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This past Sunday was the second and final session of the Baa-ble hat classes.  It was learning-about-decreases day and pompom day.  This is how the day went:


So fast!

But first, to prepare for class, I told myself I should practice how to make a pompom since I hadn’t done it in so long.  Mind you, the last time I did it, I figured it out in seconds and had the pompom made in minutes.  That is how great these Clover pompom makers are (Clover Large Pom Pom Maker).  So fast and so easy!!  But I’m a weirdo and so crazy afraid that I’ll mess up teaching it, I had to practice.   Sure enough,  I totally screwed it up!  You may not know anything about these pompom makers but here is what I did at first:


And here is what is supposed to really happen, after I looked up a YouTube video (and didn’t look at the back of the package):


I totally missed wrapping the yarn around the second green thing. Blergh.  Funny what happens when you overthink something.  And that was about an hour before class, so you can imagine how I was when I did it wrong the first time.

Class #1 had some great hats and pompoms!:


Some had already finished and some were even on their second hat!  And some ate the cookies I made.

Class #2 also had some great hats and pompoms!:


Again, some were finished and on their second hat.  I guess that shows the class (and really, the pattern) was a success!  There is a list of hopefuls for another session.  If you are interested, call The Spinning Room and put your name on the list.  When there are enough on the list, I’ll schedule another.

By the end of both classes I had everyone excited about a pompom wreath project for next holiday season!  Like this one.

I made another batch of cookies today to send to our friend Ray (of Ray and Rob, whom we go drag racing with) who is having a tough time recovering from back surgery.  These are his favorite (chocolate with white chips).


Then I got totally distracted by this:


Langfield is an awesome hat pattern with a funky construction and the knitting goes in all different directions.  I thought it would be great for a class and just couldn’t help myself.  My yarn has more subtle color (tonal) changes than the pattern pic, and I’ll likely make a second one with a gradient striping yarn.  I’m still working on my Diane shawl.  And I haven’t forgotten about sewing the zipper on the vest.  It stares at me every time I walk into my office.  Knitting for classes is taking precedent for now.  Sorry Paul.  You will get it.

Also, just finished listening to Mindy Kaling’s book Why Not Me?  Fun and funny and more.  I like her.

Knitting Classes and Treats

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Whew!  Busy, busy teaching weekend!  I taught four classes this weekend and even though I knew it was going to be a busy weekend,  I got it in my head that I wanted to make some goodies for the class participants/yarn shop customers.

Saturday was the second Wheaten wrap class and everyone got a great start on their scarves/wraps/blankets:


There will be a third Wheaten class scheduled since there are now five people on the waiting list!  Looks like it will be Saturday, March 12, 9:00-11:30 if you are local and would like to sign up.

The second class that day was the Mitered Square techniques class and I forgot to take a picture (boooooo).

It was oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for this day:


The next day, Sunday, was two classes full of Baa-ble Hat knitters (and I only got a picture of one class):


Everyone got some legs on their sheep!  Next class we’ll work on the decreases and making pom poms.  Pom poms are so “in” these days, did you know? That green and white whatchamacallit in the middle of the hats is a Clover pom pom maker.  Soooooooo much easier than making the cardboard thing.  Stay tuned for all the pom pom goodness from the next class.

Oh and I just found out that there is a kid version of this hat:

The Bairns Baa-ble Hat   designed by the same woman and also free!

Sunday’s students got to try the Boston Cream Poke Cake, which was very very very yummy.


Boston cream pie is one of my favorite treats and I don’t have it often.  I saw this recipe somewhere on the line and knew I just had to make it because it looks so easy.  It was.  Bake a box cake mix, poke holes in it, prepare instant pudding, pour it over the cake, chill it for a bit, heat up a can of frosting and pour it over the top, chill it some more.

Four great groups of knitters made for a fun weekend. And they seemed to like the treats.

AND I finished the Newsboy Hat!


This is for my mother-in-law because she likes that style.  She does not like flashy things, though, so I just sewed the band on the front instead of putting in buttons.  The brim looks a tad floppy so I’ll have to see how to deal with that.

Well, there you have it — a blog post that is not one month out from the last one.  There is hope for me yet.

Happy Christmas/Merry New Year

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Yes, it’s still crazy around here.  Two blog posts in a month is pretty bad.  Do I dare make a New Year’s resolution about that?  Nope.  I don’t have a great track record with resolutions.  Let’s just leave it at that I will be trying to get back on a regular blogging schedule.  I really love my blog but the past few months have definitely been out of the ordinary so hopefully we’ll be back to ordinary pretty soon.

