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Fair Shawl Ta-Da

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It is really hard to get a good picture of a 60″ diameter shawl.  But here it is:

IMG_2858 IMG_2863 IMG_2862

I’m mostly happy with it. I’m not terribly happy with the edging as those “waves” are supposed to be rounded and not pointy in the 5 places I put pins but I’m not really certain how to avoid that unless I wasn’t supposed to stretch it as much as I did.  But, I’m trying to not knit-pick because overall I’m really proud of it and it like it.  (And it looks more like a rounded square than a circle.  But I’m not knit-picking.)

Here is how it looks being blocked:

IMG_2843 IMG_2840

I folded it in half and used about 180 pins instead of 320.  It took me about an hour.  I still need to steam out the seam that the fold left, but will do that before bringing it to the fairs for entry.  I’m entering it in the Sunshine Fair in Cobelskill and then the Altamont Fair.

Now I’m on to spinning yarn to enter into the fair!  And also, I’m entering the Iron Spinning contest at the Sunshine Fair.  Think Iron Chef but with a mystery fiber to spin instead of a mystery food ingredient to cook….


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Since my last post which was about knitting forever and non-stop on my fair shawl, I again knitted forever and non-stop through 25 more rounds of 576 stitches, then moved on to the edging which was 7 more rounds, during which I increased to 896 stitches and had this on my 40″ around needle:


Apparently I didn’t need those extra days I found last week.  What seemed like miles and miles and miles and hours and hours and weeks of knitting just melted away this past weekend as I knit and knit and knit and knit.  And then, for the past seemingly eleventy thousand hours, I bound off and finished JUST NOW:


I love, Love, LOVE it.  I’m so proud of it.

And now I have to block it (soak it, stretch it and pin it), during which I’m probably not going to love it or be proud of it.  Need I mention again the 320 pins that apparently need to be put into it?  Which I have to buy first.  And have a chunk of time to do it, which I won’t for the next week.  It is currently 37 inches across and it will likely stretch to 60 inches or more.  But when that is finally done, I will be back to loving it and being proud of it because it is going to look even more awesome than it looks right now.  Which I think is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

Forever and Non-stop

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I’m warning you now… this is the most boring knitting update ever.  I’ve been working forever and non-stop on my fair shawl:


….and it pretty much looks the same.

And when I wasn’t forever and non-stop working on my fair shawl, I was working forever and non-stop on my Multnomah-also-for-the-fair-but-also-for-a-class shawl:


…. and it pretty much looks the same.




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Sometimes I forget.  Seems like lately it happens more — must be the upcoming 45 year birthday.  And the doodlebugs think it’s hilarious.  I often have to come back inside, after going to my car at the end of the day, for my phone or my water bottle or to put my outside shoes on.  M or B says, “Auntie Liz, what you did freegot?”   Then I say something like, “I forgot my outside shoes.” And they say, “Mommy! Auntie Liz freegot her outside shoes!!!!!”  I have inside shoes and outside shoes at the doodlebugs house and they are at the age now where they notice everything and usually tell me that I forgot to put one or the other on.  To be fair, getting two toddlers ready to go for a walk to the park is a feat in and of itself: putting on sunscreen, socks, shoes and hats; getting the diaper bag and water.  You might know the drill.  So when they are finally ready, they are ready and want to go immediately.  I often get caught up in that, running around to get what I need and often forget to change my shoes.  No worries, though, since before we are even out the door…..  “Auntie Liz you freegot your outside shoes!”.   Or they will just point at my feet and gasp, wide-eyed, with a smile on their face.  Hey, who needs a memory when I’ve got my own reminder service, right?

I also forgot to post a picture of my stealth knitting project that is now finished and gifted!  Remember this?

IMG_2197 IMG_2308 IMG_2487

Well, that turned into the Top-Down Lace Summer Cardigan which I gave to my sister-in-law for her birthday:


Sorry that picture is blurry.  Here is one of the button and lace detail:


She loved it and it fits her perfectly!  Like it was made for her! (Wait….)

I also forgot I wanted to pin out my lace shawl for the fair (EZ’s 100 Anniversary Pi Shawl – Camping) to show you some details before it got to big and now it’s too big so I can only show you a little bit:


It’s coming along nicely.  I am on row 14 of 48 on these 576 stitches.  Then it will bump up to 895 stitches for 7 rows.  I also forgot something else:  Either I forgot to read the finishing (ie blocking) instructions or I read them and I forgot what they said.  Which is: “The…edging requires a bit more blocking work than usual.  There are 64 “waves” and I used 5 pins per wave (320 pins).”  Three. Hundred. Twenty. Pins.  I can’t talk about it any more. (First of all, I don’t have that many pins.  And second of all, I don’t want to buy that many pins And third of all I don’t want to pin that many pins.) I’ll let you know about it when I get to it.  And for those of you in the know about blocking, no, blocking wires will not help.

Ooh, but here is my blocked-with-blocking-wires Maluka shawl!:


Love it!

