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More Pumpkin

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You might remember I posted a little while ago about my love of all the pumpkin things….


The love continues with this so very yummy pumpkin bread from Smitten Kitchen:

img_7744 img_7745

It had this yummy cinnamon-sugar crust on top and it is delicious.  I brought it to The Spinning Room and the class participants and customers agreed!

Speaking of knitting classes, here are the in-progress slippers-to-be-felted:


And here are the beginnings of the Miss Winkle scarves(with pumpkin bread):


And here are the beginnings of the Superhero Hats (all being made for girls!):


And speaking of more pumpkins…. I showed you my Spice Pumpkin that I made on the trip to Rhinebeck:



Well, I can’t stop making them…

img_7737 img_7746


I’ve actually made five but gave one away and I’m about to start another one.  Pretty soon I’m going to have a whole patch full.

DAYS to spare

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You know how you put off something because it feels like the most GINORMOUS task in the world and it feels like it will take FOREVER and be HARD?  That is completely how this sewing of the ribbon to Paul’s zipper felt.  But do you know how also lots of times those ginormous tasks don’t seem so terrible once you get started?  That is completely how the sewing of the ribbon to Paul’s zipper went.





Now, I didn’t say I did the best job in the whole world, just that it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  Each side of the ribbon (there were 4) took me about a half-hour each (not HOURS and DAYS and YEARS…).  Not too bad!  You can see that there is some (*ahem* a lot of) puckering but when Paul tried it on, it looked fine.  (You don’t get to see a picture of him in it until we take one at Rhinebeck, which was deadline day.)  I’m not really aspiring to get great at sewing in zippers, though.  The next time, I will pay my friend Janell who is an excellent seamstress, to do it for me!  This one, though, I wanted to be able to say I did the whole vest myself just for Paul.

And seriously, last week when I had 8 days to go, I was absolutely certain it would be down to the wire.  And after that day, three more days went by before I actually got to work on it.  I had no idea I’d have three days to spare!

Because in the mean time, I taught three knitting classes over the weekend.  I missed getting a picture from the final session of the Silverleaf class, but everyone was doing really well and will have some really nice shawls!

The Felted Clogs (slippers) class was also off to a great start:


(Yes, those will be slippers. Stay tuned for a picture after the second class in two weeks.)

And the Sleeping Owl Tea Cosy (yes, it is spelled “Cosy” and not “Cozy”) class also went really well:


So cute!

In other knitting news, I made the first of two Maine Morning Mitts for a fingerless mitts class I will have in November:


These are SO comfortable.  The 2X1 ribbing just hugs your hand and feels so nice.

Then, my knitting friend Sue tagged me on Facebook to show me the Rough Waters pattern and for some reason I just had to make it, thinking it would also make a great class, possibly in December:

img_7680 img_7674

That was one of those I-can’t-believe-you-showed-me-that-because-now-I-have-to-make-it-and-really-have-so-many-other-things-to-knit kind of things.  But, it was a quick knit apparently, because I was done in about three days.

Ok, that’s it for now.  Except to say it’s really fall now and I’m dying to make some apple crisp.  Or apple something.  Enjoy a changing-leaves picture from our yard:




All the Fall Things

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We are doing all the fall things around here…

1) Wearing wool socks:


2) Decorating the yard with mums, cornstalks and the wagon-wheel-find from the Madison/Bouckville Antiques Fair:


(Can you still see the well post?)

3) Making yummy gingerbread scones (King Arthur Flour mix = SO. SO. GOOD!):


4) Making lasagna when my mom/sous-chef visited:

img_7650 img_7651 img_7653

5) Watching the leaves turn from the view from my office:

6) Buying yummy fall treats:


(Those pumpkin spice English muffins are not as good as I wanted them to be.  I know a lot of people think the pumpkin spice thing is annoying but I am a total sucker for all the pumpkin spice things.)

7) Teaching a class for a cozy shawl/scarf (Silverleaf) while eating cookies:


8) And, of course, the knitting.

I finished the Retreat Cowl, and scheduled a class for November:

img_7635 img_7637

Finished the No-Purl Ribbed Scarf and scheduled a class for November too:


Felted slippers class is coming up this weekend and there are still openings if you want to join…. they are so. So. SO comfy!

What fall things have YOU been doing?

New Year List

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For this Monday-first-day-back-to-a-regular-schedule day, a list….

1) I knitted!

I finished the second pair of felted clogs and put them in the mail:


I finished the very basic scarf for my mother-in-law:


I wanted to start something new on the first day of the year so I started these Turkish Bed Socks which have a very interesting construction:

IMG_6686 - Copy

And then I finished them in just two days!:

IMG_6689 - Copy

LOVE!  So warm!  I wore them to bed! (hence, the name)

And since I started those, I wanted to start something else, so I started the Helleborus Hat  with a new skein of Periwinkle Sheep alpaca merino dk:


2) In December, I was getting so tired of all the extraneous emails I was getting.  I’m subscribed to several newsletters and other things, and I wasn’t reading the emails.  So I unsubscribed from everything.  Then yesterday, I caught myself thinking, “I haven’t gotten many emails lately.  How come no one is emailing me?”

