Bulky Twisted Rib Hat

My latest design, the Bulky Twisted Rib Hat is now for sale on Ravelry!


IMG_4740US $2.50

Very exciting to have another design published.   Thanks to all of you who purchased my very first pattern, the Easy Cozy Cowl.  AND a thank you to Deirdre, owner of The Spinning Room yarn shop, for hosting a knit-a-long for the cowl at the shop!

Here is some behind-the-scenes goop on the hat pattern…. I enlisted Paul to take some pictures of me wearing the hats, since I thought it would be good to have pictures of someone actually wearing the hats, in addition to pictures of the hats on Styrofoam heads.  I’d actually prefer NO Styrofoam heads, but I wasn’t terribly confident in my ability to show off the hat well, so I left them in.

I went out on the back deck and stood in the snow (as in, stood in snow and stood while it snowed) because natural light is best for pictures.  Paul stood in the doorway, nice and warm and dry.   We took A LOT of pictures.  After the first few, there was a tiny bit of sighing from inside the house as I requested more pictures from this way and that way and up here and down there.   I’m not terribly comfortable being the one on the pattern pictures, but it’s got to be done because I don’t think Paul wanted to be the model.  And because I’m not terribly comfortable with it, I’m going to show you a bunch of them here, so I get used to it. (I did delete all the ones with my eyes closed and hair flying across my face.  Maybe next time I’ll show you bloopers.)

A picture of me in hat #1:


But it didn’t really show the little side detail pattern.  So, another, from up higher, and looking away:


But that seemed too dark, so another, with the pattern showing better:


(This one made the pattern picture.)

Then hat #2:


And up higher, looking away:


(This one made the pattern picture too.)

I clearly need some modeling tips.  And probably some make up.  And some sleep, apparently.  But there you have it – I sacrificed my total uncomfortable-ness to show knitters how the hat actually looks on someone, and then I put all the pictures on this blog.  Might as well just do it quick and all at once.  Like a Band-Aid.

I love my new hat.  (My favorite is the mauve/purple-y one.)

Next up is an Easy Cabled Scarf…..(which also has a rather unimaginative, yet descriptive, name.  I’m working on more creative names…)

14 thoughts on “Bulky Twisted Rib Hat

  1. Darling hat! and it looks so nice on you. Great job, plus your hair is beautiful! I love your blog, you have a nice, down to earth way of writing and sharing your knitting experiences, keep it up.

  2. Excellent job! I love both.
    You did a great job as a model, love the pictures! Paul you did a good job with the camera, better than I do, my pictures are always blurry.

  3. Hope you had a big, tasty, HOT cup of coca after you went back inside! I agree with the above; you look fine as is: hair, no make-up, rosy cheeks. And the hats look very nice. Congratulations again. Can’t wait for your book of patterns to be published!.

  4. Looks like a fun pattern. the picture with you wearing it really brings the pattern to life and enhances it. I think this is a great stash hunt pattern….will purchase tomorrow at the shop.

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