Moving Day!

Monday was moving day around here.   I was excited and totally willing to help because this meant I was getting my garage spot back.  I’ve been waiting ALL WINTER for this.  Yes, winter is only a month old, but it seems like 80 months with all the snow and cold weather we’ve been having.

We had to get this thing with no motor – but filled to the brim with every car part imaginable- out of the garage-garage and down to the new garage:


(the 1970 Buick Skylark that Paul has deemed “my” car, once he fixes it up)

I’m telling you – that ATV purchase (used) was the best investment ever. It has come in handy in so many ways simply for the winch alone.  I got to drive.

We pulled the car out of the garage-garage, then backed down (as in downhill) the driveway toward the new garage:


All the while, worried that it would roll into me.  Paul assured me it wouldn’t and, just in case, had a teeny tiny piece of wood to put behind a wheel if things got out of hand.  That teeny tiny piece of wood didn’t give me much confidence., but I also knew I could pretty quickly just jump off the ATV if I needed to.  I didn’t.

By the way, we pulled it down backward so that it could be pushed into the garage back-first without too much adjusting.  Cars with no motors are a pain.

Got to here, unhooked and went around to the front to pull it into position:



Then pushed with the ATV until it got into the garage:


Then watched Paul try to push it to the back of the garage:


….until he asked for my help. Then I helped push.  But only after he listed several places I shouldn’t use to push since apparently none of the body parts are attached (hood, fenders).

This brandy-new garage suddenly looks awfully small with two cars in it:


Then, my duties were over and Paul was left to deal with the rest of the move:


….while I went inside and knit!

TA-DA! Got my garage spot back:


Just in time! (see the snow?)

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