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Tenth Verse, Same as the First

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More cold and more snow.  More cold and more snow.  More cold and more snow…..

IMG_5073 IMG_5071 IMG_5077

You can’t even tell we have a pond anymore….

We recently watched a whole bunch of episodes of Alaska State Troopers.  It should have made me feel better about this weather we are having.  In some places in Alaska, they have much colder temperatures, more snow, and hardly any sunlight.  For a really long time.  So why am I complaining about a couple of months, one of which the average temperature has been 12 degrees when it is supposed to be 38?

The other day, when it was only 15 degrees, I took the doodlebugs outside to play.  It was sunny, so it felt warmer.  By the way, the threshold for how “warm” it has to be to go outside has gotten lower as the winter has gone on.  Early in winter, temps in the twenties seemed too cold.  Now, if the temp is in the teens but the “real feel” is in the twenties, we’re all good.  And I’m telling you, those snowsuits keep them so warm, they are sweating when they come inside.  Anyhow, back to the other day…..Miss Ladybug stopped playing to ask what I was doing – I was just standing in the sun, with my face tilted up and my eyes closed.  I told her I was trying to get some vitamin D.  The sun felt so good and I realized how little time I had spent in the sun these past couple of months.  She also asked me recently when summer was coming. I told her not soon enough, but I would settle for spring arriving pretty quickly.  On the plus side, it is not pitch black when we wake up, it’s still light out at 6pm, and in two weeks we’ll be changing the clocks.  So spring can’t be that far.

But meanwhile, and as usual, the knitting helps.  Having something warm and wooly to work on makes things nice and cozy.  I’m plugging away on my Tea Leaves Cardigan….


It kind of looks like a jumbled mess right now.  When I separate for the sleeves, you’ll get a better idea of what it looks like. Also, can I just say that I love this color?  But then again, purple is my thing.

And I’ve started working on another pattern to publish. I’m breaking all the rules and giving you a teeny tiny sneak peek:


Are you staying warm?

The Knitting Helps

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I’m not going to complain about the 0.9 degree weather with the minus 30 wind chill today.  Or the snow that is expected tomorrow.  Because all of that is such old news.  Who needs old news?

But I will clarify that in my last post, no one seemed to realize that the pictures of the heater I was showing you at the end, were because the pipes inside the baseboards froze and burst.


Two holes in the pipe and so lucky that nothing flooded and we caught it quickly.  And boy was I ever thankful that Paul knows what the heck he is doing.  What could have been a several hundred dollar emergency call to a plumber, was a $30 piece of copper pipe that Paul replaced himself.  Whew.

And lucky me, I got to help by taking the million and one heating element thingys off the old 6 foot long copper pipe and put them back on the new 6 foot long copper pipe:


I’m really terrible – such a complainer and grumpy about the boring-ness of it all (after all, I could have been knitting).  Paul is very patient.

And this morning we woke up and discovered the need for this (again):


After we thought we had all our bases covered, another frozen pipe (inside a closed closet) that, again thankfully, was caught even earlier and this one didn’t burst.

But here’s a good thing about the snow…..

This is Jake in Virginia, who hardly gets to see snow and loves it soooooo much….


Isn’t he just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen and makes your frozen face melt into a smile?

Also, on an “inside day” with the doodlebugs, they practiced counting by making tarts for the Queen of Hearts with play-doh:


And so all this boring, monotonous, every day, all day cold stuff is helped a lot by the knitting, which I’ve been doing a lot of.  I finished my Heaven and Space shawlette and gave it a cozy blocking by the fire:



(I have no idea what happened but all my pictures on the dress form came out crooked.)  I am mostly happy with it and a tiny bit unhappy.  I love the color. I love the pattern – easy and great for tv knitting.  I really liked knitting with the yarn, Cozy Soft.  However.  The yarn is 75% acrylic and 25% wool, which means the fabric will not really relax like I want it to.  I wanted it to look like the pattern picture, but even though I stretched it out flat, the acrylic is making it scrunch back up and get all wavy and bumpy.  While this looks ok, it looks “only ok” and my preference would be for it to lay flatter.  Next time, which there might be, because I really really like this pattern, I will use wool.  Or wool/alpaca blend, because I love alpaca and it would be so cozy.

I also made a sample Homesock for an upcoming class:

IMG_5039 IMG_5043

I made a pair for my sister for Christmas.  They are funny looking when you aren’t wearing them and look like they won’t fit, but they stretch right out and fit nice and comfy and snug.  Sized for toddler to adults!

And then I started my Tea Leaves Cardigan, which I’ve had in my queue on Ravelry for a long time and have always wanted to knit.


(I know.  Shocking that it’s purple. But it’s an awesome, deep, heathered purple.)  It is a top-down sweater and I will be teaching a class for this as well.

And last night I taught a colorwork fingerless mitts class:


Although teaching a full mitten would probably be more appropriate.

Two classes to teach this weekend and I’m hoping to finally make some cupcakes!  Stay tuned….

Easy Cabled Scarf and Going On and On about the Cold/Snow

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My Easy Cabled Scarf pattern is now for sale on Ravelry!


USD $2.50

That is the last pattern for a little while. However, I have another hat pattern in mind, and another cowl.  AND, my Aunt Kathy suggested mitts to go with my Bulky Twisted Rib Hat, which was a great suggestion.

