This past Sunday was the second and final session of the Baa-ble hat classes.  It was learning-about-decreases day and pompom day.  This is how the day went:


So fast!

But first, to prepare for class, I told myself I should practice how to make a pompom since I hadn’t done it in so long.  Mind you, the last time I did it, I figured it out in seconds and had the pompom made in minutes.  That is how great these Clover pompom makers are (Clover Large Pom Pom Maker).  So fast and so easy!!  But I’m a weirdo and so crazy afraid that I’ll mess up teaching it, I had to practice.   Sure enough,  I totally screwed it up!  You may not know anything about these pompom makers but here is what I did at first:


And here is what is supposed to really happen, after I looked up a YouTube video (and didn’t look at the back of the package):


I totally missed wrapping the yarn around the second green thing. Blergh.  Funny what happens when you overthink something.  And that was about an hour before class, so you can imagine how I was when I did it wrong the first time.

Class #1 had some great hats and pompoms!:


Some had already finished and some were even on their second hat!  And some ate the cookies I made.

Class #2 also had some great hats and pompoms!:


Again, some were finished and on their second hat.  I guess that shows the class (and really, the pattern) was a success!  There is a list of hopefuls for another session.  If you are interested, call The Spinning Room and put your name on the list.  When there are enough on the list, I’ll schedule another.

By the end of both classes I had everyone excited about a pompom wreath project for next holiday season!  Like this one.

I made another batch of cookies today to send to our friend Ray (of Ray and Rob, whom we go drag racing with) who is having a tough time recovering from back surgery.  These are his favorite (chocolate with white chips).


Then I got totally distracted by this:


Langfield is an awesome hat pattern with a funky construction and the knitting goes in all different directions.  I thought it would be great for a class and just couldn’t help myself.  My yarn has more subtle color (tonal) changes than the pattern pic, and I’ll likely make a second one with a gradient striping yarn.  I’m still working on my Diane shawl.  And I haven’t forgotten about sewing the zipper on the vest.  It stares at me every time I walk into my office.  Knitting for classes is taking precedent for now.  Sorry Paul.  You will get it.

Also, just finished listening to Mindy Kaling’s book Why Not Me?  Fun and funny and more.  I like her.

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