Anne with an “E”

There are just some things that you decide to get and there isn’t really a need or a reason.  You just have to.  You see it and you just know.

I got an email from Knitcircus Yarns and I just had to get this:


Knitcircus is known for their gradient yarns and they are just beautiful.  This one is called “Anne with an E” and once I saw the name I knew I had to get it.  Simply because of the name. I love Anne of Green Gables and this yarn is named after that series.  I never did read the books but watched it on tv and I just loved the story.  Seeing this yarn and it’s name brought back nice memories and that is the only reason I had to have it.  But that is a perfectly good reason, don’t you agree? Now to decide what to make with it.

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