Is this thing full?

We recently got something that has changed our grilling lives:



A full/low/empty gauge for our gas grill.  I don’t know why we have never thought to get one before.  Every spring we fill up the tank.  Then, starting around mid-summer, every time I go out to use the grill I obsess over whether or not we’re going to have enough gas, and wouldn’t it suck if it ran out right in the middle of grilling?  And usually I start worrying about it way too early because chances are we haven’t grilled that much.  But, we’re talking about me here, the one who has to get to the movies at least a half hour early because you just never know if there is going to be a really long line for popcorn.  You. Just. Never. Know.  It’s that not knowing that kills me.  So, that is more than a month’s worth of unnecessary stress.  Mind you, we have never run out in the middle of grilling.  Mostly because, when it gets really late in the summer, I just decide I should cook inside rather than risk it.  Or rather than have Paul disconnect it and shake it to see if he can tell how much gas is in there.  Or weigh it, while trying to remember how much it weighs when it’s full.  But now? Now that we have this great new gauge?  Now we can rest easy.  While we I wonder whether or not this new thing is really working….

And here are a couple more pictures of our garage in the house and on the truck:

002 003 004

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