Keep Knitting

As it is getting deeper into fall, Paul and I are having a sort of contest to see how long we can go without turning on the heat.  We are using the wood stove but so far haven’t turned on the heat, which means the house hasn’t gotten below 55 degrees yet.   That’s our turn-on-the-heat threshold.  It was close once, at 57 degrees.  Silly.   But also, who knew on November 8 we’d have this…..


AND this?:

IMG_4243 IMG_4242

So nice to see some color sticking around when everything else is just getting brown.

While I was hoe-ing and raking that garden up there this morning, the only thing I could think about was, “I hope this doesn’t make my hands tired because I really need to keep knitting.  That Christmas list won’t knit itself.  Why in heck is this taking so long???”

I did get something almost done since my last, frantic, post (it helps when you wake up at 4:15am and can’t go back to sleep):


Slippers that are humongous right now but will be felted (shrunk) to fit.  I’m not saying who they are for.  You might be getting a lot of that as the knitting list gets worked on.  Or some cryptic descriptions with no pictures.

Off to work on that list now, in between laundry loads and house cleaning.

OR, I could do this:

keep knitting and ignore cleaning

A much better idea.  Just KEEP KNITTING….

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