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I’m in deep.  Again.  I’ve got myself signed up for three knit-a-longs as well as a project for the Ravellenic Winter Games on Ravelry (this used to be called the Knitting Olympics until the US Olympic Committee made them change it…. silly.)  Before I get into those four projects, look at these I’ve finished/worked on:

Started and finished my Easy Brioche Scarf  (free pattern!) in about three days:


Made with Euro Baby Maypole, a 100% acrylic bulky yarn.  I don’t usually knit with acrylic but this was nice to knit with and I like the colors.  Easy pattern (one row) and with big yarn and big needles it is quick quick quick.

You may remember that I started this with another yarn:


YAWN! Off-white in what-looks-like-a-plain-rib-but-isn’t might be ok for me on any regular day.  Nice and warm and cozy and goes with everything.  But I was making this for a class to introduce the Brioche stitch so I wanted it to have some pizazz and get customers’ attention.  Upon closer inspection, this is NOT plain ribbing – it’s a wonderfully lofty and squooshy stitch with the knit stitch really standing out. The first half of the class will be to introduce this interesting and easy stitch.  The second half will be to practice doing this stich with two colors – really stunning.  I have yet to create that swatch but will post it here when it’s done.

I also finished one of my Snow on the Laurel cabled arm warmers, also for an upcoming class:


Easy and a good project to learn cables.  The neat thing about this pattern is that it is knit inside out so you can knit more stitches than you purl (which can slow some down).  A nice bonus!  Made with Cascade Alpaca Lana D’Oro, an alpaca/wool blend.  Love this yarn.  Now I just have to knit the second one….

On to the Knit-a-Longs…

Knit-a-long the first, which you already know about is the Jimmy Beans Wool Downton Abbey Mystery KAL 2014.  This started almost two weeks ago and we are on clue #2:


I have A LOT of stitches on my needles.  I haven’t counted but we cast on 200 and have been increasing every other row from there.  I hope I don’t run out of yarn.  I shouldn’t, since I have 70 more yards than the pattern calls for, but I just have this weird feeling.

Knit-a-long the second is designer Kirsten Kapur’s Through the Loops Mystery Sock 2014.  Another knit-a-long where we have no idea what the finished project will look like.  It really is a leap of faith with these, but it’s so much fun!  This was week one and I’ve finished that clue:


Interesting picot (read: frilly) cast-on with a contrasting color and a twisted rib pattern in the main color.  Cute so far.  I really like Kirsten’s designs. Her blog is here:  Kirsten Kapur Designs.  I’m using Periwinkle Sheep Watercolors sock yarn in two colors.  The blue is called “Happy Making” and I have not idea what the blue-green is called since I lost the ball band. I love this sock yarn.

Knit-a-long the third starts on January 31.  It is the Knitter’s Brewing Company’s Mystery Sock VI: Cocktails for Two knit-a-long.  This is the second sock knit-a-long I’ve done with Knitter’s Brewing Company.  I really enjoy their podcast:  Yarn on Tap. I’ve narrowed my yarn down to three choices:


Any votes?

Finally, I’ll be participating in the Ravellenic Winter Games 2014 on Ravelry.  The basic idea is that you choose a project that will be challenging for you to complete during the timeframe of the Winter Olympics.  A fun way to challenge yourself and to get a project done quickly!  AND something to do while you are watching skiing, skating, luge and curling.  Currently, I’m thinking I will be doing the Prairie Ridge Shawl by Susan B. Anderson.  But that could, and likely will, change 80 times before the official cast on time (the beginning of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics on February 7).

Whew.  The fact that they are starting in a spread out manner is good.  However, see me in mid-February when I’m working on ALL of them at the same time.   You can bet it will be all documented here on the blog.  If I’m not pulling all of my hair out (and I have A LOT of hair).  Mind you, I do realize that this is all self-imposed.  Knitters are like this, you know.

Future Fodder

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See this?


That’s the heating guy installing the much awaited piece for the heater in the new garage.  AND it’s going to be 50 degrees here tomorrow.  Know what that means?  Painting of the floor will likely take place this weekend. (As long as the temperature of the floor is ok.)  Painting an epoxy floor appears to be a somewhat complicated process. Hence, the need for me to view a DVD about it.  Lots of mixing, timing the mixing, painting, then re-painting, timing the time between those paintings, then more mixing, then throwing paint chips, then the next day putting on a clear coat.  On a 1400 square foot area.

While you await the very-likely-good-fodder-for-the-blog story of the painting of the floor, how about a knitting update?

I’m on a starting binge.

I started my Jimmy Beans Wool Downton Abbey Mystery Knit-a-Long shawl on Sunday:


It’s not much to look at until I get the next clue this Sunday before the next episode.  Stay tuned. Ha!  That joke never gets old.

I also started the Snow on the Laurel arm warmers :


It looks a little weird, right?  That is because they are knit inside out!  Here is the “right” side:


A pretty, basic, arm warmer with an easy cable on a reverse stockinette background.  Since the knitting is all purling except for the cable part, they are knit inside out so you can knit most of the stitches instead of purl them.  So cool.  Hoping to make these a class.

I also started the Easy Brioche Scarf:



I’m hoping this will make a good class too since it would be a good introduction to the brioche knitting technique.  Very easy, one line pattern!  It will be a short class.

And, finally, I’m making progress on Princess Franklin’s Plaid cowl:


The first section is done – knitted stripes in garter stitch.  Now, on to the garter stitch grafting, which I have never done before.  Then on to the weaving – using a yarn needle to weave 74 strands of yarn horizontally across that piece above.  I can’t wait to see what it will look like!

Now, I’m off to re-view the epoxy floor painting DVD.