T minus 8 Days

Popping in quickly to tell you this:

Remember this?


Paul’s really cool vest that I knitted.  AND steeked.  AND put a zipper in.  AND started to put the finishing cover-up ribbon on.  AND then ran out of steam…. And then, back in late March he said, “Don’t worry about it now.  The weather is getting warmer so I won’t be able to wear it until next fall anyway.  Have it ready for Rhinebeck.”

I now have 8 days to finish the finishing…..


Wish me luck.

3 comments on “T minus 8 Days
  1. Ceil Broady says:

    Liz, isn’t that typical of everything? And we always end up putting ourselves under pressure; at least I do anyways. Maybe we like to subconsciously challenge ourselves? ( Oh, I can do that!) But you made me chuckle and I thank you for that! Oh, and Good Luck!

  2. Beatrice Legere says:

    You can do it, Liz! Hang in there. Nothing like a deadline for motivation. Good luck. Bonne chance (French). Buena suerte (Spanish). Veel geluk (Dutch). So that’s good luck multiplied by four. And anyway, just think how Deserving Paul is!

  3. Libby says:

    Time sneaks up on us! Good luck!

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