Random Things

Today you get Random Things since I can’t seem to come up with an organized blog post.  A cold will do that to me.

1) My new Christmas dish towel that I love:


And yes, it hangs there and is not being used as a dish towel.  I should probably iron it.

2) Popcorn.  In a pot with oil, real butter and salt.  No microwave.  There is nothing like it.

3) I was so excited about Lollipop yarns that I got the date mixed up.  Lollipop Yarns is an Etsy shop that sells wonderful self-striping sock yarn.  It is VERY popular and you have to get on the computer before the time of the shop update, keep refreshing your computer screen and when the items pop up, quickly click on them.  I thought the shop update was on December 7th at 7pm but it was on the 1st at 7pm.  Blergh.  So, I put a timer on my phone for the 15th at 7pm.  Got on the computer, refreshed, refreshed, refreshed, clicked on a pretty purple, then went back and clicked on a pretty blue/green…..and I didn’t get either skein of sock yarn.  I didn’t know that you could lose out if you just have it in your cart and don’t quickly press “check out”!  Well played, Lollipop Yarn.  Next time I’ll know better and I will get you.

4) AND there was a Phat Fiber sale on that same day, one hour earlier.  This is a box of yarn or fiber (or both) samples from various independent dyers.  Same deal – VERY popular, get on the computer, refresh, refresh, refresh etc.  I’ve been trying to get one of these for months.  Actually, let me clarify: I’ve been trying to remember to try and get one for months.  I keep getting the reminder email, writing it on the calendar and then not looking at the calendar on that day. (It’s always a Saturday or Sunday so I don’t always look at the calendar on the weekends.   Do you?)  I successfully remembered once about 6 months ago and did not click fast enough to get one.  But this time, I did get one!  I’ll show it to you when I get it in the mail.

5) Inside project with the doodlebugs when it was 2 degrees outside:


$1.25 pack of tag sale stickers = a good half hour of fun!  What did we do with all the other hours?  Books, books, books, and listened to Christmas music waiting and waiting and waiting for Frosty the Snowman to come on, then yell and scream about how it was finally on and we had been waiting for it, and not be able to hear the actual song.

The next blog post will be more organized.  Or something.

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