Fingerless Mitts Marathon

I am having an unintentional fingerless mitt marathon.  That is, if making two pairs of mitts counts as a marathon.  It feels like it.  I made the Maize mitts from tincanknits for my mother-in-law for Christmas.  They are from their The Simple Collection, and really were very simple.  One mitt each day and I was done in two days.  Here they are:


Notice anything?  They don’t match.  They may look like it, because they look exactly the same, but they don’t.

Here’s what I did:  I knit the first mitt.   Then when I got past the cuff on the second mitt, I realized I had misread the pattern for the first mitt for the next section.   That stockinette-looking-but-it’s-really-ribbing portion along the side is supposed to wrap around the mitt and have the same amount on the other side, so when you wear both mitts they look the same.   I read the number of stitches to do that in a smaller size.  *Insert tip about circling the size you are making in all portions of your pattern prior to beginning to knit said pattern here.*   Thinking to myself,  “Oh well, so I didn’t do enough of those ribbing stitches.  I’ll just make the second one the same way so they will be the same.  They are not the same when you wear them on different hands!:


(See? It really is ribbing…)

My mother-in-law is not the so-what-if-they-are-mismatched-I-have-an-eclectic-style-so-I’ll-wear-them-anyway kind of gal.  (But I know someone who is….)  I’ll be starting the Maine Morning Mitts for her this weekend.  Stay tuned.

And look. Look. LOOK!  at the results of the Moebius Cowl class I taught at The Spinning Room this week:


A really quick pattern…. once you get cast on.  The whole class is to teach the Moebius cast on and then the rest of the pattern is knitting several rounds, purling several rounds, knitting several rounds etc.  Find the YouTube video here: Cat Bordhi’s Intro to Moebius Knitting

Try it!  You’ll love being able to knit a last minute holiday gift in no time. (A tip: The pattern in the link above says to use a 29″ circular needle.  You really need a 40″.)

Here is one of my finished cowls:



2 thoughts on “Fingerless Mitts Marathon

  1. Took me a while, but I finally see the ribbing mistake / they look great to me!
    My other clog is almost done, worked all night on them. Hope to wear them on Christmas.

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