Eggnog Pancakes

I made the best thing ever that at first I thought I invented and then realized everyone else in the world already invented it:  Eggnog Pancakes.

I have no idea what made me think of it.  Paul and I got some homemade syrup when we visited our friends in Massachusetts and we’ve been planning to have pancakes ever since.  Then, I was driving down the road the other day and for some unknown reason was thinking about eggnog, which I’m not terribly fond of.  I like the flavor but I don’t like the drinking-something-so-thick-it’s-like-drinking-runny-pudding thing.  Somehow, I got to the thought of replacing the milk in pancake batter with eggnog.


Oh my gosh, they were good.

I used my stand-by Good Housekeeping cookbook pancake recipe and literally just replaced the milk amount with eggnog.  Easy peasy.  You should make some for Thanksgiving Breakfast.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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