My New Favorite Thing

You are going to laugh at my new favorite thing.

You are probably thinking it’s a knitting thing, since knitting is my thing.  And most times, you would be right.  A new gadget, a new project bag, new yarn, new needles – totally within the realm of possibility.  And today being the beginning of the Ravellenic Winter Games, you might think I have something new to help me with that. But not today.

You might also think it’s a cooking or baking thing, since I love that too.  I did take a Bagels, Bialys and Pretzels class recently and am totally going to make some pretzels this weekend, but that’s not it either.

You might also think it’s a book, since books are my other thing.  And while I did finish listening to The Circle by Dave Eggers recently and really enjoyed it (A fun, tiny bit scary but not totally out of the realm of possibility, look at the future of social networking and how it can take over our lives.), that’s not it either.

It’s this:


This is the best thing ever.  I have recently re-claimed my garage spot after many months of waiting-for-the-new-garage-to-be-done-so-the-million-of-car-parts-and-non-working-cars-really-should-have-my-spot-instead.  So I was thinking, how can I make my parking-in-the-garage experience that much better?  It can be a little difficult to tell whether or not my car is far enough into the garage for the door to shut, but also far enough away from the door to the house for that door to open.  There are a series of belts (for a car, of course) hanging on the wall that I would use to gauge when to stop, but it was never very precise and I always doubted whether I was far enough inside.  Hence, getting out to check, or parking too close to the house door and having to squeeze by.  Oh my gosh, can I go on any more about this?

It’s those little teeny tiny things that make all the difference.  That $1 tennis ball hanging from the ceiling.  Now I don’t have to think about it at all!  I can continue listening to my audio book and not feel like I missed something while I was negotiating the space in the garage.

I know.  I’m such a dork.

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