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I know you’ve been dying to know the updates for a few of the things that have been going on around here lately… broken motors and messed up knitting can weigh on a blog reader’s mind.

Broken Motor Update:

Well, it looks as if the broken motor can be fixed!  It was brought to a machine shop this week and they did something to make it all better.  Now Paul is lost somewhere in the garage putting all the pieces back where they go.  I haven’t seen him for a while.

On a side note, a conversation we had:

Me: “Ugh. What if he [the guy at the machine shop] can’t fix it?”

Paul: “Well, I have a motor that is 90% done – it just needs to go to the machine shop for one thing- so I’ll just use that one.”

Me: Silence.

Me again: “What???? You already have one practically ready to use?”

Paul: “Yes.”

Me: “How many motors do you have?”

Paul: “Total?”

Me: “Um…. I guess.”

Paul: “Four.”

Me: “Where are they?”

Paul: “In the shed.” [NOT the new garage we built to hold all his car stuff.  He has so much stuff, he apparently still has to store it in the shed with the lawn mower.]

Me: “Do you mean I spent all this time feeling badly for you because your most favorite-est hobby was squashed and you weren’t going to be able to race for the rest of the season, and you already had all the things you were going to need to fix the situation?????”

Paul: “But, it was going to be a pain in the neck to get that motor going if this one couldn’t be fixed.  That’s what was so upsetting.”

Me: Silence.  For a long time.

Messed Up Cocktails for Two Socks Update:

They were not messed up.  I had one of them turned in the wrong direction.  Duh.  Here they are, both ready to move onto the heel:


Wendy Knits Summer Shawl 2014 KAL Update:

Part #2 is done.  A fun, easy to follow pattern:


What if….? Scarf Yarn-That-Hurt-My-Hands Update:

I got new yarn.  Painted Sky in a pretty blue/purple colorway:


The color changes in the lighter color are more subtle in this Painted Sky colorway.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get a better picture when I’ve got more done.

New Project Update:

I’m about to start the Urban Lace Infinity Scarf, also with Painted Sky. (It’s a really nice yarn!):


It might or might not be a present for someone who may or may not read this blog.

Doodlebug Craft Update:

We made these last week, and after a week of drying they were finally done! Glass Gem Sun Catchers:


On a side note, they are going to be three in a few days and I just can’t believe it. They are growing up so fast.  A couple snippets from this past week:

Running around with big girl and big boy underpants on their heads and giggling uncontrollably.

Splashing around in a kiddie pool, and using the hose to pretend to be firefighters.

“I’m really tired.  I might fall asleep during lunch at Grandma’s.”

“Auntie Liz, I want to tell you something.  That moose crashed through the wall.” [telling me about a part of a book we read earlier in the day]

And my favorite: “I love you, Auntie Liz….I will miss you when you go home.”

Now that you have been updated, I’m sure you feel much better and can get on with your day.


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I’ve got finishitis. I said recently that I wanted to finish one of my languishing not-done projects before I started another project, but now that I have finished one, I’m on a roll and getting some other things done too. Now, I want to finish ALL the things.  Sometimes you just get that spring cleaning thing in your mind… even though it’s the middle of July.  Plus, I did start a knit-a-long project and have two more projects to start this Saturday, as you will see, so getting more things done to balance those out is not a bad thing.

So, first up are the finished Through the Loops Mystery Sock 2014:


In my last post, I think I told you I started them in “March-ish”.  Well, I was right if you consider January 15  “March-ish”. Love them.

Then I finished my Hidden Gusset Mitts:


I only have a picture of one since one is in the yarn shop as a class sample, so, yet again you will have to trust me that they are both done!  A really fun knit, with some lifted increases to make that diagonal pattern.  Fairly quick too – they would make a great gift.  There are still spots left in the class I’m teaching for these, which starts next Wednesday so if you are local, call The Spinning Room to sign up!

And now I’m finishing my Knitter’s Brewing Company Mystery Sock VI: Cocktails for Two socks that I started January 31:


I’m pretty sure these are supposed to be mirror images.  Hmmmm.  Notice anything?  I have no idea what’s going on or what went wrong.  And I’m pretty sure my friend Lisa’s – who also knit these socks and finished them a long time ago – do not look like this.  I’m pretty sure that cable-y looking part on the left sock is supposed to be slanting toward the left alongside that ribbed part.  I started the sock with the orange marker first and got to the point you see now, then started the one with the green marker and put it down after about two inches.  Just picked it back up after many months, and started knitting from where I left off.  I swear I’m following the instructions.  And I can tell you this:  I’m not starting over.  I just can’t stand the thought, and I’m so determined to get them done that I’m going to continue telling myself that if I’m following the instructions correctly, then it will all work out in the end and that this probably actually does look the way it is supposed to.  I’m such a weirdo. [And really, maybe I should consult with Lisa.  Who will probably tell me it’s wrong and that I should probably start the one sock over which I will probably think about and then probably do.]

Ok, but now on to the good stuff.  The STARTING of things!

I started the Wendy Knits Summer Mystery Shawl 2014 KAL last Saturday and had to first clue done on Monday:


So far so good.  I love the colors in my Periwinkle Sheep Single & Looking yarn.  The colorway is called “Summer Garden”.  The second of three clues comes out tomorrow.

Also, The Spinning Room is having a Christmas-in-July-and-August knit-a-long, which starts tomorrow, to help us get a jump on Christmas knitting.  All I had to do was tell the shop what I was planning to knit and, if I finish, I get entered into a prize drawing.  Fun!  So I am going to knit the Sea Glass Cowl with this:


(Autumn Wind Hand-Dyed in the “Lily Gardens” colorway)  And, since that is a very small project, will knit the What if….? scarf with this:


(The navy blue yarn is Cascade 220)  I can’t start these until tomorrow.  I read that to mean I have to start both of them tomorrow.  Even though I have quite some time to finish them, and another knit-a-long to work on which I will need to finish a part of before next Saturday. But really, I’m just too excited, so I will have to.  If you are a knitter, you totally understand.  If you are not a knitter, it’s just another example of what a weirdo I am.

Feeling the Pressure

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The Olympics start on Friday.  Which means the Ravellenic Games on Ravelry start on Friday.  And I’m no closer to figuring out what my project will be.   It has to be a challenging project to knit.  Something that will be difficult (but do-able) to finish in the 17 days of the Olympics, from the start of the opening ceremonies until the flame goes out at the closing ceremonies.  While deciding, I have to take into account things like babysitting time (but allowing for knitting time during naps), class teaching time, an already scheduled lunch with friends, writing the blog, and oh yeah knitting three other knit-a-long projects as their clues come out.  And again, this is all self-imposed.  I realize that.  But it’s what I do, and it’s fun.  Honest.

I’m thinking about, and think I’ve narrowed it down to, these patterns:

Prairie Ridge Shawl

Dark and Stormy

Sugar Frost Infinity Scarf

Halona Shawl

Color Affection



Don’t feel like you have to go look at all those.  But if you do, feel free to give me your opinion about them!  I just wanted to show you what a problem I’m having deciding what to do.  At any rate, I have a couple more days to figure it out.  Then I have to get all my supplies: pattern ordered, yarn picked out (and hopefully from my stash…but just in case I need to factor in time to shop for yarn), needles, etc.  Oh the pressure!  And I’m sure I’m not the only one going through this. Yet another example of how crazy knitters can be.

In the meantime, I finished the next clue for my Through the Loops Knit-a-Long socks:


Started my next knit-a-long socks, the Coctails for Two hosted by Knitter’s Brewing Company:


I decided to use Tosh Sock by madelinetosh in the colorway “logwood”.   It is a superwash merino yarn and a really nice yarn to work with.  I like most of madelinetosh yarns.  The colors are great and the yarn is soft.   Since I’m doing two sock knit-a-longs, I ran out of size 1 DPN’s so I had to use a long 40″ circular and do the magic loop method for one of these.   And so far, I’m loving this pattern.  That stitch is a new one to me – wrapping yarn around the needle three times, slipping that stitch for a few rows, then incorporating it into a cable – which made it so fun.

And I finished my second Garter Ear Flap Hat!

IMG_1736 IMG_1732

This is the adult medium but I think it came out larger than it was supposed to, maybe to the large measurement.  And there is my creepy Styrofoam head again.  Remember how I said it was too small?  There is your proof.  It doesn’t fit an adult hat.  Whoever made it is a weirdo.  I have, frustratingly, lost the ball band for this yarn so I can’t tell you anything about it except the  colorway is, fittingly, “Monet”.  And I loved working with it -so soft and it makes for a very cozy hat.  It was a quick knit, only taking me 3 days.

Stay tuned for my Ravellenics project picking updates – riveting stuff coming up.



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I’m in deep.  Again.  I’ve got myself signed up for three knit-a-longs as well as a project for the Ravellenic Winter Games on Ravelry (this used to be called the Knitting Olympics until the US Olympic Committee made them change it…. silly.)  Before I get into those four projects, look at these I’ve finished/worked on:

Started and finished my Easy Brioche Scarf  (free pattern!) in about three days:


Made with Euro Baby Maypole, a 100% acrylic bulky yarn.  I don’t usually knit with acrylic but this was nice to knit with and I like the colors.  Easy pattern (one row) and with big yarn and big needles it is quick quick quick.

You may remember that I started this with another yarn:


YAWN! Off-white in what-looks-like-a-plain-rib-but-isn’t might be ok for me on any regular day.  Nice and warm and cozy and goes with everything.  But I was making this for a class to introduce the Brioche stitch so I wanted it to have some pizazz and get customers’ attention.  Upon closer inspection, this is NOT plain ribbing – it’s a wonderfully lofty and squooshy stitch with the knit stitch really standing out. The first half of the class will be to introduce this interesting and easy stitch.  The second half will be to practice doing this stich with two colors – really stunning.  I have yet to create that swatch but will post it here when it’s done.

I also finished one of my Snow on the Laurel cabled arm warmers, also for an upcoming class:


Easy and a good project to learn cables.  The neat thing about this pattern is that it is knit inside out so you can knit more stitches than you purl (which can slow some down).  A nice bonus!  Made with Cascade Alpaca Lana D’Oro, an alpaca/wool blend.  Love this yarn.  Now I just have to knit the second one….

On to the Knit-a-Longs…

Knit-a-long the first, which you already know about is the Jimmy Beans Wool Downton Abbey Mystery KAL 2014.  This started almost two weeks ago and we are on clue #2:


I have A LOT of stitches on my needles.  I haven’t counted but we cast on 200 and have been increasing every other row from there.  I hope I don’t run out of yarn.  I shouldn’t, since I have 70 more yards than the pattern calls for, but I just have this weird feeling.

Knit-a-long the second is designer Kirsten Kapur’s Through the Loops Mystery Sock 2014.  Another knit-a-long where we have no idea what the finished project will look like.  It really is a leap of faith with these, but it’s so much fun!  This was week one and I’ve finished that clue:


Interesting picot (read: frilly) cast-on with a contrasting color and a twisted rib pattern in the main color.  Cute so far.  I really like Kirsten’s designs. Her blog is here:  Kirsten Kapur Designs.  I’m using Periwinkle Sheep Watercolors sock yarn in two colors.  The blue is called “Happy Making” and I have not idea what the blue-green is called since I lost the ball band. I love this sock yarn.

Knit-a-long the third starts on January 31.  It is the Knitter’s Brewing Company’s Mystery Sock VI: Cocktails for Two knit-a-long.  This is the second sock knit-a-long I’ve done with Knitter’s Brewing Company.  I really enjoy their podcast:  Yarn on Tap. I’ve narrowed my yarn down to three choices:


Any votes?

Finally, I’ll be participating in the Ravellenic Winter Games 2014 on Ravelry.  The basic idea is that you choose a project that will be challenging for you to complete during the timeframe of the Winter Olympics.  A fun way to challenge yourself and to get a project done quickly!  AND something to do while you are watching skiing, skating, luge and curling.  Currently, I’m thinking I will be doing the Prairie Ridge Shawl by Susan B. Anderson.  But that could, and likely will, change 80 times before the official cast on time (the beginning of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics on February 7).

Whew.  The fact that they are starting in a spread out manner is good.  However, see me in mid-February when I’m working on ALL of them at the same time.   You can bet it will be all documented here on the blog.  If I’m not pulling all of my hair out (and I have A LOT of hair).  Mind you, I do realize that this is all self-imposed.  Knitters are like this, you know.