3) We started a really, Really, REALLY hard puzzle:


Really hard.  A picture made up of a gazillion other pictures.  HARD.

4) I have made no resolutions.

5) We haven’t seen the sun in days and days and probably a week of two.  But we caught a glimpse yesterday for about a minute:

IMG_6687 - Copy

We are getting seasonal affective disorder.  Can’t wait to have some normal sun!  But we have been enjoying our Christmas lights for the last couple of days they will be up, including this pretty mason jar light our niece Erica made/gave us:


5) Paul and I are sick of cookies.  I didn’t know it was possible. (We ate A LOT of cookies.)

Happy Christmas/Merry New Year

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Yes, it’s still crazy around here.  Two blog posts in a month is pretty bad.  Do I dare make a New Year’s resolution about that?  Nope.  I don’t have a great track record with resolutions.  Let’s just leave it at that I will be trying to get back on a regular blogging schedule.  I really love my blog but the past few months have definitely been out of the ordinary so hopefully we’ll be back to ordinary pretty soon.

In the mean time, Christmas happened and it’s not really over yet here.  We’ve got some celebrating with family tonight and tomorrow.  Altamont had the Victorian Holidays celebration and the Festival of Trees.  The Spinning Room yarn shop came in second place behind a 4th grade class.  Here is the Spinning Room tree:


And here is the local dentist’s tree just because it’s silly:


And here is the Altamont Library’s tree because it is all about a book I want to read:


Lucky me because Paul got that book (The Martian) from my mom for Christmas so I can read it when he’s done!

And here is our tree:


Here is a Christmas present Paul re-finished for my sister:


It used to be all rusty and yellow and peeling vinyl on the seat (we found it at Brimfield for $10).  He sand blasted it, painted it and re-covered the seat and back.  He’s so handy.  If I was more organized and more patient, I’d wait for Paul to come inside and get the before picture from him. (He’s out stacking the rest of the wood. I helped a little bit today but then I had to come inside to dust and clean the bathrooms.  Had to.  And write this blog.  Had to.)

Merry Christmas to us – guess what we got the day after Christmas?….


I love, Love, LOVE stacking wood!  (not)

And wouldn’t you know, Paul happened to have a tarp big enough to cover it up since it got dark and started to rain before we could stack it all:


Seriously, who has a tarp that big???? (Paul)

I made some Christmas cookies:


Salted toffee-chocolate squares; rugelach; oatmeal raisin cinnamon chip bars. The bars and squares were very easy and VERY tasty.  The rugelach was not as easy but VERY tasty.

Remember the Play-Doh fuzzy pumper barber set from waaaaaaay back when?  The Doodlebugs got the today-equivalent:


The loved it sooooooooo much!  Me?  Not so much.  Now, I am not usually one to shy away from crafty things for the doodlebugs to do that are messy.  I’m good with cleaning up messes.  However.  This?  This creates 8 gazillion teeny tiny wee small bits of play doh that go everywhere.  EVERYWHERE!!!  I think we all went to the library, later on, with bits of play doh on our pants and shirts.  I was finding bits all day long.  I’m sure their mom and dad are still finding them.  But, as I said to their mom, they just loved it so much that I will of course take it out for them whenever they ask (but with gritted teeth).

How about some knitting?

I finished this hat for my mom , which was a long time coming:


I brought it to the Christmas Eve family party and promptly forgot to give it to her!

I finished these:


And I’m almost done with these (they just need to be felted):


I also started this scarf for my mother-in-law with some yarn she found for $1.29 a ball and just loved the colors:


And, AND, AND!!!!….. I finished my Baa-ble Sheep Hat and I just love it so much.


I borrowed a pom pom maker which made making one so quick and easy.  Boy was I glad because I was pretty much dreading making one (measuring and cutting out a cardboard template, winding yarn around the flimsy template etc).  I was even contemplating no pom pom because I didn’t want to make one.  But this one was so incredibly handy and easy.  And now I love me hat!!!

And New Year’s is about to happen.  So, Happy New Year!  See you in the hopefully more blog-ful 2016.

Comings and Goings

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Still pretty busy around here – this is just a crazy summer! – so you get another list of all our comings and goings:

1) We went to some non-Fourth-of-July fireworks:


This was at the end of Schenectady Summerfest.  We had no idea where we would be seeing the fireworks so we found a parking lot, hoping we could see them from there.  We sat facing the wrong direction for a while, until other people, apparently in the know, came and sat facing the other way!

2) We went to the July Guptill’s car show.  It was hot. So we got:


And saw this:


And this adorable pedal car with a lawn mower handle attached that made a perfect “stroller”:


3) I was commissioned to make these for a friend’s mother:


That’s the “before” picture.  I’m just about ready to felt (shrink) them to size.

