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Around and Around

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For the past few days I have been re-organizing my crap craft yarn room.  I organized it several months ago, and then it got cold outside and it all went downhill from there.  You may not think that organizing an inside room has anything to do with the outside weather, but it does.  When it gets cold outside, it gets cold inside and we use our wood stove, located in the living room, to do most of the heating in the house.  Upstairs we leave the door to our bedroom open to benefit from the rising heat, but close the other doors.  Hence, everything I might have done up there in that room, gets brought down project by project, tool by tool, pattern by pattern, yarn by yarn, needle by needle, stitch marker by stitch marker, to the living room/dining room area. And they pretty much stay there. Our dining room table becomes the temporary yarn room.  We eat on the couch in the living room.

If this mess bunch of knitting supplies was brought down by Paul, it would be brought right back upstairs and put in their respective drawers/cubes the minute he stopped working on them.  But I’m lazier just not as organized as Paul. I prefer to let things marinate there on the table.  You never know when I’m going to start working on something and at that point, what good would it have been to have brought it back upstairs when I would be just going right back up to get it?  (aside from the goodness of getting some exercise that is)  Also, it’s nice to have options right at my fingertips so if I get a little tired of working on something, I have something else right there to work on.  And the needles and stitch markers that I would likely need are also already there.  And what’s wrong with eating in the living room?  Usually we want to see the news at that time anyway.

You may be wondering why this is such an issue when my point seems to be that in the nice weather all those things would be up in the yarn room.  So here might be a good time to admit that the dining room table kind of looks like that all the time.  Not just in winter.  But the yarn room stays more organized in the nice weather because it’s not an ice box and I spend more time in there.  After all, we were talking about the yarn room, not necessarily the dining room, right?  Does anyone feel like we’re having one of those confusing circular arguments that no one wins because no one remembers what we were fighting about?

At any rate, in the re-organizing of that room, I finally found the ball band to the yarn I used for this Garter Ear Flap Hat:


It is Collinette Iona in the Monet (#101) colorway, purchased at Grace Robinson & Company in Freeport Maine a few years ago.  I just love, Love, LOVE the colors in this yarn.  It is an aran weight wool, kid mohair and silk blend.  Ok, I just looked up to see if they still make this yarn and it appears they don’t.  However, they have several yarns, including a merino DK weight that is in this colorway.

Still love this hat and will be making them for my doodlebugs for next winter. One green, one blue (their current “faaaaaaavorite” colors).  And when I do make them,  I will most likely get my yarn and other supplies from the dining room table yarn room.

Feeling the Pressure

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The Olympics start on Friday.  Which means the Ravellenic Games on Ravelry start on Friday.  And I’m no closer to figuring out what my project will be.   It has to be a challenging project to knit.  Something that will be difficult (but do-able) to finish in the 17 days of the Olympics, from the start of the opening ceremonies until the flame goes out at the closing ceremonies.  While deciding, I have to take into account things like babysitting time (but allowing for knitting time during naps), class teaching time, an already scheduled lunch with friends, writing the blog, and oh yeah knitting three other knit-a-long projects as their clues come out.  And again, this is all self-imposed.  I realize that.  But it’s what I do, and it’s fun.  Honest.

I’m thinking about, and think I’ve narrowed it down to, these patterns:

Prairie Ridge Shawl

Dark and Stormy

Sugar Frost Infinity Scarf

Halona Shawl

Color Affection



Don’t feel like you have to go look at all those.  But if you do, feel free to give me your opinion about them!  I just wanted to show you what a problem I’m having deciding what to do.  At any rate, I have a couple more days to figure it out.  Then I have to get all my supplies: pattern ordered, yarn picked out (and hopefully from my stash…but just in case I need to factor in time to shop for yarn), needles, etc.  Oh the pressure!  And I’m sure I’m not the only one going through this. Yet another example of how crazy knitters can be.

In the meantime, I finished the next clue for my Through the Loops Knit-a-Long socks:


Started my next knit-a-long socks, the Coctails for Two hosted by Knitter’s Brewing Company:


I decided to use Tosh Sock by madelinetosh in the colorway “logwood”.   It is a superwash merino yarn and a really nice yarn to work with.  I like most of madelinetosh yarns.  The colors are great and the yarn is soft.   Since I’m doing two sock knit-a-longs, I ran out of size 1 DPN’s so I had to use a long 40″ circular and do the magic loop method for one of these.   And so far, I’m loving this pattern.  That stitch is a new one to me – wrapping yarn around the needle three times, slipping that stitch for a few rows, then incorporating it into a cable – which made it so fun.

And I finished my second Garter Ear Flap Hat!

