Restitution Complete

After felting and drying….


(No temperature air on the rack in the dryer, and a little time in front of the wood stove)…. Paul finally has his new slippers.


Cozy and warm.  If I’m really smart, I’ll get something to put on the bottoms so they won’t wear out too fast.  If I’m really smart.  Which sometimes I’m not.  See previous post. It felt good to get them finished for him, because he really does deserve them!

Something else exciting happened this past weekend….

IMG_5259 IMG_5262

Hooray!  A sign of spring.  We were wearing our winter coats and had to eat it in the car because it was cold and windy but who cares????  Hooray!

And, a little side note, we went to Five Guys for lunch and saw this:


When I inquired what a “hand-spun” milkshake was (of course, conjuring up visions of spinning wheels and also, for some reason, cotton candy), they couldn’t really say.   It seems they have a soft ice cream machine and a milkshake whizzer-thing, and then you can add various things to make them tastier like salted caramel and bacon, peanut butter and banana, or strawberries. We taste-tested the strawberry and it was very yummy.  Just like fresh strawberries.  I saw a man at another table with a milkshake and he just kept tasting it and shaking his head, tasting it and shaking his head.  At first I thought he didn’t like it, or maybe couldn’t get it through the straw.  But, then his friends arrived at the table and he just kept shaking his head and saying how good it was.

Lastly, in you-might-want-to-get-one-of-these news, I got a new knitting tool holder at Home Depot:


I was outgrowing my other one.  It’s supposed to be for screws and nuts or something and it was only $2! If you are looking closely, you will see that there is one yarn needle holder and the rest are stitch markers.  Like, eighty thousand of them.  Stitch markers are kind of like yarn. You can never have too many, and if they are new and different, I have to have them.  And this isn’t all of them.  You really need to have extras if you have several knitting projects going.  And for when they fall in the couch cushions and you don’t want to look for them because you want to keep knitting they get lost.

4 thoughts on “Restitution Complete

  1. Great job on the slippers! and the little container for your stitch markers. Good to know I’m not alone with all the issues with those, but a knitter can never have too many. Will you be keeping a log for your ice cream outing this year? inquiring minds want to know

    1. Thanks for reminding me! Yes, I think I’ll keep a tally this year. Another place near us just opened yesterday and I think we are headed there this weekend…. 🙂

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