New Year List

For this Monday-first-day-back-to-a-regular-schedule day, a list….

1) I knitted!

I finished the second pair of felted clogs and put them in the mail:


I finished the very basic scarf for my mother-in-law:


I wanted to start something new on the first day of the year so I started these Turkish Bed Socks which have a very interesting construction:

IMG_6686 - Copy

And then I finished them in just two days!:

IMG_6689 - Copy

LOVE!  So warm!  I wore them to bed! (hence, the name)

And since I started those, I wanted to start something else, so I started the Helleborus Hat  with a new skein of Periwinkle Sheep alpaca merino dk:


2) In December, I was getting so tired of all the extraneous emails I was getting.  I’m subscribed to several newsletters and other things, and I wasn’t reading the emails.  So I unsubscribed from everything.  Then yesterday, I caught myself thinking, “I haven’t gotten many emails lately.  How come no one is emailing me?”

3) We started a really, Really, REALLY hard puzzle:


Really hard.  A picture made up of a gazillion other pictures.  HARD.

4) I have made no resolutions.

5) We haven’t seen the sun in days and days and probably a week of two.  But we caught a glimpse yesterday for about a minute:

IMG_6687 - Copy

We are getting seasonal affective disorder.  Can’t wait to have some normal sun!  But we have been enjoying our Christmas lights for the last couple of days they will be up, including this pretty mason jar light our niece Erica made/gave us:


5) Paul and I are sick of cookies.  I didn’t know it was possible. (We ate A LOT of cookies.)

One thought on “New Year List

  1. Love the mason jar light. Very clever! Do those Turkish bed socks keep your ankles warm enough? (I need warm ankles, as well as warm feet. The patch of sunlight– our cat would be sitting in that one patch, soaking it up.
    My daughter loves the Reddish-brown Lophelia Scarf you helped me by finishing.
    Nice color on the periwinkle sheep yarn for the Helleborus Hat.

    Happy New Year!!

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