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Well.  Apparently I took a blog-cation.  I didn’t mean to, exactly.  My last post was just a day before we went on a regular vacation (which I don’t blog about ahead of time in case there are some weirdos out there on the Internets who keep track of that, then break into my house while I’m gone).  Then, while I was gone, one of the court reporters I proofread for held all the work she would have given me and then gave it all to me when I got back.  I’m looking at it as a compliment that she did not want to ask any other proofreader to do it because she likes my work so much (??), and I’m trying not to complain that it’s not worth it to go on vacation if I have to do twice the work when I get back, because she is really nice and I’m glad she sends me ALL her work.  But, that meant I was super busy when I got back.  For a long time.  And then it was the July 4th holiday weekend and we were busy doing that type of stuff.  More on that later.  THEN, the same reporter asked me to do a super duper rush job the following weekend, PLUS I had a knitting class to get ready for and teach.  So there.  That’s my excuse for the blog-cation.  And now I’m back.  Here’s what you missed:

We went on vacation!  We went to Maine and saw all kinds of beautiful views:

IMG_7213 IMG_7231 IMG_7237

We did a little hiking and one day it was a little bit spur-of-the-moment and I ended up bringing my purse:


I did however have appropriate footwear and attire.  I felt really silly carrying my outlet-Coach purse on a hike……until I saw a woman who not only had a purse, but she had high-heeled fancypants boots and a nice “outfit” on.  She looked pretty uncomfortable.  I have no idea how she walked across the very rocky can-only-get-across-it-at-low-tide sand to get to the trail.

But we had another nice view on that hike:


We also went to Acadia National Park, to the Jordan Pond House restaurant and had their WONDERFUL popovers (with butter and strawberry jam).  And I had their yummy tea.


While on vacation I knit.  A lot.  But not until after I bought an obnoxious amount of yarn from two yarn shops on the way up.  I’m blaming the “obnoxious” part on Paul because he was such an enabler (I just love him SO much for that.  It’s his best quality.).  I must say, though, that I’ve been knitting with that yarn like crazy.  At our cottage I started and finished  the Shawl Society’s first shawl Talisman:

IMG_7280 IMG_7282 IMG_7276

It’s hard to see but there is a pretty little star pattern in the body.  Love the pattern!  I might knit it again someday. (Especially because I gave this one away as a birthday present to my friend Chrissy – she’s worth it.)  I think it might make a good class.

Then, while still on vacation I started and almost finished the Campside Shawl:

2E091DFE-B8CE-4AAA-B6FB-17F108845E14 688DD151-0F5D-4A5D-AA61-874416EB94DB

… which I finished shortly after we got home.  Love that one too. (These pictures could be better…)

And while driving up to and back from Maine, I worked on my nephew’s not-really-a-surprise blanket for him to take to college.  After we got back, on July 4th weekend, my sister had a little party for him and it still wasn’t finished (so close, though!) so I gave it to him while it was still on the needles, then took it back and finished it the next day (it was THAT close) and sent it right back to him!  He liked it!:


Look out Columbia!

The knitting class I taught was for the Lotno Shawl.  Here is the one I made and showed you previously:


And everyone in class got a great start:


If you are interested in taking this class, send me an email through the blog (liz at lizytishknits dot com) or post in the comments.  I’m pulling together my fall teaching schedule and can schedule this again.  It’s a fun, easy knit.

BY THE WAY…. The Spinning Room has been sold to a wonderful group of ladies who will take over on August 1!  So exciting! (However they are taking two weeks to get organized so the shop will be closed August 1-15)

When I was at my friend Chrissy’s, giving her the shawl, we saw this in her backyard:

IMG_7296 IMG_7294

OWLS!!  I just love owls.  I can’t tell you how badly I have wanted to see the owl that has been hooting around our yard for a few years.  There were about four of them and a couple were smaller so we thought maybe it was learning-to-fly day.  They were flying up and down from the trees.  But the greatest thing was that they were taking a bath in her sprinkler!  Spreading their wings out and waiting for the spray to come around and rain on them, then ruffling their feathers and rubbing their faces in the wet grass.  It was so amazing to watch – we watched and watched and watched.  And then were late to the kids’ tennis practice.  It was worth it.

Ok that’s it for now.  Lots more knitting to tell you about involving superheroes and dishes and The Shawl Society and classes. And I need to show you my garden!

What’s Wrong With This Picture

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So, after my last post, (which, I know, was a long time ago, and so this post is your update) I got right to work on my Sleeping Owl Tea Cosy and finished it!


So cute right????  (Still needs the orange felt beak…)

However.  What’s wrong with this picture???….


Oh. Em. Gee.  I was so excited about finishing the knitting and the duplicate stitch, that I just sewed that tea cosy right up with no consideration for the fact that it needed holes for the handle and the spout.  Jimminy crickets I was so mad!!!

Then, me being me, I thought about just leaving it:


Yeah, that wasn’t going to work.  So, I snipped the seam and picked out the part where the handle and spout should be….


(My spout is very short so you can’t see it.)  Looks much better and not hobbling anymore.  And will look even better with a beak.

In other news, I also finished my recently started Lotno Shawl:


Love this one too.  I’ll be teaching it as a class at The Spinning Room in July!

I also put the pocket on my The Pocket Hat and it is done:


It’s just so darn cute – who doesn’t need a hat with a pocket in it????  Trying to figure out how to do this and the owl cosy as classes at The Spinning Room this summer.  They  likely need more that one class session which is hard to do in the summer because lots of people take vacations etc and can’t commit to two weekends.  So, stay tuned if you are interested.

In doodlebug news, we went to see the tulips in Albany, which they have every year for the Tulip Festival:

IMG_7067 IMG_7060

I enjoyed the tulips but aside from being enthralled with the statue of “Jesus taking people to heaven” (which was Mr. Doodlebug’s interpretation of the statue, which was apparently Moses, according to the nice gentleman with a very thick accent whom I could not completely understand as he told us about Moses getting to the promised land and I’m not sure what he was doing with the other people in the statue) the doodlebugs just wanted to get to the playground that was nearby.

They also had some VERY engaging things happening outside their door one day recently:


This reminds me of the joke my dad always says about lots of workers getting paid to stand around and watch one guy work. (I  think there actually is a guy in that hole.)

The town-wide garage sale and library book sale was a couple of weeks ago and to my disappointment I only found four books.


Last year I found twenty-four.  And that one on the bottom was an end-of-the-day-so-it-was-free “find”.  I love Martha and maybe she can convince me to have some kind of appreciation for house cleaning. HAHAHAHAHA!

And most recently, Paul and I went to the Brimfield antiques show/flea market where we frustratingly walked 17,000 steps (according to our FitBits) and found hardly anything to buy.  I got a bottle from this guy:


Because it’s purple.

And not from this guy:


Because they are filthy!

Ok, but what is most interesting about these purple bottles is that they started out clear! Bottles made before World War I have magnesium in them and that reacts with sunlight to turn them purple.  So cool.  I knew purple was cool.  This is yet another reason.

We saw, as we usually do, the filming of one of those find-something-at-a-flea-market-and-make-it-into-something-else shows:


I then I got these:


To have Paul make them into something like this:


…for my yarn room.  Best yarn room bling ever!

(Also, I tried to tell the owner of this booth that he would get a lot of sales if he made signs that said “KNIT” or “YARN” and that he may not know it but there are A LOT of people out there who knit and crochet.  Probably at least as many as who buy his “BEER” signs.  He said that he gets lots of suggestions for signs that don’t work out. And he said, “Do you know how long those ‘LAUNDRY’ signs have been here?”  Like THAT was completely a fair comparison.)

I Wouldn’t Recommend This

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Don’t do what I did and take a picture of all your works-in-progress for your blog:



It will make you immediately freeze up and not know what to do with yourself.  Last post, I was in a quandary about starting new projects or working on something already started.  So, I came to a happy medium and did both.

I took out my Halona shawl (the green one in the picture above) and continued work on that.  I started it April 10, 2015 and then put it down when I got to a hard part.  Mind you, this shawl is mostly garter stitch and there are exactly 3 “hard” rows in it.  It’s just that the first hard row had a million stitches in it.

Once I got a few rows done on that, I started The Pocket Hat (magenta project above) because it was so darn cute and who doesn’t need a pocket on their hat???? That cruised along nicely – just the pocket left to do and hopefully I will offer this as a class this summer.

Then I started the Lotno shawl (light pink project above) because it looked fairly easy and something that I could take in the car pretty easily (along with my socks). Also a potential summer class.

Now, all those other ones in the first picture????  I’m overwhelmed with a feeling of needing to work on all of them immediately and at the same time.  I started them all because I loved them and then they got pushed aside for all the other things I love.

And here is what happens when you just keep starting all the things and don’t finish any of the things:


I’m still using my dishcloth-turned-teapot-cozy because I haven’t finished the Sleeping Owl Tea Cosy yet.  Want to know why?  Because the knitting part is done. Now it is sewing up and sewing on the duplicate stitches and that takes some attention and thought and apparently I don’t have any of that right now.

In the meantime, it was a little rainy this week, so the Doodlebugs and I did some crafting.  Many, many pages of watercolor painting (using brushes, fingers and q-tips) which I forgot to take a picture of and then we did some glue, tissue paper, crayon and sticker stuff:

IMG_7028 IMG_7030

And in other news, I made a turkey:


We got this free at Easter because we spent too much at Shop-Rite.  I am mostly showing it to you to tell you that this 14-pound turkey takes 4 hours to roast in a regular oven, but I figured out how to use our convection roast setting on our oven (with the temperature probe) and it took exactly one hour and 45 minutes.  Crazypants.  You put the turkey in the oven without preheating it (more crazypants) and then the oven shuts off when the probe senses it has reached the pre-set temperature.   I completely doubted that it was really done and had to double-check with the other thermometer.  And a 14-pound turkey for two people equals one turkey dinner, 8 turkey sandwiches and 8 servings of turkey tetrazzini, in case you were wondering.

Happy Weekending to you.  I’m off to prepare for my Langfield Hat and Diane Shawl classes this weekend.  Then I am going to look at all my projects again and figure out what to do next. (the tea cosy….)