So, we had this great breakfast last Sunday.  Then we went about doing what we were doing.  I was spinning….


Paul was working outside.  At around 11:00, Paul came in and looked on the computer, then said, “Let’s take a drive to Blue Mountain Lake.”  Great idea!  We’d never been up that way but have heard of the lake: I have a really old t-shirt that I got at Old Navy MANY years ago that says “Blue Mountain Lake, NY”.  Somewhere in all those years, I found out it was a real lake.   We decided to drive up there and have a late lunch….

Past Great Sacandaga Lake:


Up Route 30, seeing some pretty mountains…


Past a WHOLE BUNCH of other lakes that I didn’t get a picture of, including Indian Lake.

All the way to Blue Mountain Lake:

IMG_2893 IMG_2897

Gorgeous, GORGEOUS!  So peaceful. Hardly anyone was there.

AND there was no place to have lunch.  So we drove around a little more, past Long Lake, and past about three ice cream stands where for once in our lives, for some reason, we chose NOT to eat ice cream for lunch.

Then, made our way to Lake George:


….where we knew there would be a place to eat.  So, at 4:30 we had “lunch” at the Adirondack Pub.   It was yummy.  And we saw these rental scooter-not-really-a-moped-not-really-a-car-things  that were pretty funny:


A nice, beautiful driving day.  It made us want to have a camp on a lake.  And be on vacation immediately, sitting by a lake or some other kind of water.

Of course, there was car knitting:


And not long after we got home I finished it:


(That first picture is the real color.)  So cute!

4 thoughts on “Lakes.

  1. what a nice day, I was in the water on a boat at the The Great Sacandaga Lake beautiful day, nice sweater I printed the pattern so I will make one, hopefully soon.
    Did you ever get any ice cream?

    1. I wasn’t sure about that sleeve detail on the adult versions (not sure why) but I love it on the kid version. So cute.

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