Backing up

I want to help Paul with the getting-ready-to-demolish-the-garage chores.  I really do.  It’s a big task and just like any big task, with two of us, it would go faster.  But I just don’t like it.  It’s boring.  And hard. And I get really cranky about it.

Since I can’t really haul around big, heavy things because my back is fussy, I just knew I was going to get this job:

nov 23 2013 (8)


Hauling around smaller, not as heavy things.  I’ve looked at that pile many times over the past few weeks, as we’ve been doing these preparations.  I knew it was going to have to be moved.  And I dreaded that knew it was going to be my job.

From the garage, put them in the ATV trailer:

nov 23 2013 (9)


Drive them around the back of the house and re-stack them behind the wood shed:

nov 23 2013 (10)


I couldn’t think of anything more fun to do.  Especially since it involved backing the trailer up to the garage door.  I am so bad at that.  No matter how much I do it, I never get better at it.  In the past, I’ve wrecked gutter downspouts and bent the trailer hook-up thingy.  After my first go at it this time, I got really cranky.  Terrible words were coming out of my mouth.  Who wants to do a boring job that is made infinitely worse by having to back up a trailer?  So, my best course of action was to get my earbuds and listen to knitting, book and food podcasts while I made several trips (can’t put too much weight in the trailer) and eighty million backing-up adjustments.  And after those eighty million adjustments?  Still no better at it.

Here is the best part of having finished that job:  I’m pretty sure we are saving these for no reason.  I bet that they will be here for a long time and we may even move them again, say, when we decide the woodshed needs to be expanded.  There is no project in mind for them.  Awesomesauce.

Next up:  The Demolition

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