4) We got ice cream another time:


It was so hot, I couldn’t get a picture sooner because it was melting.

5) We went to Brimfield last weekend.  Here is my haul:


A just-from-the-box (so the guy said, but I’m inclined to believe him because I’ve never seen one in this good condition) Acme dress form from the 1960’s.  A set of 4 pretty blue polka dot glasses.  The dots are raised up, but on the inside.  And two Fire King azurite blue dinner plates.  We already have two luncheon plates and two fruit bowls, so now we have a little collection going.

6) I finished my Fractal Danger:

IMG_5934 IMG_5939

I love it!  Class scheduled for Aug 8 & 22, 10:30-12:00.  Call The Spinning Room to sign up!

7) Our CSA boxes have started coming!  We (and by “we” I mostly mean “I”) enjoyed grilled scallions and squash with fig balsamic drizzle:


And we have only semi-enjoyed the chicken/pasta/kale dish I made.  It made a lot and now we are tired of it.  Tonight Paul is eating it for the second time and I am eating it for the fourth time.  Kale is pretty chewy and takes some work to choke get down.  To be fair, we made some yummy things with kale last year.  I think this batch may have been a little “mature”.  Tomorrow we are expecting collards, so I’m not really sure what/how we’ll do with that.

8) I took the doodlebugs to the park today and this kitty was there:


There was a woman there with her dogs and this is her cat, who follows them to the park all the time.   His name is Arthur.  When I was growing up we had a cat (actually two different cats) that looked almost exactly like this (I think ours had a little more white on the face).  AND their names were Arthur!  Yes, we had two cats, one after the other, that looked the same so we named them the same.  Miss Ladybug kept asking why he looked so mad, but I didn’t think he looked mad.

Stay tuned for more knitting. I  have an almost-finished something.

Keep Knitting

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As it is getting deeper into fall, Paul and I are having a sort of contest to see how long we can go without turning on the heat.  We are using the wood stove but so far haven’t turned on the heat, which means the house hasn’t gotten below 55 degrees yet.   That’s our turn-on-the-heat threshold.  It was close once, at 57 degrees.  Silly.   But also, who knew on November 8 we’d have this…..


AND this?:

IMG_4243 IMG_4242

So nice to see some color sticking around when everything else is just getting brown.

While I was hoe-ing and raking that garden up there this morning, the only thing I could think about was, “I hope this doesn’t make my hands tired because I really need to keep knitting.  That Christmas list won’t knit itself.  Why in heck is this taking so long???”

I did get something almost done since my last, frantic, post (it helps when you wake up at 4:15am and can’t go back to sleep):


Slippers that are humongous right now but will be felted (shrunk) to fit.  I’m not saying who they are for.  You might be getting a lot of that as the knitting list gets worked on.  Or some cryptic descriptions with no pictures.

Off to work on that list now, in between laundry loads and house cleaning.

OR, I could do this:

keep knitting and ignore cleaning

A much better idea.  Just KEEP KNITTING….

Let There be Heat (almost)

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The day was coming when we’d have to install that heater the heating companies wouldn’t install.  And it happened to be this past Saturday, when it had already started snowing the 12 plus inches we were supposed to be getting.   I got the call from the garage that Paul was ready for me to come help with the installation.

I left the cozy warm fire and the lit Christmas tree and headed out:


There it sat, waiting to be installed 10 feet off the floor:


The first part was easy.  Getting it onto the scaffold:


The next part? Getting it up that last foot or so to thread the huge long bolts into it?  Not so much.  After a bunch of scooching and shifting and lifting and ratcheting and yelling calmly talking it through, we got to here:


(Do NOT try this at home.)  Paul did the last lifting/turning the bolts into place while I worried the ratchet straps would fail and our Jenga tower would collapse.  Whew. It was crazy.  Then we realized the heater was trapped in the scaffold contraption, so we had to take the wood rails off one side to get it out!

And there it waits for electric/duct connections:



How fitting after a stressful, slightly aggravating and nerve wracking project that we went back to the house and found the reminder that the FedEx truck unknowingly left us:


The next morning we woke up to this:


Our trusty (fingers double-crossed) plow Jeep started right up and got to work:


It amazes us that this 50 plus year old relic is still running.  Every winter we think, “This is the year it will conk out for good.” And every year we are wrong.  We bought it for $500 seven years ago and it has more than paid for itself.   I hope I’m not jinxing myself.

After digging out of the snow it was time for me to go teach the final class for the Felted Clogs where I forgot to take a picture of the works in progress.  I did remember to head to the Masonic Hall and the Festival of Trees to vote for The Spinning Room’s entry:


(Thanks to Deirdre for taking the picture that I lifted from Facebook!)  A wonderful assortment of hats (my hat donation is in there somewhere),  mittens and scarves, knit by customers.  They will all be donated to a local shelter.  I hope it wins!