Knitting Bags – yet another obsession

I have a lot of knitting bags.  Like, about 15.  No, I didn’t count and I’m not going to.  Because there are a lot. Probably more than 15.  Varying sizes, shapes and colors.  But I just got another one:007

This is a bag from Thirty-One. (think of Tupperware but with bags – LOTS of bags).  I bought it to help a fundraiser at The Spinning Room for Kekeli, Inc, a non-profit that runs arts and advocacy programs for persons with disabilities in Ghana.  The woman who started this group is a daughter of one of the shop customers and she lives in Ghana, running this program. So, really, I had to buy it.  To help Kekeli, Inc.  It was really the right thing to do.  I could have done a lot of damage when looking through the Thirty-One catalog, but I limited myself to one bag.  And also, in defense of my many bags, my two main knitting bags are on their last legs.  The zipper broke on one of them and they are both getting threadbare at the handles and the bottom edges where they sit on the floor.  So, really, do you want me to be walking around with ratty knitting bags?  Seriously.

I hope Paul is reading this.  He needs to know the dire situation my bags are in.  And why the credit card is smoking, what with this and all my coupon-purchased books.  And yarn.

Speaking of recently purchased yarn, I finished my Fair Isle Hat which I love:004



It is not blocked yet, so it is a little puckery. And I will say it again.  I love, Love, LOVE the yarn – Juniper Moon Moonshine.  So soft and really nice to work with.  You should get some.  And make this hat.

And here is a better picture of my Windward:002

This still makes the colors look brighter than they are, but it gives you an idea of the colors and the drapey-ness. Love it!

You also may want to know that the The BT Fall 13 Look Book is here!  And I have put no less that 6 patterns from that book into my queue on Ravelry.   BT stands for Brooklyn Tweed – aka Jared Flood – who is a designer I really like.  He teams up with other desginers that I apparently like – since I picked out six patterns – to put out these knitting pattern books several times a year.  I always choose the patterns that use the most yarn and time.  No little hats or cowls for me.  I have to pick the oversized scarves/wraps and sweaters.  See?  So, I need those bags to hold my many many many started projects.

2 thoughts on “Knitting Bags – yet another obsession

  1. LIZZY! The “Windward” scarf is spectacular – almost didn’t recognise it… in person, it had an over-all dark appearance, but, since you soaked it 8-10 tunes the colors stand out LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. THIS. SCAR. xo, me

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