I’m Eating Zucchini for Breakfast

Our refrigerator has only vegetables in it.  Some may not see that as a bad thing, but I’m eating zucchini for breakfast today and I feel like that means we have somehow crossed a line.  I have no idea what the line is though.  Maybe it’s the we-are-SO-healthy-we-are-never-not-eating-vegetables-again line.  Or the we-are-SO-into-this-CSA-thing-we-should-take-full-advantage-of-it-to-the-extreme line.  Or very possibly it’s the I’m-pretty-busy-lately-so-I-don’t-have-time-to-go-to-the-store-to-get-something-other-than-veggies line.   Yes, that could be it.   We actually went shopping in my mother-in-law’s basement last night when we went to check on her house while she is away.  Peanut butter, canned beans, tuna.  You can do lots of things with those, and vegetables, right?

Speaking of vegetables, last weekend’s processing:



Peas, beans, and tomato sauce (made with yellow cherry tomatoes, orange grape tomatoes and regular red tomatoes).  And flowers.

Meanwhile, there has been some knitting.  I’m making progress on my Black Cherry Lambic scarf:


Interesting pattern with interesting cables that I have never done before.  For example: slip three stitches to cable needle and hold to front, K3tog, then knit three from cable needle.  K3tog????  And I think I may have done something weird in the middle of that cable section but I can’t really tell.  It looks kind of different.  But (surprise) I don’t want to go back.

And I started, and am already at the decreases for the Kaweah Hat:


There is a mistake in one of my cable crosses about halfway up that I just realized was there.  Not going back. (Surprise.)  I love this pattern and the yarn (Kenzie).

And, for those following along, and who were wondering and dying to know, we finished our puzzle:


And we’re on the hunt for another.  Man are they addictive.

In heartwarming doodlebug news….. they have been waking up VERY early in the morning and, being impatient, yelling to get out of their cribs, so I was helping their parents by having a little chat with them about what they could do to be patient before it is time to get out of their cribs.  I suggested maybe they could talk quietly to their stuffed animals or each other.  They thought this was a good idea, so I asked them what they would talk about.  Miss Ladybug said, “Books.” (Hooray!  They love books!)  Then Mr. Doodlebug said, “Hey, we could talk about YOU, Auntie Liz!” (Uh-oh.)  I asked what they would say about me.  Miss Ladybug said, “That you pick out good library books.” (Hooray!  They love books!)  And Mr. Doodlebug said, “That it is funny that you call me Mr. Doodlebug.  Ha ha.  And that you are funny Auntie Liz. Ha ha.”

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  1. The puzzle will look great wherever you hang it – framed and in the garage? The Doodlebugs are so adorable – love hearing their dialogs.
    I like how how you shopped you MIL’s pantry! That works!

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