So, this Easy Cabled Scarf:

IMG_4917 IMG_4924(4)

I. LOVE. IT.  First of all I love the yarn I used, Cascade Cloud.  It is 70% merino and 30% alpaca, so you can’t go wrong there.  It also has an unusual construction in that it is a chain yarn.  The strand of yarn looks like a tiny knitted i-cord (or a chain) and that gives the yarn a nice texture.  It is an aran weight yarn (also known as heavy worsted) and knit with size 11 needles, which means the fabric is fairly drapey and nice and squooshy.  I have scheduled a “Cables!” class at The Spinning Room (March 21, 12-2pm) to teach how to knit various cables by getting started on this scarf, as well as learning to cable without a needle. Second of all, I love that using the size 11 needles makes it a fairly quick knit.  Mine took a day and a half.  Although, you can’t go by me because I knit pretty fast these days.  Especially when I’m on a mission.  Your mileage will vary.  Let’s just say it is probably quicker to knit than your average scarf. *And a special thank you to Yvette who braved the cold with me today to take the final pictures I needed of me wearing my scarf!

If you decide to knit any of my patterns, I would LOVE to see the results.  Please post them on Ravelry or you can email me a picture:  lizatlizytishknitsdotcom

So, that’s it for pattern news.

How about me going on and on and on about how cold and snowy it is?…..

I have decided that I really need some snow pants:


Trudging up Grandma’s back hill through the 15″ snow to make a path for the Doodlebugs so they could sled (1 time for Miss Ladybug, 3 times for Mr. Doodlebug) made this very clear.  They did well trudging on their own when it was flat:


Luckily this week the sun was out, so despite temps in the teens, it wasn’t too cold to get outside for some shoveling-the-yard-then-pushing-each-other-over-then-burying-themselves-then-eating-snow.

One of the days, after we came inside, we made craft stick/bottle top catapults and measured how far conversation hearts would launch:


So much fun! Great fun to see how far they would go and great practice for them to read numbers, especially the twenties/thirties/forties.  They loved the idea of launching them and then eating them.  We were following the 5-second rule, in case you were wondering.

Today, it got all the way to 7 degrees, after starting out at minus 7.  AND it was very windy.  So it was wonderful running all my errands, making my 8 different stops into the warm stores and back out in to the frigid cold.  I was so happy to get home.  It’s going to be cold all weekend and we are supposed to get 6 or more inches of snow Saturday into Sunday.  While this is painful to think about and makes me want to complain even more, it will be great for sitting here in my comfy cozy chair under my knitted woolens, knitting more woolens:


I don’t plan on leaving the house.  Might even bake some bread and cook a pot roast.

P.S.  My new favorite thing:


Mechanical pencils from Staples.  I never use pencils when I’m making notes on my knitting patterns because you have to sharpen them, and there is never a sharpener around when you need one (or you have to go to a store to buy one because you can’t ever find the one you have but never use because you never use pencils).  I always use a pen, scribble out my mistakes, and overall make a general mess of things.  But then Deirdre at The Spinning Room had these in her pencil cup and I fell in love.  Best things ever.  No need to sharpen.  There is always lead there.  Even extras in the handy dandy holder under the eraser.  And how cute are they with the cute patterns and cute colors? Meanwhile, Paul, a mechanical engineer with an intimate knowledge of mechanical pencils wonders if I have been living under a rock.  (Deirdre, I’m bringing back the one you so nicely gave me after I made such a big deal about how great they are.)

It’s Damn Cold and I Still Don’t Have a Garage Spot

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IMG_1451 IMG_1448 IMG_1453

The painting-of-the-new-garage-floor is on hold. The heater installers came and discovered that the heater company didn’t send the natural-gas-to-propane-gas converter.  So it had to be ordered.  The company said they would send it two-day mail. When it comes in.  Since then, there has been this very cold snap and the building, while very well insulated, is very cold.  Paul fears that the new heater will not be able to heat up the concrete floor enough, and maintain the temperature, to put down the epoxy paint floor.  Until spring.  I’m trying to remain optimistic and maybe the heater will keep up just fine.  Hence the purchase of the infrared temperature gauge: to see if the floor will stay up to temperature.  When the part comes in.  So, dig out from the second foot-high snowfall I will.

In the meantime, there is always knitting.  Always.

I started the Brickless scarf/shawl and I’m almost done:


A terrible picture.  That’s what you get when it’s too cold to go upstairs to the room with the good light and white background.  I’m staying here next to the fire, thanks.  Better pictures will come when it’s done.  It is very easy and I love how this Periwinkle Sheep Merino DK in the Wallflower colorway is knitting up.  And it will be an upcoming class at The Spinning Room.

Here is my Princess Franklin Plaid cowl in progress (also an upcoming class):


This is the back.  And I’m showing it to you so you can see that I’m actually weaving in ends as I go. Shocker I know.  To be actually planning ahead like that.  But as you see, there are TONS of ends.  I’m about half way through with the first part of the pattern which is actually very easy:  garter stitch (knitting every row) and changing colors as directed.  You cannot carry one color more than 4 rows, which means lots of ends.

Here they are all snipped and you can see the ends are fairly well hidden.  They will be on the inside anyway.


The second part of this pattern seems, at the outset at least, pretty fun because it’s different.  Weaving in strands on the right side of the fabric with a yarn needle, perpendicular to the knitting, to create the plaid look.  There will be 72 individual pieces of yarn woven in.  Which means 144 more ends to weave in.  But I don’t mind right now because I’m not there yet.  And also because I love the designer Franklin Habit.  He is silly.