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Have We Met?

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Have we met?  I’m a knitter.  Right?  I’ve been knitting for a loooong time.  And for the past 7 years I’ve been knitting practically non-stop and have 288 completed projects on my Ravelry page. Two. Hundred. Eighty. Eight.  So tell me this:  Why in heck can’t a get a basic hat knitted up???????

I finished the way-too-small-because-I-was-trying-to-knit-it-tightly-and-used-smaller-needles hat:


Then I cast on and knit 3 inches of ribbing on the now-this-one-will-fit-because-I’m-using-the-asked-for-needle-size-and-I’ve-added-some-more-stitches hat:


It is still too &@#$-ing small.  What in the name of sheep that give us this darn wool am I doing wrong?  I have no idea.  This is a new pattern, so maybe something went wrong there.  But the cast-on number seemed about right.   So, out it comes.  Again.  Paul said I should just buy a wool hat for this person.  Yes, other knitters, he said that.  He said that, and I gasped as if he had said the worst swear word ever said.  BUY A KNITTED WOOL HAT??????  How awful would I feel that I have knit more than 288 things, especially this, and I can’t knit a simple hat to give as a gift?

To his credit, he was trying to be kind, because he saw my frustration, especially after last night where for some weirdo reason, I didn’t sleep, and he knows I’m tired and running out of time.  So his second plan was to convince me to knit the hat that I knit for him several years ago that stretches out (it has alpaca in it) and is not warm enough for him (which it would also not be warm enough for the person I’m making it for because they have about the same amount of hair).  But we think maybe with 100% wool it will turn out better.  Can you guess how this might turn out?  Stay tuned.  Last resort is an I.O.U.  Especially because I still have one more gift-in-progress to finish.  I just don’t think I can muster the courage to buy one.

I did finish the Alaska Color Homesocks for my sis:


And on tap this weekend is to felt the slippers for my nephew.  Then it’s just the one other thing and “THE HAT”.

In crafty Doodlebug news, it was a crafty week:

A hand print wreath for the door ( got the idea here):


Q-tip trees for Miss Ladybug and me (Mr. Doodlebug was not interested):


And construction paper chains for the tree:


All while listening to Christmas music on Pandora.  Which really was a marathon of waiting for Frosty the Snowman to play. (It didn’t.)

And Paul did a little more decorating:


And it looked really cool when I looked out the window the other night when the big door was open, but I don’t think my camera really captured it:


Some day I will get a better digital camera. (I always say that, but it’s also much more convenient to use my phone.)

Ok, off to The Spinning Room yarn shop to work for the day.  This is the last weekend before Christmas so you can only imagine what will be going on around here.  Knitting.  And also some baking.  But mostly knitting I think.  A hat, probably.

Block(ing) Party

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I have knitted several Christmas gifts but had not yet blocked them – as usual, putting off the not-as-fun part of the knitting.  Blocking involves soaking your knitted item in cool water with a wool wash soap for about half an hour to allow the water to penetrate all the fibers, plump them up, even them out and relax them.   Then, you squeeze out the water and lay it flat to dry, sometimes having to pin the item into a certain shape.

But I finally bit the bullet, decided to do them all at once, and gave them the plunge:



And laid them out to dry:


Now they are ready to wrap up and deliver!  After that not-as-fun task was done, I assembled a bunch of knitted items to sell at The Spinning Room for the holidays.  Of course, I forgot to take a picture of that, but if you are local and are interested in buying some handknitted items for the holidays, my items will be there as well as items from the other ladies who work and/or teach at the shop!

In other news, it was a busy week with the Doodlebugs.  There was lots of outside playing (even though it was chilly, we ran around a lot to keep warm!) along with some sorting:


Glue, construction paper, crayons and tape:


Making a book road:


Then reading the book road:


Busy weekend ahead with three knitting classes to teach!  Hopefully, I’ll be organized enough to show you some pictures on Monday….

The List Goes On

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How many ways can I complain about having a cold?  Ask Paul.  Especially because now he has it!  According to someone in the know (my doctor), this is just a virus.  A virus that seems to be lasting a loooooooong time (10 days so far).  So, you are getting a continuation of the list from the last post……:

8) It snowed a lot the day before Thanksgiving:


9) The next day, Thanksgiving, it was pretty:


10) On Thanksgiving, Paul and I did not go to the Boston area to see my family as planned.  Instead we were both on the couch, feeling unwell, and we ate pancakes for our dinner.  I made my sweet potato casserole too but it came out crappy.  (Good thing I didn’t bring it to the family dinner!)  And no pie.  And we missed the creation of, and eating of, this:

thanksgiving pic

(Thanks Aunt Christine – I swiped this from your Facebook page!)