In the mean time, Christmas happened and it’s not really over yet here.  We’ve got some celebrating with family tonight and tomorrow.  Altamont had the Victorian Holidays celebration and the Festival of Trees.  The Spinning Room yarn shop came in second place behind a 4th grade class.  Here is the Spinning Room tree:


And here is the local dentist’s tree just because it’s silly:


And here is the Altamont Library’s tree because it is all about a book I want to read:


Lucky me because Paul got that book (The Martian) from my mom for Christmas so I can read it when he’s done!

And here is our tree:


Here is a Christmas present Paul re-finished for my sister:


It used to be all rusty and yellow and peeling vinyl on the seat (we found it at Brimfield for $10).  He sand blasted it, painted it and re-covered the seat and back.  He’s so handy.  If I was more organized and more patient, I’d wait for Paul to come inside and get the before picture from him. (He’s out stacking the rest of the wood. I helped a little bit today but then I had to come inside to dust and clean the bathrooms.  Had to.  And write this blog.  Had to.)

Merry Christmas to us – guess what we got the day after Christmas?….


I love, Love, LOVE stacking wood!  (not)

And wouldn’t you know, Paul happened to have a tarp big enough to cover it up since it got dark and started to rain before we could stack it all:


Seriously, who has a tarp that big???? (Paul)

I made some Christmas cookies:


Salted toffee-chocolate squares; rugelach; oatmeal raisin cinnamon chip bars. The bars and squares were very easy and VERY tasty.  The rugelach was not as easy but VERY tasty.

Remember the Play-Doh fuzzy pumper barber set from waaaaaaay back when?  The Doodlebugs got the today-equivalent:


The loved it sooooooooo much!  Me?  Not so much.  Now, I am not usually one to shy away from crafty things for the doodlebugs to do that are messy.  I’m good with cleaning up messes.  However.  This?  This creates 8 gazillion teeny tiny wee small bits of play doh that go everywhere.  EVERYWHERE!!!  I think we all went to the library, later on, with bits of play doh on our pants and shirts.  I was finding bits all day long.  I’m sure their mom and dad are still finding them.  But, as I said to their mom, they just loved it so much that I will of course take it out for them whenever they ask (but with gritted teeth).

How about some knitting?

I finished this hat for my mom , which was a long time coming:


I brought it to the Christmas Eve family party and promptly forgot to give it to her!

I finished these:


And I’m almost done with these (they just need to be felted):


I also started this scarf for my mother-in-law with some yarn she found for $1.29 a ball and just loved the colors:


And, AND, AND!!!!….. I finished my Baa-ble Sheep Hat and I just love it so much.


I borrowed a pom pom maker which made making one so quick and easy.  Boy was I glad because I was pretty much dreading making one (measuring and cutting out a cardboard template, winding yarn around the flimsy template etc).  I was even contemplating no pom pom because I didn’t want to make one.  But this one was so incredibly handy and easy.  And now I love me hat!!!

And New Year’s is about to happen.  So, Happy New Year!  See you in the hopefully more blog-ful 2016.


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Where have you been?  I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for you to come back and read my blog.  Oh, wait.  That means I’d have to write a post, right?  Well, there’s that.  Life has been life as it has been lately so instead of excuses, I’ll just give a blog post when I can.  Don’t forget this about me:


So, Thanksgiving happened.  I’m thankful for all the readers of my blog, especially if you kept coming back to a November 14 post hoping for a new one. Thanks for hanging in.  Lots of turkey and stuffing and sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes and probably a vegetable somewhere in there.

Lots of knitting classes happened.  I remembered to take a picture of one:


Picking up button band stitches on the Tea Leaves Cardigan.  They are all coming along nicely.  And now I already have almost two full classes for this sweater in January/February!

Then it got cold one day and hippity-hoppers needed hats and mittens:


And then I started the Baa-ble Hat, which is just about the cutest hat ever.  I had the pattern (Just the pattern.  Just a picture.  Not even started.) at the yarn shop one day and I had seven people on a preliminary waitlist to take the class.  Which I hadn’t even scheduled.  And for which I hadn’t even knitted the sample!

So, I figured I should probably start it and here’s what happened:


See how cute the sheep are?  See how they are different sizes?  See how my sets of 5 white stitches on the needle are all the same size?  For some who-knows-what reason (although I know: it was the tried-to-knit-during-post-Thanksgiving-meal-shenanigans thing) I simply followed the little pattern for the first sheep (near the red arrow).  And the funny thing is, I knew the sheep were different sizes.  It was what I loved most about the hat, that they looked like a haphazard herd.  Oy.

But, ripped out a few rows, got back on track and I’m now on the top decreases:


I was worried that my burgundy brim would hide the sheep legs too much, and I was right, but I love the colors anyway.  Next picture will be pom-pom’ed and blocked!  A pretty quick knit for me.  Which is good because I now have two full classes already scheduled for this one in January/February too!

Now, on to more holiday preparations since it is already December 9 and who knows how that happened.  The good thing is that some of it is knitting so I can kill two birds with one stone with this: