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Enough Already

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I’m tired of the winter.  I’m tired of the cold.  I’m tired of being stuck inside.  I’m tired of complaining about the winter.  I’m sure you are tired of reading about my complaints of winter.  But ENOUGH ALREADY!  Yesterday, it was freezing rain/ice/snow….

IMG_2030 IMG_2033 IMG_2034 IMG_2035

I’m just sick of it.  That is all.

Except for this!:

I finished my Hitchhiker scarf/shawl….

IMG_2039 IMG_2043 IMG_2041

I love the colors.  It was easy and quick to knit.  Mine took me 5 days.  The pattern was easy to memorize which made it great tv knitting.

Then I started the Snug:


This is a weirdo picture since it is in-progress.  You are looking at the front and the beginning of the hood.  No arms yet.  Go to that link up there and see the project page picture.  It’s very cute.  I’m making the newborn-6mos size, simply because it will be the quickest to knit and I want to teach a class with it.  After the class, I’ll find a baby to give it to.   There is a 3 years size, which I might or might not make for doodlebug Michaela since it might fit her.  But I’m not sure.  I’d have to do a little measuring and I am under no delusion that she will let me measure her – she’s 2 1/2.  I can hear it now : “No fank you, Auntie Wiz” as she runs from the tape measure.  This is made with bulky yarn, which also makes it quicker to knit, and I am using Cascade Ecological Wool.  That purple bit is a provisional cast on, which I will take out to finish the hood.  Then I’ll do the arms which shouldn’t take long since newborns are little.  So, almost done already!

Then I may be on to a lace scarf.  Or the baby sweater on two needles which will be for a summer class.  Or be done with class knitting for now and work on my sock knit-a-longs and my Charleston Tea.  One thing I will never say about knitting:  ENOUGH ALREADY!

ALL the things…

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I’m in yet another one of those paralyzing I-want-to-knit-ALL-the-things phases….


I’m completely glued to the computer (of which the keyboard is apparently very dusty, according to that picture….).  I look on Ravelry and there are eighty million patterns I want to knit.  I’m looking for things to knit for upcoming classes and I want to teach ALL the things.  In the meantime, I have many things I’m already working on and they are languishing.  But I want to knit them too.  So while I’m looking and finding all these patterns and trying to decide what to knit, I’m not getting much knitting done.  And don’t get me started on spinning.  I went to my spinning group today, after not having been for two months, which means for the next few days that’s all I’ll want to do.  And one of the spinners was knitting socks with her handspun yarn.  Which is totally what I want to do.  Someday.  When I can spin my yarn finely enough to make fingering weight yarn.  Which makes me want to spin more so I can get better at it and then knit those.

I’m obsessed with these mitts which look pretty challenging but so cool.  And this cowl by Wendy D. Johnson, which is also cool and perfect for sock yarn leftovers.  I love this funky-but-so-cozy-looking sweater, but I’m still working on my Charleston Tea  sweater so that would be silly to start.  Right?  And I’m totally obsessed with something in this book, with this yarn:


The Baby Sweater on Two Needles.  So cute and a really classic looking pattern.  Wouldn’t it be great in that pink?  Ok, so can you see why I get like this?  I need eighty more hands and eighty more hours in the day and eighty less chores to do.  I also wish knitting burned more calories because then I wouldn’t have to waste time on the treadmill.

I did start and finish the Bridgeport Cowl, which will be for an upcoming class:

IMG_2024 IMG_2026

Made with Aslan Trends Royal Alpaca (gray) and Cascade Alpaca Lana D’Oro (purple).  It is nice and cozy and sized for small and large.  I made the large, which I now wish was a little longer to make it twist around my neck twice.  So, that will be a suggestion for my class: cast on more stitches if you want it to do that.   If you are in my class, you’re welcome. I learned that lesson for you.

I also started the Hitchhiker scarf, which I think will also be for an upcoming class:


I’m making it with Ella Rae Cozy Soft Prints, a nice DK weight wool/acrylic blend.  The pattern calls for fingering weight but I liked these colors.  So there.

And now, I have some decisions to make.  While I’ve got all my projects-in-progress, the knitting for upcoming classes takes priority and I have to get crack-a-lackin’ and find some more class projects since April is coming and I have no classes scheduled yet….

Calming me down this morning was taking a walk in the yard and seeing, despite all the frickin’ snow that is still there, these views:

IMG_2017 IMG_2018(2) IMG_2015(2)



Olympic Wrap-up

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Leave it to me (actually, us – that picture up there was Paul’s idea!) to weave food into the Olympics somehow.  This was our last-day-of-the-Olympics breakfast.  (We will use any excuse to have a “special” breakfast or meal.  The other day was National Dog Biscuit Day and Martha Stewart had a recipe for that but we decided not to celebrate that day.)  My idea for the rings was this:


Paul’s was much better.  And my failed idea left a lot of dishes to wash. (Actually, not.  Let’s be real. I just wiped them off and put them back in the cabinet.)

