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Holiday Wrap Up and 2017 Plans

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So, the holidays happened.  Boy that goes by quickly, doesn’t it?  Here is the wrap up:

We had family time with my family in Connecticut and my sister made these Grinch kababs:

Sorry about the blur but you get the picture.  So adorable!  And really yummy. (And yes, my sister is wearing a cute Santa apron.)

We also had family time with Paul’s family in New York.  Remember the star cookies I made?

Well, they turned into this:

And it was yummy.  I also made Toffee Squares from the Pioneer Woman and Jamaretti cookies from Martha (of course, because I love Martha).  They were also yummy.

After the Christmas rush and just before New Year’s (where we just sit at home so there is nothing to tell there) we took a little trip to Skaneateles for an overnight.  We stayed at the Skaneateles Suites and they have the most wonderful boutique hotel.

It was great!  It is a small hotel, like a bed and breakfast but without anyone to cook you breakfast.  The rooms are just like a “regular” hotel room with tv, bathroom (with jacuzzi tub), coffee maker, desk, wifi and a comfy bed.  They also give you a basket of breakfast items (since they don’t provide breakfast) including instant oatmeal and Nutrigrain bars, and some other snacks. It was really a great place to stay and the staff was so friendly.

The hotel is located just off the main street so we could walk to shops and dinner and bakeries and see the lake.  We had such a nice relaxing time and got to see some of our favorite cable shows since they have better cable than we do.  You should go! (We are going back….)

On the way out there we stopped at Patchwork Plus which is a quilt shop that has yarn.  We got to the door and saw this:

And so, this happened….

I know. So bad. And Paul-the-enabler had to go get a basket since his arms were getting full.  And then I had to fill the basket.  He almost went for another. (Ok but…60% off????)

Then, on the way home, we stopped at Beekman 1802 in Sharon Springs since we hadn’t been there in a while and I picked up a few things:

Excellent sauce, excellent (strong) tea, and excellent lip polish.

So now we are on to 2017. As usual, I’m hoping to blog more. I’m hoping to make some of it instructional and gain some readers, so if you like anything I’m saying please share or forward to anyone you think might like it.

I’m also hoping to knit more!  I finally saw the doctor and will be going to PT for my ailing elbows.  The Moorland Blanket crochet-a-long is starting today and I’m hoping to do a tiny bit of that since I just can’t stand it anymore.  I haven’t picked up a knitting needle in weeks.  WEEKS, I tell you!  It’s just not normal.

Here’s to a great 2017!

Happy Christmas/Merry New Year

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Yes, it’s still crazy around here.  Two blog posts in a month is pretty bad.  Do I dare make a New Year’s resolution about that?  Nope.  I don’t have a great track record with resolutions.  Let’s just leave it at that I will be trying to get back on a regular blogging schedule.  I really love my blog but the past few months have definitely been out of the ordinary so hopefully we’ll be back to ordinary pretty soon.

In the mean time, Christmas happened and it’s not really over yet here.  We’ve got some celebrating with family tonight and tomorrow.  Altamont had the Victorian Holidays celebration and the Festival of Trees.  The Spinning Room yarn shop came in second place behind a 4th grade class.  Here is the Spinning Room tree:


And here is the local dentist’s tree just because it’s silly:


And here is the Altamont Library’s tree because it is all about a book I want to read:


Lucky me because Paul got that book (The Martian) from my mom for Christmas so I can read it when he’s done!

And here is our tree:


Here is a Christmas present Paul re-finished for my sister:


It used to be all rusty and yellow and peeling vinyl on the seat (we found it at Brimfield for $10).  He sand blasted it, painted it and re-covered the seat and back.  He’s so handy.  If I was more organized and more patient, I’d wait for Paul to come inside and get the before picture from him. (He’s out stacking the rest of the wood. I helped a little bit today but then I had to come inside to dust and clean the bathrooms.  Had to.  And write this blog.  Had to.)

