The Fairs and The Eclipse and New Knitting Pattern Obsessions

What a crazy busy week we’ve had!

Last Friday, Paul and I went to the Madison-Bouckville Antique Fair.  Aside from the extremely muggy air and the TWO shaved ices I had to have to combat that, it was a good haul day!

We added the bottom two blue bowls and the top yellow bowl to our Fiestaware collection:

We haven’t been adding to our collection (which I started at least 15 years ago) too much in recent years but lately we are finding these fruit bowls to be very useful.

We also got this great set of vintage Pyrex mixing bowls:

I’ve been looking to replace my current mixing bowl set because…. my elbows. It is VERY heavy.  These are much lighter.

We got the additional covered dish to go with it:

(Holding some yummy grilled veggies.)

And now I’m obsessed with finding a matching pink refrigerator set which one of the vendors told me is hard to find.  Challenge accepted!

Oh, and Paul found another 1950s-era stool to refinish (no picture).  He now has FIVE to work on.

Did I say how muggy it was?  We were so happy to get into the truck with the A/C.

Then it was Saturday and we made our yearly trip to the Altamont fair.  Unfortunately, I did not participate in the spinning bee this year, but we went to watch and lend our support:

We also saw some animals:

And stopped at my favorite vendor, the Tupperware lady!  Last year, I got the set of Tupperware 16oz Impressions Dripless Tumblers I told you about in this post.  And this year?

The Tupperware Hamburger Press SetIt makes perfectly sized hamburgers and comes with four stackable storage compartments.  I can’t wait to use it.  We often get ground sausage too and it is so sticky to try and form patties, so this will be great! (Click there if you want to get one)

There was also fair food to be had.  We may or may not have had some ribbon chips, pizza, gyro, cider donuts and/or slush puppies.

Monday was the eclipse!  Thank goodness for Paul’s welding helmet (that man has everything!)…

Ha! And I just realized we took the pictures with Paul’s phone and he is not here and I want to get this published so I will post them next time.  It was cool, to say the least.

Then there was the progress on the deck that happened yesterday:

So exciting.  We are this close to having a platform to sit on…

Lastly, I’m sharing with you my latest knitting pattern obsessions.  I’m not really knitting yet, but still drooling over searching for the next thing I will knit when I do…

I found this great swingy sweater called Selva by Nadita Swings:

Selva by Nadita Swings

And then I got an email from KnitPicks and found these great patterns:

The Oakwood Poncho:

The Tilework Afghan:

(Love that color combo! Hmmm, same as the poncho…)

And the Rainbow Knit Blankie:

I am itching to get knitting!

Whew!  See? A busy/crazy week!  How was yours?



6 thoughts on “The Fairs and The Eclipse and New Knitting Pattern Obsessions

  1. Love that Pyrex! Memories growing up. My mother didn’t have a whole set. The deck looks great! The wrap and poncho are good-looking garments. Rest!

  2. Hi there,
    good finds love the bowls you got! Not knitting much either elbows hurt, so doing a little on my zig zag scarf each night about 4 rows, mostly reading, watched the series Outlander on STARZ TV, and ended with Season 2 so I got the books out of the library I am on the third book so I am now ahead of the show when it comes back on.
    Moving my son back in to our house from Boston tomorrow we gave him a year to find a full time job and he hasn’t so he is moving back in, he is going to hate it here because he loves Boston, walks everywhere in Boston, here he is going to need a car, ugh!
    Keep up the good work, love the deck that is going to be really nice.


  3. Those Pyrex bowls do bring back memories — my mom had the same ones but in a tan/gold color. So cool! And the deck looks great!

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