Lately I’ve been obsessed with smores.  It probably has something to do with this humongous chocolate bar from Hershey’s Chocolate World that we had on hand:



And this is totally the time of year for smores right?

They, or some version of them, keep popping up on my computer.

I saw them here: Huffington Post Smores Article

And here:  Martha Steward S’mores Cookies

And here: Cookies and Cups Smores Fudge Bars 

So, on the 4th of July, we had a little cookout and despite the grill being on, I made some smores in the oven!  I printed out recipes for the last two and decided to try the Cookies and Cups recipe because it had homemade marshmallow fluff – something new for me to try.

First I crunched up a bunch of graham crackers and made a crust, while I melted a large hunk of that chocolate bar together with sweetened condensed milk:


Poured the chocolate on the crust and let it cool/set:


While that was happening I heated the sugar, corn syrup and water to 240 degrees:


….using my candy meat thermometer.

Whipped up some egg whites:

Then, poured the 240 degree syrup into the egg white veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrry slowly.  I’m not showing you a picture of that because I only have two hands and one of them was holding a pot of 240 degree syrup.

Seven minutes later it was marshmallow fluff:


And IT. WAS. SO. GOOD.  Better than the jarred stuff.  Absolutely.  [I have a little leftover and will be making myself a peanut butter and fluff sandwich.  Something Paul thinks is gross.   What?????]

Spread that on the chocolate, toasted it in the broiler and dug in:


So. Yummy.  Toasty gooey marshmallow with melty milk chocolate and crisp, buttery graham cracker.  The best smores ever.

Later, I took a nice, neat picture, after it had set up in the fridge:


But it is really not that great cold.  Popped it into the microwave and it was gooey, melty and sublime again.

Later that night, a beautiful sky behind us:


….while we watched our neighbor’s fireworks from our deck: