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Yarn Delivery!

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Big News!  My Lollipop Yarn yarn came!!!!  (Totally big news to me, but not to you I know.) To remind you, this is the yarn that is put on the Lollipop Yarns Etsy shop every two weeks or so, and it goes fast.  So, you have to sit at your computer and do some quick clicking when the time comes.  I was able to score TWO last week and I. Love. Them.  I haven’t even knit with them yet, but I. Love. Them.

First of all it came in these cute little bags:


And here are the colors:


The one on the left is called “Squeak”  and the one on the right is called “Pillow Talk”.  The “Pillow Talk” comes with a “mini-me” skein to knit contrasting cuffs, heels and toes if you want.   They are hand wound and you can see by the way they are wound how the striping will occur: nice, crisp stripes.  Stay tuned for when I knit these.  Soon, I hope.  HA! (must we recall my knit-a-long-a-palooza plans?)

Ooh and how about a look at my progress on the Princess Franklin plaid cowl?

Finished the garter stitch section, left it on the needles, then took out the provisional cast on and put that on needles:


Would have been nice if I took a photo of me taking out the provisional cast on…. plus, what a horrendous clash of patterns there.

Then I used the garter stitch Kitchener stitch to weave the two ends together and make a tube:


Now it is on to the weaving and I’ll show that to you next time.

On to more interesting stuff like what Paul and I did this cold, cold Sunday morning…  we took a drive down to Rhinebeck, NY and went “the long way”, taking all the back roads and seeing the beautiful scenery.  I was so busy looking at the beautifulness that I didn’t take any pictures.

Rhinebeck is a quaint, pretty little town with lots of little froo-froo shops:


We went to breakfast at the Eveready Diner…


…where we shared blueberry pancakes and corned beef hash with eggs.  We share a lot.  We’re like that.

Then, because we are obsessed with bakeries and, more accurately, pastries, we found:


We got what turned out to be only so-so pastries (they should stick to bread alone.  Ha!) for tonight’s dessert, but decided to have them for lunch instead.  We’re also like that.  I think we would have liked their bread.  It looked yummy.

How about a book review?

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

Alice is an about-to-be-40-year-old woman who falls off her spin bike during a class and bumps her head, causing amnesia for the past 10 years of her life.  Her last memory is being newly pregnant with her first child and happily married.  She soon finds out that she now has 3 children and is in the middle of a divorce.  Her quest to fill in the 10 year blank is intriguing as she tries to reconcile the person she thinks she is as a 29-year-old with the person she realizes she has become as a 39-year-old.  I listened to this in the car and really enjoyed it.  The narrator was great, the story pulled me a long and it was very entertaining. It was one of those let-me-just-stay-here-in-the-driveway-for-a-while to keep listening because I didn’t want to turn it off.  I highly recommend it. You can get it on Amazon here:

Now, I’m off to weave my Princess Franklin cowl, finish cooking a yummy Sunday afternoon chicken dinner, and get ready to watch Downton Abbey and work on my next Downton Abbey knit-a-long clue….

Spiked Shoes and All…

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My Saturday started off busy.  Two classes to teach in the morning – the aran sweater class to 2 people who couldn’t make the first class on Thursday, and the Mobius cowl class:


Those are their works-in-progress all cast on and working on the knitting.  Don’t all the colors look pretty?  During the class, I was telling the students my plans for the afternoon:  PAINTING THE GARAGE FLOOR.  They immediately picked up on my “enthusiasm” for the impending project and graciously started telling me they thought they would need hours of extra help with this class and that I likely would not be making it home to do the painting.  How sweet!

Needless to say, the going-home-to-paint had to happen eventually and I arrived home to Paul all organized and ready to go.  The garage walls were littered with these:


They mean something to Paul.

We donned the soon-to-be-cursed-for-many-hours spiked shoes:



They are only about an inch high but it feels like you are walking on stilts.  Plus, the do not bend so you clomp around like you have concrete blocks on the bottom of your feet.  And forget about picking something up off the floor.  Even though they are only an inch high, you then have your shoes on, so bending to the floor is a huge feat!

These are used so we could walk in the wet paint to do the “backrolling”, or as I liked to call it, the pain-in-the-neck-we-already-rolled-this-section-why-on-earth-do-we-have-to-do-it-again-ing.

Paul mixed and mixed and mixed.


Each section had to be mixed separately because the set-up time for epoxy is so short.  We had eleven sections.  Each portion had to be mixed for three minutes and I’m telling you when you are just standing there (in uncomfortable, rigid, spiked shoes that felt like stilts) waiting for three minutes, it seems like three hours.  Seriously.


Section one done! Ten more to go…

I took a picture after almost every section and thought about putting them all in here, but I will spare you the boredom.  Even though it would be nice to have others feel my pain.  This project was everything I thought it was going to be including: long, hard, boring, tedious, painful to my feet and boring (did I already say that?).

The only “fun” part was throwing the paint chips onto the gray paint:


They had to be thrown as high as possible to make for the best, even, coverage:


The first coat of gray paint and throwing paint chips took us close to 6 hours. SIX. HOURS.


We were so tired.  The next day was Sunday and I was supposed to go have a nice afternoon with my new spinning group.  But, the painting was started, and it had to be finished so I cancelled going.  (Paul owes me a nice dinner out for that one.)

We got up the next day and spent another 4 hours doing the clear top coat:

Here is Paul in his spiked shoes (which I did not wear the second day because my feet hurt so much from the previous day) applying the last layer of clear on the last square:


So, I figured out that we basically painted FOUR floors during this project.  Each section had to be painted, then gone over a second time ten minutes later.  We put two coats on the floor.  That equals four floors or 5200 square feet of painting.

Looking back, it still feels long and tedious and boring, but I grudgingly admit that I feel proud to have done such a big project ourselves.  Don’t tell Paul.  And I’m still going to cash in on a nice dinner out.

And then there was this!:


My reminder to log onto my computer and try for a ball of Lollipop Yarns sock yarn.  I was so worried I would forget that at 6pm I set the timer on the microwave, in case I got distracted doing something else.

I logged on at 6:50pm and started refreshing the computer screen nonstop at 6:55.  AND I GOT ONE! In the colorway “Pillow Talk” which is a pink and gray striping yarn.  I was so excited.  Paul said, “You already got one?  You should try for another.”  So I did. There were not many left but I tried.  AND I GOT ANOTHER ONE!  In the colorway “Squeak” which is three shades of gray.  Pictures to come when they arrive.

THEN, I watched Downton Abbey and the Golden Globes.

After the ridiculously long, hard and boring floor painting, a terrific way to end the weekend.

Random Things

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Today you get Random Things since I can’t seem to come up with an organized blog post.  A cold will do that to me.

1) My new Christmas dish towel that I love:


And yes, it hangs there and is not being used as a dish towel.  I should probably iron it.

2) Popcorn.  In a pot with oil, real butter and salt.  No microwave.  There is nothing like it.

3) I was so excited about Lollipop yarns that I got the date mixed up.  Lollipop Yarns is an Etsy shop that sells wonderful self-striping sock yarn.  It is VERY popular and you have to get on the computer before the time of the shop update, keep refreshing your computer screen and when the items pop up, quickly click on them.  I thought the shop update was on December 7th at 7pm but it was on the 1st at 7pm.  Blergh.  So, I put a timer on my phone for the 15th at 7pm.  Got on the computer, refreshed, refreshed, refreshed, clicked on a pretty purple, then went back and clicked on a pretty blue/green…..and I didn’t get either skein of sock yarn.  I didn’t know that you could lose out if you just have it in your cart and don’t quickly press “check out”!  Well played, Lollipop Yarn.  Next time I’ll know better and I will get you.

4) AND there was a Phat Fiber sale on that same day, one hour earlier.  This is a box of yarn or fiber (or both) samples from various independent dyers.  Same deal – VERY popular, get on the computer, refresh, refresh, refresh etc.  I’ve been trying to get one of these for months.  Actually, let me clarify: I’ve been trying to remember to try and get one for months.  I keep getting the reminder email, writing it on the calendar and then not looking at the calendar on that day. (It’s always a Saturday or Sunday so I don’t always look at the calendar on the weekends.   Do you?)  I successfully remembered once about 6 months ago and did not click fast enough to get one.  But this time, I did get one!  I’ll show it to you when I get it in the mail.

5) Inside project with the doodlebugs when it was 2 degrees outside:


$1.25 pack of tag sale stickers = a good half hour of fun!  What did we do with all the other hours?  Books, books, books, and listened to Christmas music waiting and waiting and waiting for Frosty the Snowman to come on, then yell and scream about how it was finally on and we had been waiting for it, and not be able to hear the actual song.

The next blog post will be more organized.  Or something.

My Latest Obsessions

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I have been totally obsessed with Lollipop Yarns on Etsy, and getting one of these balls of sock yarn.  Here is a picture from the website:

lollipop yarn

Go to the website to see pictures of how these knit up.  So cool.  But, they are so popular, that when she puts more in her shop, they sell out immediately.  The next update to her shop is… wait. I’m not going to make it easy for you, since then I’ll have more competition.  Find out for yourself.  Suffice it to say, I put it on my calendar will be at my computer, trying to get one!  Because I need more yarn.  Especially sock yarn. [Insert sarcasm font here.]

Second obsession?  Christmas movies that are playing around the clock on the Lifetime and Hallmark channels.  Paul and I have been watching them any time there is nothing else on tv.  It’s been going on for about two weeks now, and (so far) we have not gotten sick of them yet.  However, we have gotten to the point of, “Oh, we’ve seen that one already” and then check the other channel.

Third Obsession?  Candy Crush Saga.  Those of you who play, know.  I even broke my don’t-pay-for-any-games-because-then-you’ll-pay-for-all-the-games rule. I paid 99 cents to continue playing. Otherwise I would have had to wait 3 days.  [Have we talked about my problem with impaitience?]

Oh! And I finally remembered to take a picture of the next travelling sock I did:


Two more sets of socks coming my way and then I’ll get my finished socks in the mail.  I can’t wait!