Pattern Update

My Easy Cozy Cowl is now for sale!

Easy Cozy Cowl

US $2.50

Click on that nifty “buy now” button!  Some of you were lucky and got it for free – sorry to those who didn’t.  If you are local to The Spinning Room, I would encourage you to purchase it (or any other patterns) there, since I would like to help support a small business (it is purchased through Ravelry at the shop and the shop gets a little commission).  If you do buy the pattern, and you then knit the pattern, I would love to see the results and would also like to post them here.  Email pictures to me at:  liz@lizytishknits.com

This is another step for me to make knitting my business.  Lots of goings-on these days, talking about getting the doodlebugs ready for pre-school in the fall and therefore my babysitting schedule being decreased and wondering what the heck I will do next.  I’ve pretty much decided (read: leaving the door open a little….) that I am done with social work jobs – what I did in my past life with my Masters in Social Work – in the traditional sense, and that leaves me with the only other thing I’m pretty good at, which is knitting.  So, one thing I am testing out is designing knitting patterns. (The other is to expand my blogging – if you like my blog, please share it with others you think might like it!)

Now, just because 1) I love to knit.  2) I knit like there is no tomorrow.  3) I know my way around a knitting pattern and back, and 4) I am not really intimidated by any knitting patterns (so far – I haven’t tried steeking a sweater and putting in a zipper yet)…… it doesn’t mean I have the skills to design.  But I will try!  And you will get to come along for the ride.  I am reading books and watching instructional videos and reading more books, all on the designing process.    I will be starting out with very basic patterns so I can become accustomed to the whole process.   The Easy Cozy Cowl was my first crack at it.  And now, I am designing a hat, which I have knit twice so far and am having it test knit.

Stay tuned….I hope this is going to be fun!

I taught two classes this weekend (and at both classes I forgot to take pictures of their works in progress – so annoying of me) and had a nice visit with my mom!  She just went home to prepare for the blizzard coming to her town, while we are preparing for the non-blizzard-but-16″-of-expected-snow.  Lovely, lovely.