Christmas Week Tidbits

Whew… What a week.  Holidays are so busy!  I’m giving you some tidbits of my week and we’ll return to regular blogging (if there is such a thing) next time….

Holiday Baking:

IMG_1377 IMG_1379

Burned edges due to my not seeing the directions circled in red.  The middle was yummy!

Having a cold muddled my brain apparently, so I quit while I was ahead and didn’t make what I really wanted to make:


I can only imagine how it would have turned out.  So, maybe I’ll make a middle-of-winter-we-need-some-cookies-and-cocoa cookie tree in February.

Pre-Holiday present giving and present preparation:


The doodlebugs playing with magnifying glasses that Aunt Liz and Uncle Paul gave them.


Making chocolate dipped and sprinkled pretzels for the grandparents and Miss Susan (my mom).

Holiday Gifting:


My mom was the perfect recipient for the mismatched mitts.  She loved them.


I got a popcorn popper – the kind you make with oil and butter drizzles down on the top!.

So we ate popcorn while playing Uno with Paul’s family:

IMG_1425 IMG_1424

The popular “toy” that wasn’t a gift:


An infrared temperature guage that Paul picked up on the way to my mother-in-law’s.  He bought it to take the temperature of the garage floor in preparation for painting (which didn’t happen – don’t ask).  It was used to measure the temp of the Christmas tree, the presents, foreheads and food.

Holiday Eating:


My Aunt Christine’s famous clam puffs.  I ate many.  Oof.

My nephews in prime position for dessert:


They are so cute.


The desserts at my mother-in-law’s house.  Also oof.

Holiday week knitting:

IMG_1399 IMG_1431 IMG_1430 IMG_1427

More on these later.  (I’m up to my ears in Ravelry, looking for new projects to teach classes on.)

Christmas week reading:


1) Excellent murder mystery.  2) Excellent young adult but good for adults book. It made me cry. 3) Just started.

Check out this cartoon:



How was your week?

2 thoughts on “Christmas Week Tidbits

  1. Wow what a week, I am now working on a Slouch Hat, almost called you at one point but I figured it out, now going strong on the 9″ of just knitting, gonna take awhile.
    My husband and son want a pair of clogs now, so back to the store I will have to go to get more wool.
    Excellent job on everything you did. I especially liked the popcorn popper nothing like real popcorn with oil and butter yummmy

    1. Thanks Annette! Yup – those clogs have a way of getting multiplied when other people see how great they are. Glad they turned out how you wanted!

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