Shopping Small

I’m a big supporter of shopping small, especially having owned a very small business – a yarn shop – in the past.  While I do my share of online shopping, keeping things local is the way to go for me when possible, even though it likely costs a little more.  I also do my share of online, small business shopping!  (such as Etsy.com) So, on Small Business Saturday, I went to my local yarn shop, The Spinning Room (which is the yarn shop I used to own) and shopped small…


And I left with a big bag of yarn: 003 (2)

I’ve had my eye on the Cascade 220 Superwash Aran yarn for quite some time, looking for the right pattern to knit it with, and waiting for a good time to purchase it.  Of course, the pattern I found required 11 skeins, which qualified me to get a free tote bag! Who doesn’t love a free tote bag?  I always need more bags.  Just ask Paul.

I’m knitting the Rose Tweed Cardigan and I. Love. This. Yarn.  It is so soft and so nice to knit with. The pattern has a pretty, brioche-type stitch in which you purl 1, then knit one in the row below:


Knit from the bottom up, I’ll work on the body, then the sleeves, then join them and continue knitting the yoke.  I may switch out that one red skein for a tan skein.  The off-white and the red (or tan) will be the contrasting colors on the yoke.

An awesome project born from shopping small!

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