IMG_1736 IMG_1732

This is the adult medium but I think it came out larger than it was supposed to, maybe to the large measurement.  And there is my creepy Styrofoam head again.  Remember how I said it was too small?  There is your proof.  It doesn’t fit an adult hat.  Whoever made it is a weirdo.  I have, frustratingly, lost the ball band for this yarn so I can’t tell you anything about it except the  colorway is, fittingly, “Monet”.  And I loved working with it -so soft and it makes for a very cozy hat.  It was a quick knit, only taking me 3 days.

Stay tuned for my Ravellenics project picking updates – riveting stuff coming up.


Random Things for a Friday

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I can’t put together a cohesive post today, so you are getting some randomnesss.  That’s what a few weird sleep nights in a row gets you.

1) I went to a “Bagels, Bialys and Pretzels” cooking class this week!  It was a gift from my mom for Christmas and it was great:


Those are bagels being formed.  I didn’t get a chance to take many pictures.  But I can tell you this:  Bagels, bialys and pretzels are much easier than I thought.  They were so yummy, especially hot out of the oven.  We also got recipes for a honey mustard pretzel dip and veggie cream cheese.  So. Much. Fun!  Stay tuned for my attempts to make these at home…

2) Just so you know, because I know you were wondering, my knitting is mostly under control, in that, so far, I’m caught up with all my knit-a-longs AND I’ve even gotten some other knitting done.  I have another KAL to start today, so check in with me next week to see how I’m doing.

My Through the Loops KAL socks have 1-1/2 heel flaps done and just the heel turn to go before next Tuesday:


As an added incentive, Kirsten, the designer who is running the KAL has offered up a drawing for a free pattern for those that can finish this week’s clue by then.  I’m totally up to the challenge.  (Especially because I’m almost done already.)

I dragged out my Rose Tweed Cardigan and got to 10″ (out of 16″):


(I love my sock monkey tape measure.)

I also started an adult Garter Ear Flap Hat:

I’m on the crown decreases and slightly worried I’ll run out of yarn, which I shouldn’t given the yardage requirements.  But my measuring may be off….you know how sock  monkeys can be.

I’m not showing you my Downton Abbey KAL project because it virtually looks the same, but with a few more rows.  So that would be boring for you.

3) I really enjoy listening to the Knitting Pipeline podcast.  The host, Paula, is great and one of the segments is “Nature Notes” where she talks about all the wonderful things that happen in her backyard.  Including seeing owls and watching them stalk and catch their dinner.  I’ve been dying to see an owl around here.  I think they are so cool looking and they intrigue me.  We don’t have many trees that are very close to our house, so I haven’t seen any.  Today at 4:43am, while laying there hoping to fall back asleep, I heard one.  It hoo-hoo-hoo-hoooooed once.  I jumped out of bed to look out the window.  No idea what I thought I would see since it was dark and there are no trees near our bedroom window, but I think it was on our roof.   And now I know there is one here.  Somewhere.

4) Some it’s-so-cold-we-can’t-go-outside activities with the doodlebugs this week:

Playing nicely together with a ladybug antennae headband on:


And dressing up Mr. Potato Head (remember him???) with Play-Doh (remember that???):


By the way, at age 2-1/2, politeness abounds with these two lately.

B:”Can I please have that car M?”

M: “Of course. Here you go B.”

B: “Thank you M.”

M: “Your welcome B.”

I will savor it while it lasts.

5) I don’t like football and will only have the Super Bowl turned on to watch commercials and eat super bowl food.  Don’t ask me what super bowl food we will be having because I haven’t decided yet.  And don’t ask me why I have to have the game on in order to eat it.  Plus, I will be knitting. Like you didn’t know.

Knitting Hits and a Miss

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I was a knitting maniac this past week/weekend.  Remember I referred to this hat on Saturday?  It’s the Garter Ear Flap Hat by Purl SoHo.  So. Stinkin’. Cute.


I started this on Saturday at 5pm and was done by Sunday at 2pm.  AND that included an emergency trip Saturday night to my mother-in-law’s house with Paul to fix a frozen pipe.  He used a hair dryer that she has had for 46 years.  FORTY-SIX YEARS!  It worked great.


(Try to ignore this creepy Styrofoam head. It took me forever to find one online and it’s actually pretty small – not an adult head – and I think the face is creepy. I need to get a different one.)  Seriously cute hat.  I love the little tassle.  This hat is a “kids” size. The pattern comes in many sizes, baby to large adult, which is nice.  I think I’m going to make an adult one too.  Easy and quick quick quick.  Also, I saw my doodlebugs at dinner on Sunday night and tried to get them to try it on since they are “kid” size.  No dice.  They’re two and a half so I don’t know why I thought they would do so willingly.  When I asked each of them if they wanted to try it on they said, “No fank you, Auny Wiz.” (read: “No thank you, Auntie Liz.”)  At least they were polite about it.

