Glitz at the Ritz

love. Love. LOVE my Glitz at the Ritz shawl!

dec 2013 beaded shawl (3)

All my mess-ups and tear-outs were totally worth the final product:

dec 2013 beaded shawl (4)

Even the really, really, really long beaded picot bind-off that took 80 hours.  Not really 80 hours.  It took three quarters of a Lifetime Christmas movie.

dec 2013 beaded shawl (1)

Made with Periwinkle Sheep Watercolors  sock yarn.  75% merino wool, 25% nylon. 460 yards/100 grams.

And also, I finished a Loved knitted crown:


Now I have two, ready to give at Christmas.

And finished my Sweet Tomato Heel socks:



And worked on and sent off my next Travelling Socks:


One more set to go, then I’ll get mine!

And started and finished a Super Basic Hat to donate to The Spinning Room’s tree for the Festival of Trees in town:


Super basic and super quick to knit.  It was hard on my hands, though, and I found out later it was because I was using a smaller needle than the pattern called for.  Duh.  But, it resulted in a very dense and therefore very warm hat!  After the festival is over, the hats and mittens will be donated to a local shelter. Bonus!

Lots of finishing.  Now on to lots of starting,,,,

5 thoughts on “Glitz at the Ritz

  1. Everything is beautiful, I absolutely love the shawl, never in a million years could I do that pattern.
    Love the crown hats, is the pattern on Ravelry?
    Got one clog done / starting the other clog, can’t wait to see the finished clogs

    1. Yes, you could do that pattern Annette! The crown pattern is on Ravelry – just click on the word “Loved” (bolded and underlined) in the blog post (it is a link) and it will take you there. Can’t wait to see your clogs!

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