The Olympics are now over and life can get back to normal.  Or whatever “normal” is around here- that is debatable.  The Olympics overtook our life for the past two weeks – but mostly in a good way.  Everything we planned to do was planned around what sport we wanted to watch.  Curling was a great after work sport to watch.  It was on MSNBC almost every late afternoon/early evening and we really got into it.  Even though we mostly didn’t understand what was happening, especially in the beginning.  Paul had some things to do in the garage, so I would call him when the bobsledding was on.  We planned our weekend errands for the morning so we could be available for whatever was on the rest of the day.  We got pizza instead of going out to dinner.

We just enjoyed watching.  Skating is always a favorite of mine, but I have to confess I was a teeny bit bored with it this time around.  Snowboard cross was exciting and fun and nail-biting.  It’s one of my new favorites.  The bi-athalon was also fun — it’s just so intriguing because it involves skiing and shooting which is a weird combination and I’m sure there is a historical reason behind why they are put together in one sport.  And the skeleton, mostly because I am baffled that someone would want to go a gazillion miles an hour down that track head first.  Overall, so much fun and exciting and I will miss it.  But not.  The aforementioned “normal” will be good to see again.

And in addition to the watching, there was the knitting challenge.  I said I would knit the Charleston Tea sweater.  The whole sweater (with a hood) in 17 days.  1600 yards of sport weight yarn on size 5 needles (read: that takes a loooooong time).  In 17 days.  HA!  Halfway through the Olympics, I was one quarter of the way through the sweater.   I woke up early on the last day, determined to at least finish the body by the end of the day:


Which I accomplished at 9pm:

IMG_1893 IMG_1894

That’s about 2/3 done.  I still have the sleeves, hood and button band to do.  It’s all good, though.  The idea was to pick something that would be challenging to finish in 17 days and so I can check that box off.  I’m happy with the amount I got done.  Now I can relax a little, but still go with the momentum I started and hopefully finish soon.  But I can also get back to knitting my two pairs of knit-a-long socks.

What was also great about this past weekend was the balmy weather.  You can’t “see” the 52 degrees in these pictures (except maybe the pond melting a little), but the warmth just made things look so much prettier:

IMG_1886 IMG_1888

And gave me a little hope that Spring is actually coming. (I’m ignoring the 20 degree and lower temps that are forecasted for this week….)


Popping In

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A pop-in post to give you a progress update on my knitting….

I am woefully behind in my Ravellenics project, but I’m ok with that.  As I’ve said, I knew this would happen… But, I’ve separated for the sleeves and am about 3 inches down the body:

IMG_1843 IMG_1844

The top picture is the more accurate in terms of color:  dark gray.  I love how it is coming out.  I have to get to 10 inches from the underarms to the bottom ribbing.  Then knit the arms.  Then knit the hood.  Then knit the buttonbands.  Five days to finish.  Ha!  Are you participating in the Ravellenic Winter Games? How is it going?

In the meantime, because it was easier babysitting knitting, I finished my Jimmy Beans Wool Downton Abbey Knit-a-Long shawl:


I have not yet blocked it and will post a picture when I have. It will show the pattern much better….

And I finished my Steek This Coffee Cozy:


I’m going to do another post with details about how I cut this up and added a buttonband (not pictured!).

That’s all you get for today.  More during my next knitting break….

The Olympics Make Me Cry

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I love, Love, LOVE watching the Olympics.  I look forward to them and love rooting for the U.S.  And also for anyone else who is winning.  And also for anyone who is losing.  But the Olympics make me cry.

I cry when someone wins and their dreams are realized.  They are so happy and their struggle to get to the Olympics is validated.  I cry when someone gets hurt and their dreams are crushed.  They are so sad and their struggle to get to the Olympics is all the much harder to justify.  I cry when they do those little vignettes about certain athletes and their struggles to get to the Olympics.  I cry when they show those touching commercials.  It’s exhausting really.  But I love it.

I also cry when, while watching the Olympics I realize I made a mistake in my Ravellenics knitting project several rows back and have to un-knit a gazillion stitches.


I saw the mistake and my stomach lurched.  It was on the left side and where there was supposed to be a cable, there wasn’t.  I couldn’t drop the stitches down several rows because of the lace around the cables, and I couldn’t just rip out my work (take everything off the needles and unravel it – a much faster method) for the same reason.  Too hard to pick up and re-create the stitches.   Plus, I have a million markers in there and it would be tedious to figure out where they go.  So, un-knit, stitch by stitch is what I did.

Poor Paul, sitting next to me, trying to watch the Olympics, having to listen to my heavy sighs and my comments: “I’m wasting so much time having to do this!”  “I can’t believe I didn’t notice it sooner!” “It’s going so slowly!”  “Do you know how much further I could have gotten by now?”

I made it through, though, and I’m back on track now.  The picture above is my progress.  I settled on knitting the Charleston Tea  hooded cardigan.  It was not on my original list but it is the same designer as the Dark & Stormy which was on my list.  I didn’t have, and couldn’t find, the right yarn for the Dark & Stormy but had plenty for the Charleston Tea.  It has been in my queue for some time and I think it is very cute.  Don’t you?

Ooh!  AND I finally got my completed Travelling Socks back!


I love them.