11) On the plus side, while hanging out on the couch for all this time, I was able to get back into some Christmas knitting:

IMG_4355 IMG_4357 IMG_4353

I might actually be in good shape with getting my list knitted on time. (Knock on wood).  And the time on the couch gave us a good start to our Month-of-Watching-Sappy-Lifetime-Christmas-Movies.

12) Luckily, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with this thing.  I went to work at the yarn shop yesterday but needed a nap when I got home.  Paul is not there yet.

13) This is my last post involving complaints about my cold.  I’m hoping to have lots of pictures of blocked knitting to show you next time!

14) Couldn’t end the list with unlucky #13.

Keep Knitting

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As it is getting deeper into fall, Paul and I are having a sort of contest to see how long we can go without turning on the heat.  We are using the wood stove but so far haven’t turned on the heat, which means the house hasn’t gotten below 55 degrees yet.   That’s our turn-on-the-heat threshold.  It was close once, at 57 degrees.  Silly.   But also, who knew on November 8 we’d have this…..


AND this?:

IMG_4243 IMG_4242

So nice to see some color sticking around when everything else is just getting brown.

While I was hoe-ing and raking that garden up there this morning, the only thing I could think about was, “I hope this doesn’t make my hands tired because I really need to keep knitting.  That Christmas list won’t knit itself.  Why in heck is this taking so long???”

I did get something almost done since my last, frantic, post (it helps when you wake up at 4:15am and can’t go back to sleep):


Slippers that are humongous right now but will be felted (shrunk) to fit.  I’m not saying who they are for.  You might be getting a lot of that as the knitting list gets worked on.  Or some cryptic descriptions with no pictures.

Off to work on that list now, in between laundry loads and house cleaning.

OR, I could do this:

keep knitting and ignore cleaning

A much better idea.  Just KEEP KNITTING….

A List and a Realization

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Before I go to work at the yarn shop today, a list:

1) On one of the last days before it started getting dark at 2pm, Paul and I went for a walk at Thacher Park.  So pretty.  We always say we should do that more often but only do it sometimes.

IMG_4114(2) IMG_4116(2)



2) I have a pile of things that need ends woven in and blocking:


If you are keeping track, don’t ask what the red one is.

3)The wood is all stacked.

From this:


To this:


Apparently three cords does fit in one side.(I had my doubts.  Paul didn’t.)  And we are hoping what’s on the right will take us through the winter.  (We both have doubts about that.)

4) Doodlebug activities this week included collecting pine cones in grandma’s yard:


Then sorting through them to find teeny tiny, medium and humongous ones:


5) I started another Christmas gift, inspired by the Purl Soho Trellis Scarf, just different:


(Different stitch count, different needle size, different yarn type. Same stitch pattern.)

5)  But then I got distracted by this, because I stumbled upon it when looking for something else:


I really want to start them.  But I’m not.  I have a long Christmas knitting list and there are only 47 days until Christmas.

Ok, I just counted that out on my calendar and very calmly typed it out but now I’m a little bit freaking out …. I just realized there are only 47 days until Christmas!  You may not want to be thinking about Christmas right now but in the world of a knitter with a Christmas knitting list, that’s not many.  I actually should have started thinking about it in August.  Now I really have to buckle down.  And I have to stop getting distracted by things not on the list.

It’s Starting

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It’s starting.  The its-beginning-to-feel-like-fall-so-now-I-really-want-to-knit-even-more-of-all-the-things thing.

I’m totally obsessed with this High Plains poncho pattern.  I’m going to knit it in this yarn that I’m also totally obsessed with.  I’m using the same yarn to knit my recently cast on Terra shawl:


And it’s the same yarn I used to knit my Cozy wrap last year:


I just love it because it is 50% alpaca, 50% wool and so soft and……..just nice.  And now I’ve got it in my head that the High Plains poncho would be a great thing to wear when we go to the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival (aka Rhinebeck) in late October.  Can you see where this obsession is headed?  I’m feeling like I’ve just given myself a challenge.  Stay tuned.

There is also this that I’m working on but can’t really tell you about yet:


And, did you know that Christmas is coming and that if I want to make any knitted gifts I should probably get started?  There’s that.

And this week there was this:


We think we’ve fixed it, but it was a little nerve-wracking imagining the plumbing/repair bills that may have seriously cut into my yarn budget.