Merry Christmas to us – guess what we got the day after Christmas?….


I love, Love, LOVE stacking wood!  (not)

And wouldn’t you know, Paul happened to have a tarp big enough to cover it up since it got dark and started to rain before we could stack it all:


Seriously, who has a tarp that big???? (Paul)

I made some Christmas cookies:


Salted toffee-chocolate squares; rugelach; oatmeal raisin cinnamon chip bars. The bars and squares were very easy and VERY tasty.  The rugelach was not as easy but VERY tasty.

Remember the Play-Doh fuzzy pumper barber set from waaaaaaay back when?  The Doodlebugs got the today-equivalent:


The loved it sooooooooo much!  Me?  Not so much.  Now, I am not usually one to shy away from crafty things for the doodlebugs to do that are messy.  I’m good with cleaning up messes.  However.  This?  This creates 8 gazillion teeny tiny wee small bits of play doh that go everywhere.  EVERYWHERE!!!  I think we all went to the library, later on, with bits of play doh on our pants and shirts.  I was finding bits all day long.  I’m sure their mom and dad are still finding them.  But, as I said to their mom, they just loved it so much that I will of course take it out for them whenever they ask (but with gritted teeth).

How about some knitting?

I finished this hat for my mom , which was a long time coming:


I brought it to the Christmas Eve family party and promptly forgot to give it to her!

I finished these:


And I’m almost done with these (they just need to be felted):


I also started this scarf for my mother-in-law with some yarn she found for $1.29 a ball and just loved the colors:


And, AND, AND!!!!….. I finished my Baa-ble Sheep Hat and I just love it so much.


I borrowed a pom pom maker which made making one so quick and easy.  Boy was I glad because I was pretty much dreading making one (measuring and cutting out a cardboard template, winding yarn around the flimsy template etc).  I was even contemplating no pom pom because I didn’t want to make one.  But this one was so incredibly handy and easy.  And now I love me hat!!!

And New Year’s is about to happen.  So, Happy New Year!  See you in the hopefully more blog-ful 2016.

Christmas Week Tidbits

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Whew… What a week.  Holidays are so busy!  I’m giving you some tidbits of my week and we’ll return to regular blogging (if there is such a thing) next time….

Holiday Baking:

IMG_1377 IMG_1379

Burned edges due to my not seeing the directions circled in red.  The middle was yummy!

Having a cold muddled my brain apparently, so I quit while I was ahead and didn’t make what I really wanted to make:


I can only imagine how it would have turned out.  So, maybe I’ll make a middle-of-winter-we-need-some-cookies-and-cocoa cookie tree in February.

Pre-Holiday present giving and present preparation:


The doodlebugs playing with magnifying glasses that Aunt Liz and Uncle Paul gave them.


Making chocolate dipped and sprinkled pretzels for the grandparents and Miss Susan (my mom).

Holiday Gifting:


My mom was the perfect recipient for the mismatched mitts.  She loved them.


I got a popcorn popper – the kind you make with oil and butter drizzles down on the top!.

So we ate popcorn while playing Uno with Paul’s family:

IMG_1425 IMG_1424

The popular “toy” that wasn’t a gift:


An infrared temperature guage that Paul picked up on the way to my mother-in-law’s.  He bought it to take the temperature of the garage floor in preparation for painting (which didn’t happen – don’t ask).  It was used to measure the temp of the Christmas tree, the presents, foreheads and food.

Holiday Eating:


My Aunt Christine’s famous clam puffs.  I ate many.  Oof.

My nephews in prime position for dessert:


They are so cute.


The desserts at my mother-in-law’s house.  Also oof.

Holiday week knitting:

IMG_1399 IMG_1431 IMG_1430 IMG_1427

More on these later.  (I’m up to my ears in Ravelry, looking for new projects to teach classes on.)

Christmas week reading:


1) Excellent murder mystery.  2) Excellent young adult but good for adults book. It made me cry. 3) Just started.

Check out this cartoon:



How was your week?