I’ve Lost it Again

My garage space, that is.


It seems having a garage spot has become a luxury around here, only to be had a month or two out of the year.  One thing or another happens to cause me to be kicked out to the driveway.  This time, it’s because we are emptying the two ramshackle, falling-down garages that were pieced together onto these two by the previous owner.  We will never know what they were thinking when they cobbled them together.

The emptying out of the yucky garages and filling up these garages is in anticipation of Thanksgiving weekend when we will be demolishing the yucky garages.  Then, after the heater is installed in the new pole building and the floor is painted, we will move all of this stuff out of this garage and into the new pole building.  Only then will I get my spot back for good (fingers crossed).

I just love moving tons of heavy car parts and 80 million pieces of wood (all of which is not in the above picture yet – we are not done emptying the yucky garages) knowing I will have to again move said heavy car parts and wood again in another month.  I can’t wait.  I just better happen before the first big snow!

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