It’s Damn Cold and I Still Don’t Have a Garage Spot

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The painting-of-the-new-garage-floor is on hold. The heater installers came and discovered that the heater company didn’t send the natural-gas-to-propane-gas converter.  So it had to be ordered.  The company said they would send it two-day mail. When it comes in.  Since then, there has been this very cold snap and the building, while very well insulated, is very cold.  Paul fears that the new heater will not be able to heat up the concrete floor enough, and maintain the temperature, to put down the epoxy paint floor.  Until spring.  I’m trying to remain optimistic and maybe the heater will keep up just fine.  Hence the purchase of the infrared temperature gauge: to see if the floor will stay up to temperature.  When the part comes in.  So, dig out from the second foot-high snowfall I will.

In the meantime, there is always knitting.  Always.

I started the Brickless scarf/shawl and I’m almost done:


A terrible picture.  That’s what you get when it’s too cold to go upstairs to the room with the good light and white background.  I’m staying here next to the fire, thanks.  Better pictures will come when it’s done.  It is very easy and I love how this Periwinkle Sheep Merino DK in the Wallflower colorway is knitting up.  And it will be an upcoming class at The Spinning Room.

Here is my Princess Franklin Plaid cowl in progress (also an upcoming class):


This is the back.  And I’m showing it to you so you can see that I’m actually weaving in ends as I go. Shocker I know.  To be actually planning ahead like that.  But as you see, there are TONS of ends.  I’m about half way through with the first part of the pattern which is actually very easy:  garter stitch (knitting every row) and changing colors as directed.  You cannot carry one color more than 4 rows, which means lots of ends.

Here they are all snipped and you can see the ends are fairly well hidden.  They will be on the inside anyway.


The second part of this pattern seems, at the outset at least, pretty fun because it’s different.  Weaving in strands on the right side of the fabric with a yarn needle, perpendicular to the knitting, to create the plaid look.  There will be 72 individual pieces of yarn woven in.  Which means 144 more ends to weave in.  But I don’t mind right now because I’m not there yet.  And also because I love the designer Franklin Habit.  He is silly.

3 thoughts on “It’s Damn Cold and I Still Don’t Have a Garage Spot

  1. Intriguing patterns. I have 2 skeins of the Wallflower and am very interested to see it knit up. All those ends! But the results are so pretty. Can’t wait to see your finished cowl.

  2. Very nice job on your projects, sorry your car was dumped on, warm today but wait til tonight gonna be cold cold cold and icy. yuck!!

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