Now What?

Ok, here’s what happened: I finished watching Gilmore Girls.


I knew it was coming. I saw the seasons and the episodes dwindling on Netfilx. I just didn’t want to admit it.  And now there will never, ever be a good show for me to watch while I’m knitting, ever again. Ever. It took me a good long time to watch all the episodes. I would save them for knitting during the doodlebugs nap time or knitting on a rainy Sunday when nothing else was on and Paul was in the garage.  And I only watched when I was knitting. I never watched when I wasn’t knitting.  So there is all this good knitting mojo attached to the Gilmore mojo and I just really don’t think I will ever find another knitting-and-watching show that is as good, the kind that I that I want to save just for me and my knitting.

So now what?  Any suggestions while I wait for the just-heard-about Netflix Gilmore Girls revival series, about which I am somewhat skeptical?

In the meantime, I have nothing else to tell you (hopefully a finished shawl to show you next time), so I will share this:yarn clean house pic

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