On a Roll and Distracted

I’m on a roll with my Aaron’s Aran Sweater!  Done with the main parts: 016

(Ha!  I just realized the “front” is backwards. Sorry.) Now to the “finishing”, my very least favorite part.  I even thought about trying to adapt the pattern so I wouldn’t have all that seaming to do, but then I realized that it would be a lot of work to do that.  Plus, I will be teaching a class with this sweater and if I went and changed the pattern a whole bunch, that would be confusing for the participants.   This will also be a great pattern for teaching how to knit a sweater and how to do the finishing.  So there.  I did it for the knitting students.  Let’s see if I can actually get it finished so that I can actually offer it as a class.

Because there’s this that I got distracted/sidetracked by: 019

So incredibly cute, I can’t stand it.   This is the Loved knitted crown pattern.   Here’s a picture from the pattern page on Ravelry:

loved knitted crown (2)

I’m knitting two of these for the doodlebugs for Christmas.  Like I really needed to start something else.  But seriously?  SO. STINKIN’.CUTE.

How about a pole building update?  At the end of Monday: 006

At the end of Tuesday: 014

It seems to be going along pretty fast.  Must be those chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies I made for the builders.

We had lots of rain on Monday, so they were delayed a little.  But I got some really pretty yard pictures when the sun came back out:



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