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Surprisingly (or maybe not), my latest obsession is not knitting related.  It’s not my obsession with getting all-the-things knitted for Christmas.  Or my obsession with a new yarn, Llambrosia, at The Spinning Room yarn shop, which I’m picturing 80 things I want to knit with it.  Or my obsession with wanting to knit about 80 of the patterns in the new Wool People 8. (Ok, there are only 17 patterns, but I want to knit a lot of them).

This obsession is Jigidi. An online jigsaw puzzle website.  Thanks to Bea for introducing it to me!  I think.  I’m totally addicted and it’s a complete time suck if I’m trying to knit all-the-things for Christmas.  I was skeptical at first, wondering how one could do a jigsaw puzzle on the computer/iPad.  Oh, but you can.  Here is the latest one I worked on, appropriate for the season!:



You just click and drag, or drag with your finger.  It times you, and by the time I finished this one, it had taken my about 2 1/2 hours.  I don’t know if I’d do one with many more pieces because they would get really small on the screen.  And now that I have the screen open, because I went there to get the link to put in this blog post, I’m trying really hard not to click over and start a new puzzle.  Your lucky I care about this blog and your desire to read it.  I seem to have abandoned the one on our dining room table, in favor of the comfort of the couch and the lack of glare from the dining room light.  Paul may be on his own to finish that one.  (It’s really hard, too, which may or may not be another reason I abandoned it.)

Earlier this week I had an unexpected day off since one half of the Doodlebug duo was sick.  So, I knitted and had tea:


Started on this:


Can’t tell you what this is yet.

Then took a break to do this:


In other knitting news, yesterday I started this:


….a hat for my nephew.

Later in the week, when everyone was healthy, we played outside in the crisp winter autumn air. Running around helped keep us warm and we saw this:


Later that day, after her nap, Miss Ladybug and I somehow got into a conversation about wearing bibs.  I think Farmer Pickles was sitting at the dollhouse table and she mentioned he was not wearing one.  I asked her how old you had to be to not wear a bib anymore and she said, “Fourty-four.  Because that’s how old my daddy is.” (Just as an FYI, before her daddy turned 44, I never saw him wearing a bib.)

Ok, now that you have a blog post to read, I’m off to Jigidi….  I have some time to get a puzzle started before I head to work at the yarn shop!

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