There may be a light at the end of the tunnel and today is “test day.”  Here is what things have come to:

Rock tape to help relax the muscles (there is another piece on the other side of my arm). Tendonitis bands to take the pressure off the elbow tendon.  Hand/wrist support to support the muscles that extend to the elbow.  Crazypants.  (And by the way, both arms look like that.) But, I think it might be helping.  While I am still supposed to be resting and heating, I am able to do some computer work with just a little soreness later, not a lot.

And today, I am trying knitting (for only a few minutes) with the orthopedic doctor’s recommendation of using square knitting needles (I can’t believe he knew about square knitting needles!) which are supposed to be gentler on your arms/hands.  I got some tips to try with my interchangeable set at Knitpicks.com:

And because I wanted to make the shipping “worth it,” I got these too:

How could I not? Reds and pinks were on sale for Valentine’s Day.  These could potentially be a pair of socks for my sweetheart Paul (who absolutely would NOT wear them so really they will be for me!).

Oh and while we are talking about yarn purchases, I went to The Spinning Room the other day, “just to browse” and I came home with these:

I just can’t resist Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and especially the new tonals.

Stay tuned – you may actually see some finished knitting from me someday!