Random Friday Things About The Busy Week

1) 576 stitches on the needle now for my lace circular shawl:


2) Lace looks like a big old mess when it’s on the needles.  Plus, I’m pretty sure it will go much more slowly from here.  And, knock on wood, I haven’t messed up yet.

3) I’ve been stuck on level 70 in Candy Crush on my phone for months.  So, I decided to start a new game on the ipad.  Got to level 70 yesterday and cruised right through.  What the heck?

4) I made this:


Spinach and Strawberry Chopped Salad from Joy the Baker.  It was yummy. And sort of healthy.  Lots of veggies, but also bacon and gorgonzola cheese (probably more than the recipe called for….).

5) The doodlebugs and I found out that sidewalk chalk rocks.


6) And I made these:

IMG_2495 IMG_2488 IMG_2490 IMG_2493 IMG_2498

Blue Sky Bran Muffins from Smitten Kitchen.  Also yummy.  And healthy.  Not too sweet but still tasty. ( I used yogurt thinned with milk in place of the buttermilk.)

7) I’m listening to Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon  (second book in the Outlander series) in the car.  I’m getting a little bored and I’m only 8 hours into a 43 hour book.  Does anyone know if it gets better?

8) And then there was this:


I brushed up on my learned-17-years-ago cake decorating skills.  Crumb-y top coat and a messed up flower, but otherwise, not too shabby.  It was also yummy.  Also, I couldn’t find my round cake pans so I had to make it in a glass dish.  Good thing – I would have totally run out of frosting if I had used the round pans.

9) It was also good thing that I took these pictures of the flowers on our crab apple trees the other day:


Because we had a supercell go through our town and now they are all gone….

photo photo (1)

photo (2)

(That is a one-inch piece of hail.)

But the bleeding heart came through fine:


10) Because of the supercell, the power at the yarn shop went out and I had to cancel my knitting class.  I hate it when that happens.

11) Aside from Paul having to jerry-rig our just-found-out-it’s-broken sump pump, and needing to re-grade some areas around the new garage, all is well. Bring on more summer stuff.

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