Knitting Again

Hooray for knitting again!  After giving myself a good two-week break, with a short bout of knitting to prepare for a class I was teaching, my arms are feeling better and I’m knitting again. HOORAY!!

First, though, I went to the chiropractor, who did this:


I love Kinesio tape.  It helped my arms feel much better.

My main goal was to be ready to knit during the long car trips this past Thanksgiving weekend.  And to knit s-l-o-w-l-y.  And take stretching breaks often.  So what would normally take me about a day, took me three days:



This is the TinCanKnits Barley Hat made with Periwinkle Sheep Merino Aran in Elderberry. LOVE.

It has been extremely hard for me to slow down. Especially because I am in an I-want-to-knit-ALL-THE-THINGS phase. And that is probably because I’ve acquired a little bit of yarn lately. There was that WEBS trip I told you about in the last post. And then there was some black Friday and day-after-small-business-Saturday shopping:


And an impulse buy from ENGLAND!….


A gorgeous crochet afghan kit for a crochet-a-long that starts in January.

I’m in deep. And I don’t know what to knit with first.

So, while I’m deciding, I’ll tell you about some other stuff that has happened.

We had this a few days before Thanksgiving:

img_7805 img_7806

7 inches!  Down in town (2 miles away), there was nada. So pretty, though, right?

At Thanksgiving dinner near Boston, we met Leo:

img_7831 img_7821

There is nothing like a soft, adorable puppy to make you want to get a dog again. (We are seriously thinking about potentially getting one. Possibly.)

Then, in Virginia, we learned a lot about George Washington at Mount Vernon:


And spent some time with Jake:


Who also made us want to seriously think about potentially getting a dog again.  Possibly.

I taught three classes the weekend before Thanksgiving and forgot to take pictures of two of them.  Here are the results of the fingerless mitt class:


Hooray for learning a million techniques in one little thumb gusset!

And finally, tell me what’s wrong with this picture:


NOTHING!! We gave it the old college try with the CRV but unfortunately things just started going wrong and it wasn’t economical to keep fixing it (no matter how hard Paul, with his mad mechanic skillz, worked).  So we got a two-fer: We traded in two old cars for one new car and I love it.

Stay tuned for the next post when I show you something crazy I did and you get to vote!

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  1. So glad to hear that you are knitting again. You Must let me know if you decide to get a dog, especially if it’s a puppy. I know someone who loves to babysit doggies ( Hint, hint )

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