Almost the end

We are almost at the end of our garage project.  Sort of.  Last week’s weather threatened several inches of snow to fall on our remaining pile of garage, and our partially filled dumpster.  So, Paul came home early from work and in three hours we had the whole site cleaned up and a tarp covering the dumpster.  Who wants to pay for the weight of water, right? (isn’t that a book?)  By the time we finished, it was dark:


All that hurrying because of the four inches of snow we were going to get amounted to this much snow:


Still and all, who wants to pay for that?  And it felt tiring great to get it done.  The next thing for this area is in the spring, when we figure out what to do with the partial-cement-cob-job-foundation and other cob-job-wood foundation so we can make it look nice and pretty and lawn-like.


Now that it was all done, we dressed it up a little:


We are hoping your eye will be drawn to the wreath and not the mis-matched and peeling siding (on the list of things to do to the house….).

Next up is hanging the heater in the garage so the floor can get painted.  Paul did his research and got a good, reliable heater delivered a couple of weeks ago.  Come to find out, most heating/oil companies don’t want to install a heater that you’ve purchased yourself.  They will only do the ones they provide.  What a racket.  So, we are going to do it ourselves.  It weighs 70 pounds and is going to hang 12 feet in the air. I just can’t wait to help with this one.

Also in the news last weekend:  I ruined a whole load of laundry by leaving the lumber grease crayon Paul gave me to help with cutting wood in my sweatshirt pocket and it melted in the dryer.  It was on everything, everywhere.  No saving them.  (Did you notice how I sort of put some of the blame on Paul because he was the one who gave me the crayon to use?)  Then, a couple of loads later, our simulated-down mattress pad exploded in the washer.  Good times.

On the other hand, my fall pumpkin has been replaced by Christmas decorations out front:



2 thoughts on “Almost the end

  1. The decorations are beautiful. Now you will have a pretty view out of the windows in your garage. Seeing as it has snowed every day – at least a little – for the past week it’s been very challenging to work outside.
    As far as the laundry – uggh – I feel for you.

    1. Thanks Libby! Yes, very challenging with the snow and more snow! I’m going to forget about the laundry and move on. 🙂 But remember to check my pockets!

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