Next was finishing the Steek This Coffee Cozy fair isle knitting:


Now it’s ready for the steeking which we will do in a few weeks at the next workshop.  The little section on the front shown in this next picture is the part we will reinforce and then cut:


And see all those ends?  Ugh, weaving in galore, right?  WRONG!  Apparently, if I read the instructions correctly, they are all in the steeking section and something miraculous will happen where I won’t have to weave in the ends.  I think. (I hope).

Before the weekend started, I had knitted the clues for the Jimmy Beans Wool Downton Abbey Mystery Knit-a-Long:


It doesn’t look too terribly different but it’s coming along.  Now, I’m working on the next set of clues.  There are only 6 rows in this next set, since there are eleventy-thousand stitches on the needle at this point.  Eleventy-Thousand.

I also finished the leg clue for my Through The Loops Mystery Knit-a-Long:


A pretty intricate pattern for what I normally do – it’s been fun to see how they are turning out.

My next mystery knit-a-long starts this Friday: the Knitter’s Brewing Company   Mystery Sock KAL: Cocktails for Two.  Still haven’t decided on a yarn yet, but stay tuned.

I also finished the second Snow on the Laurel cabled arm warmer:


You’ll have to take my word for it that this is actually the second one. I can see how you may have doubts since I only recently finished the first one and I tend to procrastinate on knitting the second of anything.  However, the first one is at the yarn shop as a class sample so I can’t take a  picture of the pair.  Honest.  I had been done with my knit-a-long clues, looking for something else to knit and decided this was as good a time as any, and then I could cross it off my list. Took me just a couple of days.

Next, I knitted up the two-color brioche swatch which I will be teaching as a class at the shop:

IMG_1658 IMG_1659

If you look toward the bottom of the swatch in the bottom picture you’ll see a little row of white stitches where I messed up.  I left it so I could use it in class as an example of what NOT to do.  So nice that I can USE my mistakes.  As a reminder, this is the two color swatch which will go with the teaching of the brioche stitch scarf:


And, finally, I worked on the weaving section of the Princess Franklin Plaid Collar:


A few challenges with this one.  Trying to weave the strands while keeping them loose-but-not-too-loose is hard.  Even paying close attention and trying to stretch it out a little, I ended up with some puckering.  You can see it at the top of the picture.  Then, just for “fun”, I decided to try it on to see what it looks like.  I apparently have a huge head, and a ton of hair which adds to the circumference of my head, because I had a hard time getting that woven section pulled down.  I tried putting my hands inside and gently stretching to make the woven strands looser, to no avail.  If I had stretched any more, the strand ends would have started unraveling.  Once I did get it over my head, it looked pretty good and was comfortable on my neck.   I’ll just need to re-do my hair after I put it on.  So, now I’m revising this pattern and will only weave about another inch, so that I can still wear it.  Since it is a rather tall cowl, about half of it will be folded under while I wear it anyway so why not make it easier to put on, right?

Whew.  That’s it.  Not much really.  (Ha! No wonder my hands are sore.)

A Pefectly Cold Day

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Today it’s cold.  Again.  Really cold. 18 degrees.  Actually, around here, lately, that’s warm.

But, it’s the perfect day for knitting and going to The Spinning Room yarn shop  where Robin was offering a free workshop on how to steek your knitting.  Steeking is used when you have knit an item in the round (in a tube) and then cut your knitting open to then put in a button band or a zipper.  Sounds scary to CUT your knitting, but we are doing it on a coffee cup cozy (using this pattern: Steek This Coffee Cozy) as a way to practice.  Here is a picture from the Ravelry page:

steeked cofee cozy

That button part was added after knitting this in a tube and cutting from the bottom to the top.  So cool.  Steeking is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while.  One of my knitting goals is to make a sweater to steek and put in a zipper.  I’ve never steeked and never put in a zipper.  Stay tuned for that project.  Which I will do after I finish all the knit-a-longs and other things on my must-knit-now-or-I-won’t-be-able-to-stand-it list.  (Like this hat I just found and will be casting on for today.)

So today was choosing the 5 colors we will use to knit the fair isle patterned tube, then starting to knit using the color chart which includes a 6-sttich section that will later be steeked.  There were 10 of us there today and here are the tables with all the various color combos:


Those purples, blues and white on the bottom are mine.


Those green/red squares in the middle are Robin’s finished-knitting-but-not-yet-steeked samples.  The next session, in a few weeks, will be the actually steeking so stay tuned for that post.  I hope I remember to take pictures that day!

But the really cool thing about visiting The Spinning Room on this cold, cold day was seeing the window Christine has created with yarn!:


A wonderful winter wonderland, accented with hearts and candy for Valentines Day!

Yes, CANDY!!!……


She knitted some chocolates to put in the candy box!  She has done wonderful things with the window here.  Over the summer, she knitted ice cream cones.   Do we dare temp ourselves with thoughts of summer and ice cream cones when it’s still so far away?  Can’t hurt.  Might help chase away the shivers.