires will not help.

Ooh, but here is my blocked-with-blocking-wires Maluka shawl!:


Love it!

And, since my fair shawl takes some concentration, I started something else to work on when I might be distracted.  The Multnomah shawlette:


First I have to tell you that I am making it in the Periwinkle Sheep Watercolors yarn, in the “Crack in the Sidewalk” colorway.  I pretty much bought this yarn because I thought the name was so clever!  Doesn’t it look just like grass growing in the cracks of a sidewalk??????

I’m knitting this to teach a class at the end of June.  Luckily there is already a sample in the shop (Thanks Robin!) so I don’t have to finish it by then, but I will have to have the body knit.  Shawlettes are the spotlight item at the Altamont Fair Wool Nook this year and the Multnomah will be the spotlight within the spotlight.  So, The Spinning Room is offering a class to help people knit it and enter it into the fair!

Ok, that’s it for today.  Hopefully I didn’t forget anything.

Muuuuuuuch Better

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I ripped out the body of my Maluka shawl and re-knit it, and now it looks muuuuuuuuch better:

shawl collage2

Top picture is the before, bottom picture is the after.   Bottom picture is not blocked yet so the top edge is rolling, but you can definitely see that it is wider and the top edge stretches more.

And here it is blocking:


It’s crazy how different it looks when you get it wet and stretch it out.  (And after looking at this picture I went back and put more pins in the border to make it less wavy.)  Right now it measures 62 inches across!  The first version of this shawl, when I stretched it out was probably about 40 inches. (I’m guestimating.)   That is a HUGE difference and despite all the pain in the neck-ness of unwinding and re-knitting, I’m ever so glad I did.  I love how this one looks.

Here is a close-up of the border pattern:


And this yarn was so nice to work with.  Peace, Love & Yarn’s Magpie in the Ison’s Tail colorway.  You have to look closely in this picture, but there are some sparkly bits in it which just add a nice touch.

Now this one is done and I can share this wonderful experience with the students in my class this weekend.  And now I can get to work on my fair shawl which had been put on hold while I dealt with this debacle.  T-minus 53 days until it has to be delivered to the Altamont Fair.  Sooner, if I want to enter it in the Cobleskill Fair….

Just Seconds

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I had been going along nicely on my Maluka shawl.  In fact, going along so nicely that I bound off yesterday.  It looked like this:


….which, you may not be able to tell, but that is pretty small.  The border is very stretchy but the inside and top are not, and therefore it is not very wide at all.  I read many, many, many Ravelry comments (there are over 1400 projects on Ravelry for this shawl) and many of the many said that it was small so they did a modification with wraps and turns, rather than the ssk/p2tog thing that was in the pattern, to make the shawl wider.  But, I don’t love doing wraps and turns and picking up the wraps, and couldn’t understand why the pattern instructions would make it small, and since I put three more repeats on the border, mine certainly would come out ok, right? So I knit by the patterns instructions.  Wrong.  So….. click down there:

Ripping Out

It took mere seconds.  Seriously, less than a minute, to unwind a few hours of knitting.  I’d like to think I simply “took one for the team” as a way of verifying for the students in my class for this shawl, that the pattern instructions are not ideal and the many, many, many Ravelry comments I chose to ignore were, in fact, right and it might be a good idea to give them a little more credit next time.

I am now back to here:


…ready and totally excited to do some wraps and turns.  Stay tuned for the second, and final, result.  Ok, and by the way?  Isn’t that a totally ingenious way of ripping out and getting a nice, neat ball of yarn to re-knit from?

Meanwhile, back at the yarn shop, I finished teaching the Pieces of Eight Mitts class, which had to be cancelled because of the tornado weather around here last week.  Here are the almost-done mitts from the students in class:

IMG_2595 IMG_2598

And my finished pair:


So cool.  But if I knit these again, I would use a striping yarn with long colorways to get a more dramatic looking figure 8.

Around the house, this is happening:

IMG_2636 IMG_2637

Digging up cement foundation pieces and hiding them in the woods waaaaaaaay in the back of our property somewhere.

And this:


…minus the broccoli which is still in the box with the flowers that are waiting to be planted because, for some reason, I mistook green things with no flowers to be flowers.  Currently, there are regular tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and onions.

And this red-winged black bird who is wreaking havoc, chasing all the other birds around:


And this frog that was sitting there:


And this turtle digging a hole right there in the middle of the yard and we’re wondering if it will lay eggs:


Coming up…. I’m excited about a day-long knitting class that I’m teaching which includes lunch that I am making this Sunday.  2 socks in 1:


…. so stay tuned for all the details!


Problems. I have them.

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…..it’s a problem I have.  Twenty-three books to put on my shelf of many, many other not-yet-read books.  In my defense, these only cost $8 at the library book sale (it’s for a good cause, for gosh sake) and the town-wide garage sale.  And I have the room on my shelf, so really, who cares, right?  Except that I had to physically restrain myself from purchasing a new book at Barnes and Noble, mere days after having obtained these new-to-me books.  That’s really where the problem comes in.  I’m pretty sure I could be putting that money toward something else a little more important like bills.  Ok, and then there’s this:  The next book I chose to read the other day?  It’s on my Nook. [Ooh, and I just finished Silent Witness by Richard North Patterson which was a really good lawyer/courtroom/murder trial book in which the lawyer defends a childhood friend and his past comes back to haunt him.]

And if we’re being honest, it’s really not the only problem I have.  We all know I have that other problem, which is eerily similar, about yarn.  Why, just the other day, I purchased this yarn…..


….simply because I got it into my head that I really want to put a zipper into something so I should find a simple cardigan pattern that would be “quick” to knit so I could do that, and since I already had three skeins of that yarn at home, I wouldn’t need to buy that much to get the yardage I need and oh, wouldn’t you know it The Spinning Room had the same dyelot and if I don’t buy it now, it will get bought up tomorrow by someone else and I’ll miss out and my whole idea will be completely ruined.  Seriously.  It’s not like I don’t have yarn. I just didn’t have the perfect yarn for this particular idea I had.  And it’s not like I don’t have other projects to work on and that chances are this will not get done for some time.  And then there’s the idea, again, of putting that money somewhere else like bills.

But it’s going to be great because I found the perfect pattern:


……. which I will likely start after I finish those eighty million other projects I’m currently working on.   Like the Baby Sweater on Two Needles (February),  for which I have just finished the sleeves and am working on the body:


(So, really, kind of almost done.)

….And my Maluka shawl for which I have the border done and now need to work on the body:


….And in the mean time I also “fixed” Paul’s worn-through felted slippers:

IMG_2340 IMG_2418 IMG_2420

(Done using a sort of weaving sock darning technique I saw on YouTube once.)

Now that I think about it, maybe these aren’t really problems after all.  There is probably a saying out there that someone else has already said that says something like you can’t ever have too many books or too much yarn. So, it’s all good.