And, since my fair shawl takes some concentration, I started something else to work on when I might be distracted.  The Multnomah shawlette:


First I have to tell you that I am making it in the Periwinkle Sheep Watercolors yarn, in the “Crack in the Sidewalk” colorway.  I pretty much bought this yarn because I thought the name was so clever!  Doesn’t it look just like grass growing in the cracks of a sidewalk??????

I’m knitting this to teach a class at the end of June.  Luckily there is already a sample in the shop (Thanks Robin!) so I don’t have to finish it by then, but I will have to have the body knit.  Shawlettes are the spotlight item at the Altamont Fair Wool Nook this year and the Multnomah will be the spotlight within the spotlight.  So, The Spinning Room is offering a class to help people knit it and enter it into the fair!

Ok, that’s it for today.  Hopefully I didn’t forget anything.

Random Friday Things About The Busy Week

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1) 576 stitches on the needle now for my lace circular shawl:


2) Lace looks like a big old mess when it’s on the needles.  Plus, I’m pretty sure it will go much more slowly from here.  And, knock on wood, I haven’t messed up yet.

3) I’ve been stuck on level 70 in Candy Crush on my phone for months.  So, I decided to start a new game on the ipad.  Got to level 70 yesterday and cruised right through.  What the heck?

4) I made this:


Spinach and Strawberry Chopped Salad from Joy the Baker.  It was yummy. And sort of healthy.  Lots of veggies, but also bacon and gorgonzola cheese (probably more than the recipe called for….).

5) The doodlebugs and I found out that sidewalk chalk rocks.


6) And I made these:

IMG_2495 IMG_2488 IMG_2490 IMG_2493 IMG_2498

Blue Sky Bran Muffins from Smitten Kitchen.  Also yummy.  And healthy.  Not too sweet but still tasty. ( I used yogurt thinned with milk in place of the buttermilk.)

7) I’m listening to Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon  (second book in the Outlander series) in the car.  I’m getting a little bored and I’m only 8 hours into a 43 hour book.  Does anyone know if it gets better?

8) And then there was this:


I brushed up on my learned-17-years-ago cake decorating skills.  Crumb-y top coat and a messed up flower, but otherwise, not too shabby.  It was also yummy.  Also, I couldn’t find my round cake pans so I had to make it in a glass dish.  Good thing – I would have totally run out of frosting if I had used the round pans.

9) It was also good thing that I took these pictures of the flowers on our crab apple trees the other day:


Because we had a supercell go through our town and now they are all gone….

photo photo (1)

photo (2)

(That is a one-inch piece of hail.)

But the bleeding heart came through fine:


10) Because of the supercell, the power at the yarn shop went out and I had to cancel my knitting class.  I hate it when that happens.

11) Aside from Paul having to jerry-rig our just-found-out-it’s-broken sump pump, and needing to re-grade some areas around the new garage, all is well. Bring on more summer stuff.

Overly Ambitious

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This weekend, in between other knitting frustrations- see below, I started the EZ’s 100th Anniversary Pi Shawl: Camping, which has been in my Ravelry queue since August of 2010:


I can’t show it to you very well since it is on a circular needle, so click on that link up there to see what it will look like.  Last August, after the Altamont Fair, I decided that I would knit it to put in this year’s Altamont Fair.   Deciding right then gave me a whole year to work on it. A. Whole. Year.  I got my yarn in September, a fingering weight yarn from local sheep – how cool is that?  So, I was all set.  Ready to knit.  In September.  But I didn’t start until two days ago.  I now have less than 3 months to finish this, which may seem like  a lot of time.  However.  I started at the center with 9 stitches.  Currently, there are 288 stitches on my needle:


It will eventually increase to 895 stitches. In. Each. Round.  I also, in these next few months, will need to knit some samples for upcoming classes to teach.  Overly ambitious?  I’m actually somewhat optimistic.

Also this week, there was this:  I’ve been knitting for a long time, and knitting A LOT for the past 6 years.  As in, according to my Ravelry project page, 258 projects in 6 years.  And still, I make silly mistakes.   I was recently commissioned to make a knitted/felted bag for a customer at The Spinning Room.  I had a great chunk of time in the car to Connecticut on Mother’s Day so I knitted away and got a lot done.  After we got home I did another two hours of knitting and then realized…..


Can you see it?  That strip of squares in the middle is one row higher than all the other squares.  A mistake made about two hours back.  Which maybe I would have seen – or not done- if I had paid attention when picking my work back up to start knitting again.  And two hours of knitting equals 5 minutes of ripping out to get back to that point.  Doesn’t seem fair.  But, now back on track and have only some pockets to create that are not in the original pattern.  Stay tuned for the finished product.

I also finished my stealth project, which I will show you soon, but here is a snippet:


Oh, and in addition to the knitting that needs to get done, there’s the garden to contend with, which is currently in my front window:


Hopefully it will get put in the ground this week and there will be no more frost warnings!

But, the full moon was really pretty this week:


(Hooray for green grass finally!)